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Black Diamond Advanced Technology Launches Updated Website

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Black Diamond Advanced Technology Announces Recent Delivery Order To USAF/AFMC Of 472 Additional APEx Predator System Kits

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015


Chandler, AZ – Black Diamond Advanced Technology, LLC (BDATech) announced today the receipt of several recent delivery orders to USAF/AFMC on contract FA8629-15-D-2469, to deliver a total of 472 additional kits of the Operational Control System (OCS) “CCT” configuration of its APEx Predator System to the Battlefield Airmen program office. According to the USAF, the OCS provides a small, lightweight, portable, rugged, and configurable body-worn tactical computing system to the operator conducting Command and Control (C2) activities and joint coordination.

To see the BDATech APEx Predator System, MTS, and other BDAT products in action, please visit Booth #3403 at Modern Day Marine, Quantico, VA, from September 22–24, 2015.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology Receives Contract To Develop Ground Robotic Operator Control Unit

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


Chandler, AZ – Black Diamond Advanced Technology has been selected by Carnegie Robotics, LLC to develop an Operator Control Unit (OCU) for ground robotic command and control applications.

Leveraging existing technology from its ultra-rugged, combat-proven Modular Tactical System product family, Black Diamond Advanced Technology will design, develop and prototype a chest-mounted / handheld controller according to Carnegie Robotics specifications for next-generation autonomous mine detection and similar unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) applications.

“The OCU will allow Carnegie Robotics end-customers’ the ability to safely and accurately manage their UGVs with an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) device that takes advantage of BDATech’s legacy of cutting-edge human factors experience as a leading defense electronics OEM”, says Norman Lange, director of product development at Black Diamond Advanced Technology. Engineering design services and material deliveries will be performed from now into calendar year 2016.

Congrats guys!

BDATech Announced By United States Air Force Battlefield Airmen Special Projects Office (SPO) As Their Operational Control System (OCS) Solution

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Black Diamond Advanced Technology (BDATech) is proud to announce the selection of our Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) APEx Predator System by the United States Air Force Battlefield Airmen Special Projects Office (SPO) as their Operational Control System (OCS) solution.


BDATech received the $48.1M, 5 year IDIQ contract on 6 July 2015 along with an initial order of 22 APEx Predator System kits for Operational Testing. BDATech’s APEx Predator System is planned to be fielded to all USAF Battlefield Airmen to include Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Combat Control Teams (CCT), Para Rescue (PJ) and Combat Weatherman. Once fielded, these Airmen will have the APEx Predator System embedded alongside every US Army Combat Maneuver Element from Heavy Armor to Tier 1 SOF units. BDATech is putting the most technologically advanced tactical computing and power management system ever developed into the hands of the most lethal force multipliers in the world.

The APEx Predator System (APS) is a modular, wearable system which consists of the Agile Port Expander (APEx) Controller for POWER + DATA distribution, a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) tablet computer, and system cabling optimized for tactical plate carrier use in dismounted operations. APEx provides connections for multiple peripheral cables, a system power cable and a tactical computer, or end user device (EUD). As a recognized leader in dismounted fires solutions BDATech applied years of lessons-learned to create the APS, which leverages combat-proven features of the Modular Tactical System (MTS), for flexible and reliable power management, human factors design and world-class environmental performance.

The APS is a ruggedized wearable system that provides tactical communications on commercial tablets / computers to enable C4ISR, DACAS operations, SUAS control and much more for the dismounted operator. BDATech customers are using the APS globally in various theatres of conflict. The combat-proven APS has been demonstrated as an effective enabler of precision targeting and other mission sets. The system is comprised of multiple elements, each offered a-la-carte to meet the needs of each customer’s unique requirements. These system elements include a ruggedized tablet computer, the APEx controller, power cables and battery charger, a large number of peripheral equipment cable options and tactical soft-goods such as plate carriers, assault packs and pouches.

At the heart of the APS is the Agile Port Expander (APEx) Controller which intelligently distributes power to connected devices and enables data communication of tactical data radios, video downlink, targeting and many other devices to the computer. The APEx Controller employs 5Gbps SuperSpeed USB (3.0) on four sealed circular military-grade universal peripheral ports that allows the user to connect multiple tactical peripherals to any computer, tablet or smartphone. The APEx Controller provides a unique human factors design that facilitates cable routing of connected interfaces in one-direction from the controller. This has been shown to greatly simplify cable routing to accommodate mounting the APEx Controller both vertically or horizontally, whether directly attached to PALS webbing on MOLLE-compatible vests/packs or stowed inside a pouch.

Congrats guys! This has been a long time coming!

Black Diamond Advanced Technology – Windows or Android, APEx Don’t Care

Friday, December 19th, 2014

If you’re a JTAC, check this out.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology To Unveil Its New APEx Predator System At The Modern Day Marine Expo

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

This is a press release from Black Diamond Advanced Technology regarding their unveling of their new APEx Predator System at the upcoming Modern Day Marine Expo.

(PRWEB) September 11, 2014 – Black Diamond Advanced Technology to unveil its new APEx Predator System at the Modern Day Marine Expo on September 23rd, 2014!

What do Windows and Android Tablets, Smartphones and Laptops all have in common? They don’t always play together well with tactical peripherals, in a battlefield setting!

Today’s budget climate has drawn attention to Windows and Android notepads, tablets and smartphones as “good enough” COTS computing solutions. On paper the cost savings are attractive but it doesn’t address the complex challenges of interoperability and ensuring Situational Awareness on the Battlefield. Coupling the lessons learned from our users on the battlefield with our experience in tactical computing solutions, we’ve created targeting, command and control, and situational awareness solutions that help the end-user leverage and fully exploit their choice of COTS computing technology.

The APEx Predator System provides POWER + DATA which enables communications from tactical radios and peripherals to commercial tablets and computers running both Windows and Android operating systems. The system is designed for multiple mission sets that demand a flexible communications platform and power management solution. It allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple voice, data, video and peripheral devices, and their unique interfaces, back to a COTS computing device using a single USB Interface. You can also run all your gear from one battery, which means reduced weight and simplified logistics. Command and control from a single, simplified solution means enhanced situational awareness.

Coupled with the Black Diamond Forward Air Control-Utility Suite, precision targeting software for Digitally-aided Close Air Support (DACAS) and full digital call for fire, the APEx Predator System is a turn-key hardware/software solution that leverages low-cost COTS computing cores to deliver a precision weapon system.

Black Diamond has made its mark by delivering reliable, wearable, tactical computing solutions that have deployed to various theaters around the world and returned a trusted partner. The missions may be different but our goal remains the same, Situational Awareness you can trust.

About Black Diamond Advanced Technology, LLC
Black Diamond is the leader in wearable, tactical technology for Situational Awareness, UAS Ground Control Stations, Digitally Aided Close Air Support, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal applications with programs of record in the US Air Force, US Marine Corp, the Air National Guard, Australian Army Fires Land 17 Program, and the Danish Army Fires Program DALO for Close Air Support systems. Black Diamond solutions include mobile computer integration, an integrated communications platform, peripheral controller and power management system. Black Diamond is a trusted partner for mission success, adding value through interoperability.

To schedule a meeting or demo at Modern Day Marine please email us at

For more information on our combat proven product lines, please visit

Great Article On Technology For The Battlefield Airman

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

CMSgt (Ret) Mickey Wright is a career USAF Combat Controller and an old friend. He is one hell of a guy and still works to bring the capabilities to our Air Force’s Battlefield Airmen through his job with Rally Point Management. Recently, a friend pointed out an article he wrote for the Winter 2011/12 issue of “Air Commando Journal” magazine entitled, “Technology at the Tip of the Spear” where he discusses modernization efforts as well as the Summer Camp process that works to spirally insert new technology into the Special Tactics kit bag. Click on the image to download.

ACA Journal

Thanks to Black Diamond Advanced Technology for hosting the article.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology Introduces Next Generation Modular Tactical System

Monday, February 4th, 2013

MTSBlack Diamond Advanced Technology based in Tempe, AZ has introduced its next generation Modular Tactical System (MTS), a wearable multi-mission computer unit that controls peripherals on a central display. The new unit has double the processing speed and is four times faster displaying 3D operational graphics that its predecessor.

The MTS is primarily used by US and Allied SOF for a variety of missions including precision targeting, C4ISR, SA, EOD and UAS/UGV control. The MTS has been fielded in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) since 2010 as a TRL-9 solution.

“The TMC Dual-Core improvements are being offered to help future-proof the MTS kit for our customers,” said Norman Lange, director of product development at Black Diamond.

The MTS Tactical Mission Controller (TMC), which is the heart of the MTS kit and houses a computer, power management system and embedded radio interface electronics, now employs a dual-core Intel processor. The TMC Dual-Core provides a more than two times faster processor and more than four times faster 3D graphics engine—all for the same size and weight while maintaining backward compatibility with fielded MTS accessories and cables. The dual-core processor also provides the ability for simultaneous dual-video output and support for new radios, as well as other feature improvements. The MOLLE-compatible TMC is worn on the back of the tactical vest or can be configured in a pack or carry-bag.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology Delivers MTS to ANG and AFRC

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Earlier this year the US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) selected the Black Diamond Advanced Technology Modular Tactical System (MTS) as their next-generation Operator Control System (OCS). Used by Special Operations Forces and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, the Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) OCS is a wearable solution, incorporating a tactical vest with power management and a rugged computing device, designed for dismounted Close Air Support operations and communications control.

Bow, they have completed delivery of 92 MTS kits to several units within the United States Air National Guard (ANG) and Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC). Additionally, Black Diamond is now training end-users on the proper operation and employment of the MTS.

The MTS units will be used by Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) personnel within select ANG Air Support Operations Squadrons (ASOS), and Guardian Angel Combat Rescue Officer Team Commanders (CROTCs) and Pararescue Team Leaders (PJTLs) within the 10th AFRC.

TACP personnel within 13 different ANG ASOS elements make up an elite combat force whose mission is to provide airspace deconfliction and close air support for ground troops. TACPs will receive training on using the MTS in a dismounted role to digitally aid their mission of precision terminal attack guidance including targeting, communications management, and other command and control functions.

The 10th Air Force houses the Combat Air Forces components of AFRC. CROTCs and PJTLs at a number of these installations will receive equipment and training from Black Diamond Advanced Technology, enabling them to aid their vital personnel recovery mission and provide emergency medical care and evacuation in combat and humanitarian operations.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology specializes in wearable computer and communications systems that treat the warfighter as a system, allowing foot-mobile operation while carrying less weight and providing unobstructed access to ammunition, hydration and other mission-critical equipment. The MTS is primarily used by SOF personnel for a variety of missions including Precision Targeting, C4ISR, SA, EOD and UAS/UGV control. MTS has been fielded in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) since 2010.

The MTS will be on display at the ANG/AFRC Weapons and Tactics (WEPTAC) Conference in Tucson, AZ, Oct 22-23. Units who are not part of this fielding can source MTS through

Black Diamond Wearable Modular Tactical System Chosen by USAF for Dismounted Close Air Support

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Under a Firm Fixed-Price Contract the US Air Force has chosen the Black Diamond Advanced Technology‘s Modular Tactical System (MTS) as their next-generation US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Operator Control System (OCS). Used by Special Operations Forces and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, the Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) OCS is a wearable solution, incorporating a tactical vest with power management and a rugged computing device, designed for dismounted Close Air Support operations and communications control.

A component of the BAO kit, the MTS is a wearable, combat-enabled tactical communications tool providing situational awareness and blue force tracking. It also functions as a precision strike tool that facilitates control of multiple mission-critical peripherals on a central display, eliminating battery and equipment redundancies and lightening the load on the operator.

With the MTS at the core, the overall solution reduces the time required for the JTAC to prosecute a target and increases accuracy and efficiency by allowing the operator to maximize the existing radio and air-asset capabilities during dismounted operations.

I was able to try out a version of the MTS last year. It is an impressive system that is integrated directly into an armor carrier. What really impressed me was that it is right there in front of you and you don’t have to pack up a laptop to move. You can quickly transition back and forth between the screen and your surroundings to maintain situational awareness.

You can run it through the paces as well at this week’s Warrior Expo East. Additionally, ADS Inc offers the MTS for units and organizations that require on the move computing but who are not part of this program of record.

Warrior Expo EAST
July 12 1030 – 1600 EDT
July 13 1030 – 1500 EDT
Virginia Beach Convention Ctr
Virginia Beach, VA