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Warrior West – Belleville Quick Reaction Force

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

This is a sneak peek of Belleville’s new Quick Reaction Force line under their foreign sourced, Tactical Research brand. There is some climbing shoe DNA in this line, with to-toe lacing and full rubber toes. The sole also has a fast rope instep. In addition to the more traditional Black, Coyote and Sage, there is a more low-viz two color Bark/Sand option, which I prefer.


Belleville – Exodus 451

Monday, May 9th, 2016

During last week’s Warrior West I got to check out a new hot weather boot from Belleville. The Exodus 451 incorporates Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Technology.

This new construction is radically different than what you are used to with Gore-Tex lined boots. In the past, they used a bootie shaped liner that was sewn into the boot. With Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Technology, the membrane is laminated directly to the boot’s outer material, mimicking the construction of outerwear. The result is a boot that is lighter, cooler to the foot in hot weather, and more breathable.

Initially, the Exodus 451 is offered in Black, but a Coyote version is on the way.


Warrior Expo – Belleville / Tactical Research

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Belleville recently added a new boot to their Tactical Research line called the MINI-Mil Transition boot.


Last year, Tactical Research unveiled the MINI-Mil boot, inspired by popular minimalist running shoes. It only features a 2mm heel to to drop making it a very flat boot. FR folks who aren’t used to barefoot running, this was a bit too much so TR came up with this new model. The MINI-Mil Transition offers a 6mm heel to toe drop which feels more “natural” for those wearing traditional combat boots. It remains a lightweight boot at 15.5 oz per pair. However, whereas the MINI-Mil features an unlined upper, the Transition model incorporates Aero-Spacer breathable, hydrophilic mesh lining. Additionally, this 8″ high boot is AR 670-1 compliant. Offered in Tan and Coyote, full sizes 6-14 (R&W) and half-sizes 6.5-11.5 (R&W).


Belleville Introduces New “Safe-to-Fly” Boot

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Meet the Sabre Flight Boot from Belleville and it has been certified by the United States Air Force as “safe-to-fly”.

Belleville Flight Boot

Not only is the boot very sleek, light, and athletic in appearance, it is also loaded with high performance components and features that make it ideal for use by aircrew members.

– The exclusive Vibram IBEX outsole was designed for superior performance in SERE-type situations
– The sleek, low profile design of the outsole provides for improved feel and interaction with aircraft pedals
– The long, flat lug surfaces are enhanced with sharp, leading edges…providing for both superior slip resistance and grip on all types of surfaces
– A Gore-Tex membrane provides for 100% waterproof protection
– The lace-to-toe design and aggressively scalloped eye rows form a closure system that allows for a highly customized fit
– Meets or exceeds the standards set forth by PD 77AESG-06-01


Belleville to be Awarded Contract for Mountain Combat Boot

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

During the PEO Soldier media round table earlier today, COL William Cole PM Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment, stated that the Army has finally chosen a design for the Mountain Combat Boot from Belleville under the Soldier Enhancement Program. As the REF continued to purchase the Danner candidate boot, this news comes as a bit of a surprise since Danner looked like the “shoe in”. The boot is designed as a mid height alternate to the standard issue combat boot and better tuned for use in Afghanistan’s terrain where Soldiers often have to scramble up and down steep rock faced slopes. According to COL Cole a contract award for 25,000 pairs is forthcoming.

Army Mountain Combat Boot Chosen? Not Yet

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

As reported last month by Kit Up!, the Army is close to making a call on mountain boots. After years of relying on a variety of commercial mountain boots, none were designed specifically for use in combat operations. On Monday, Natick’s contracting team awarded $8.6 Million for a GSA purchase to Danner for Mountain Combat Boots. Does this mean that the Army has made a decision in their quest for a Mountain Combat Boot?

Filling a niche below full leather or plastic shelled mountaineering boots but beefier than standard combat boots, they are intended for troops who find themselves scrambling in rocky terrain. Troops in Afghanistan have been trialling candidate boots from Danner, Belleville, and Wellco and the PEO-Soldier stated that they were close to making a decision.

Another clue pointing to the Danner selection may have also emerged. Although you can’t completely rely on this, photos released Monday of a Soldier clad in OCP (MultiCam) and the latest version of the IOTV also featured the Danner boot.

Photo PEO-Soldier

UPDATE: Although we queried PEO-Soldier on the subject they haven’t commented yet. Hopefully, we will see something on this soon. PEO-Soldier let us know that this purchase was solely to support Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) requirements. They went on to inform us that they are still testing and evaluating the candidates. So, as we see it, the war continues to go on and troops still need boots. It’s just that RFI has chosen that those boots come from Danner and not the other candidate vendors. Interesting…

Tactical Research by Belleville Introduces The MultiCam Kiowa

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Responding to a request within the community, Belleville Shoe Company utilized its new “Tactical Research” brand to develop their top selling “Kiowa” assault boot in a coloration that features olive, flesh-out suede leather perfectly matched to MultiCam®.

Belleville's Tactical Research Kiowa in MultiCam

As with all “Tactical Research by Belleville” styles, the new boot will feature the proprietary TR-1 foot support insole; an anatomically shaped, removable footbed that offers the performance features of expensive, after-market insoles.

In appreciation to their customers and our readers, Belleville is pleased to offer $20 off the regular retail price to the first 50 customers who call and mention that they saw this article on www.soldiersystems.net. Regular retail price is $109.95, but with the discount, the cost will only be $89.95 which includes FREE CONUS shipping. The phone number to call and place your order for the MultiCam® Kiowa is 1-800-376-6978.

Tactical Research Kiowa in Multicam

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Here is a sneak peak of the Multicam variant of the new Kiowa boot from Belleville’s Tactical Research.

Tactical Research Kiowa in Multicam

I have seen the Multicam Kiowa in person and in sunlight the suede actually color matches the Olive in the Multicam pattern.

Available in the near future from Tactical Research.