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Combat Flip Flops Back In Stock

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Poseidon Blue Pair Angle Raised_9626

Combat Flip Flop’s new Bogota, Colombia production is up and running, and as a result they’re flush with new inventory. All models and sizes are available, including the new Poseidon Blue flip flops.

As thanks to the SSD community for all of its support, CFF is offering free ground shipping on all US orders through Friday at midnight, EST. Use code SSDCFF when ordering to take advantage of the deal.

Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is Coming, Think Combat Flip Flops

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Combat Flip Flops? Valentine’s Day? Oh yeah…Aside from some sweet slippers for the lady in your life they’ve also introduced a couple of other new products. I know some of you guys are buying for the first time, or dread getting it wrong. A couple of these options from CFF are nice gifts that take the guess work out of your choice. For you ‘power users” who are old hats at buying something nice for mama, there are also Flip Flops in a full range of sizes.


Cover & Concealment Sarong No sizing required! Handmade in a women-owned factory in Kabul, Afghanistan, the Cover & Concealment sarong reveals glimpses of Afghan heritage blended with beautiful fabrics and vibrant colors. This versatile piece seamlessly transitions from scarf to beach wrap to après skirt to evening dress with ease and distinction. $70

Peacemaker Bangle & Wrap No sizing required! 270 million bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War. Thirty percent of them are still sitting there ready to explode, in fields, behind trees, next to schools. But local artisans are melting down some of the unexploded ordnance (UXO) to hand craft art like our Peacemaker Bangle and Peacemaker Coin Wrap. When you buy one you help fund the clearing of 3 square meters of UXO. You literally help save life and limb and you help create jobs. So, thanks. $50

Bombshell Dark or Lite Flip Flops Sexy and sleek, these femme fatale flip flops are perfect for the effortlessly chic women of the world. Designed with full leather footbeds, Afghan patterned straps, and flashy chrome grenade detailing, these flip flops exude confidence. Perfect for cruising to the beach or relaxing in town. $65

CFF Introduces Force Multiplier Giveaways For Their Expeditionary Production Facility Indiegogo Campaign

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

KOTA Longboards carves with Combat Flip Flops from KOTA Longboards on Vimeo.

We recently mentioned the Combat Flip Flops Expeditionary Production Facility Indiegogo Campaign. Rather than hit up a bank to raise funds for this endeavor, CFF went the crowdfunding route. There are a couple of reasons they took this course of action. One is, believe it or not, because they “only need $500k”. It might sound like a lot of money but banks generally look at this amount as sitting in this deadzone below $1 Million that they won’t loan to small businesses. Often, they’ll tell you to hit up a relative. Additionally, once you read about the project, you realize that it is perfect for crowdfunding. It’s meant to help a fragile economy and that fits in that philanthropic mindset that created crowdfunding in the first place. I know many of you harbor a resentment toward Afghanistan and her people. But it’s never going to get better if some stability isn’t introduced into the mix. One way to do that is economically. That’s where this project comes in.

As for the amount of $500,000? There are folks who consider this a lot of money, and it is. And many are concerned that the amount is padded imagining some kind of wild lifestyle going on at CFF. I know these guys, despite this world traveler aura that they project, the reality is less playboy and more surf bum. If you’ve got any questions about the budget, by all means please go visit the page on Indiegogo. There is a great graphic that breaks it all down.

SOG Micron

If altruism isn’t doing it for you, CFF is introducing Force Multiplier Giveaways for their fundraising campaign and SOG Knives is their first partner. They’re donating 100 Micron knives to the campaign. Starting NOW, the next 100 donors of any value get a SOG Micron added as a perk once the project is successfully funded. How about that?

Head on over and help them out.

Combat Flip Flops Expeditionary Production Facility – Indiegogo Campaign

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Combat Flip Flops is currently hosting a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo. They are looking to raise enough dough to build and set up their Expeditionary Production Facility in Afghanistan. The Expeditionary Production Facility, or EPF, is a flip flop factory in a 40′ shipping container that can be delivered and set up to quickly establish a manufacturing facility in an area. The total cost for building the facility, shipping it to and constructing it in Afghanistan, hiring and training workers, purchasing raw materials for one year of production, and other expenditures is $500,000. They’ve even outlined the distribution of their funding requirements:


Fully funded, Combat Flip Flops’ EPF will provide:

  • Employment for 25 Afghans to manage and run the EPF
  • Employment for five Americans on the CFF Staff
  • 60,000 new pairs of flip flops, made in Afghanistan
  • Additionally, if this comes off, Combat Flip Flops will become the #1 footwear and #1 textile exporter of Afghanistan. Donate and/or spread the word, if you can and get in on some cool rewards.

    For The Ladies – CFF Announces The Cover & Concealment Sarong

    Saturday, October 5th, 2013

    Combat Flip Flops is well know for, well, for flip flops. But they’ve been branching out. And now they’ve added something completely new to their repertoire.


    The Cover & Concealment sarong is manufactured in Kabul, Afghanistan so when you order one you support Afghan women. Something I’ve learned over the years is that if you want to promote goodwill and affect the local health and economy, empower the women. A great way to empower them is to help them establish businesses.

    The sarong is a versatile piece that transitions from scarf to beach wrap to après skirt to evening dress with ease and distinction. CFF is accepting orders now for delivery in time for the holidays.

    Customers can order the Cover & Concealment sarong at Orders placed by Oct. 15th will deliver in time for Christmas. Retailers can contact Matthew Griffin at for inquiries and orders.

    CFF Claymore Bag Available in Additional Colors

    Thursday, August 15th, 2013


    Combat Flip Flops has introduced additional colors for their Claymore Bag. I purchased one of the Ranger Green versions from the first run and used it during Outdoor Retailer earlier this month. First off, the Magnetic Velcro fasteners are awesome! Also, I really like the size and the two-point rifle sling shoulder strap is very easy to adjust. I also like the accessories. I used the sunglass and iPad Mini pouches. Although the Claymore Bag also comes with a phone pouch, I didn’t use it. It’s not that it doesn’t work, because it does. It’s just that I keep my phone in my pants.

    Urban Grey, Black, Coyote Brown, and You Can’t Miss Me Silver available for pre-order.

    CFF Run With The Bulls Update

    Sunday, July 7th, 2013

    We’ve watched Combat Flip Flop’s Griff train all over the US and Europe as he prepares to run with Bulls in Spain, in flip flops no less in an effort to raise awareness to get the Afghan factories up and running. Here’s a recent training session in the Netherlands.

    Earlier today, Griff made a trial run in running shoes and filed this report on Facebook.


    Running with the Bulls Day 1:

    Success! The CFF crew ran with bulls and made it to the ring successfully. Thanks to DK and Uber Group for providing the training footwear.

    The AK’s are on deck for tomorrow’s run.

    Challenge: 10000 likes
    Dare: Flip Flops in the bull run
    Bet: We can raise awareness and get Afghan factories back up and running.

    To keep up-to-date on what Griff is up to, ‘Like’ them on Facebook.

    Combat Flip Flops Blamos

    Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

    Our friends at CFF have a little bit of a dilemma. Apparently, they received a good deal of material on the first run that had small splotches of glue, “too natural” leather, a deviation in stitching, etc that couldn’t be shipped to dealers or pre-order customers. But, they’ve put the material to good use, producing what they refer to as ‘Blamos’ or blemished models.


    They assure us that the flip flops are functionally perfect and the small blemishes will disappear after a short period of wear. In fact, I received a pair in London and they are awesome. If anything, I’d say that they have a little more character than the ones I received last year.

    Now he’s the beauty part. They’re available now for $49.00!

    Proudly made in the USA by the CFF staff.

    Claymore Bag Now Available From Combat Flip Flops

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

    The CFF Claymore Bag is now available in a limited run of 100 99 in Ranger Green (I just bought one).


    When I was in the Army, if you were anybody, you had a Claymore Bag. It might be used for a shaving kit or for use as a range bag but it was a highly prized item. The one that comes with the actual mine is made from cotton duck and while it’s durable, it was designed to be disposable, so it is far from indestructible.


    Enter Combat Flip Flops. They’ve sourced a USA Made version of the iconic Claymore Bag that incorporates multiple new features. First and foremost is construction. They’ve switched to modern, durable materials. Second, and the gussetted exterior pockets that are large enough to accept an iPad Mini. Additionally, the bag’s two exterior pockets each accept Velcro inserts and the main pocket’s interior is daisy chained with 1″ nylon webbing to accept shock cord. CFF has also introduced redundant closures including button, hook and loop, and Figher Design covert magnetic closures. Finally, a 5.56 mag/cell phone holder and sunglass case come standard with each Claymore Bag.


    There are several additional accessories planned that aren’t available yet and include:
    -IPad mini holder (optional)
    -iPad holder (optional)
    -Surface holder (optional)
    -Kindle Holder (optional)

    The current limited run is made from Ranger Green LiteLok with Black, Dark Earth, Ranger Green, and You Can’t Miss Me Silver in Cordura coming in July.

    Sneak Peek – Combat Flip Flops

    Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

    We go all the way to the UK for the 2014 Hot Shots Calendar shoot and who do we run into but Griff from Combat Flip Flops? Good thing we did because he showed us two new models created especially for Edgar Brothers.


    The men’s model on the left is the Pussy Galore and the ladies’ model is the Moneypenny.


    Look for these Spring 2014.