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Crye Precision Charity Auction

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

This motorcycle was used by MultiCam-sponsored Team DS6 during the Baja 1000 race and is being auctioned off during the annual Crye Precision SOF charity auction held each SHOT Show along with several other items.


The bike with custom work is valued at $25000.
-Talon billet wheels
-G Force Suspension
-Pro Circuit exhaust and clutch cover
-Baja Designs Squadron headlight
-IMS fuel tank
-Ohlins steering damper
-Custom engine and gear box work by Berkley Honda
-Renthal chains, sprockets and handlebars
-Run-flat Bib Moose foam tire inserts
-New, replacement panels and fenders along with the originals

Visit booth #32403 to bid via one of the iPad stations.

SHOT Show – SilencerCo

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

SilencerCo displayed a version of Crye Precision’s Six12 rotary shotgun with an integrated 12 ga Salvo Suppressor.




SHOT Show – Crye Precision Shows Us What’s In Store For 2015

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

In years past, Crye Precision has used SHOT Show to unveil a whole host of new technologies. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, those products don’t always make it mass market that same year. This has not frustrated not only customers but Crye as well. So this year, there won’t be as many new products on public display.

AVS 1000 Pack
First off, Crye Precision has a pack designed for use with the AVS. It can be used as a stand-alone or attached to a platform via PALS or you can use it as a plate bag.



The padding on the back of the pack can be removed via Velcro.


JPC 2.0
Lighter than the first model, the new JPC 2.0 has stretchier plate bags in order to accommodate a wider range of armor plates.



It incorporates a new release mechanism and has four different front flap options compatible with AVS.


There are also pull handles at the cummerbund.


Hitcoat Shoulders and Yoke
Last year, CP released the Hitcoat.


This year, they’ve introduced the Hitcoat Shoulders and Yoke, a single size armor system (vice the Hitcoat’s 5 sizes) which offers simple to doff protection for the upper arms and shoulders.


The SIX12 has received a little bit of a facelift.


The barrel and cylinders are now Titanium and there is a QD mount.


They’ve added a Remington choke to the 22″ barrel Bullpup model.


More info coming in

As always, Crye Precision continues to innovate and concentrate on the customer. There is lots going on and some of those items you will see later this year.

MultiCam Pattern Presents – Team DS6 at the 2014 Baja 1000 Race

Monday, January 19th, 2015

MultiCam Pattern sponsored Team DS6 as they tackled the longest point-to-point race in North America, the Baja 1000. Team DS6 consists of former US SOF personnel and is backed by champion racer Ricky Johnson.

The bike used in the 2014 Baja 1000, and featured in this video, will be on display off at the Crye Precision booth during SHOT Show and will be auctioned off to raise money for SOF charities. You can check it out starting Tuesday. Here are some stats on the bike:

The bike with custom work is valued at $25000.
-Talon billet wheels
-G Force Suspension
-Pro Circuit exhaust and clutch cover
-Baja Designs Squadron headlight
-IMS fuel tank
-Ohlins steering damper
-Custom engine and gear box work by Berkley Honda
-Renthal chains, sprockets and handlebars
-Run-flat Bib Moose foam tire inserts

1947 LLC Announces New MultiCam Fabrics

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

1947 LLC, international distributor of MultiCam and responsible for new fabric development has announced three new stocked fabrics which will be available for inspection (along with the entire MultiCam fabric line) at Crye Precision’s booth (#32403) at this month’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

MULTICAM “ALPHA TERRY” – a fleeced backed soft-shell
ALPINE “PATRIOT LITE” – a 2oz Textured nylon


That’s right, a lightweight fabric for Overwhites and Cordura for packs, carries and other kit is now available in MultiCam Alpine.

For further information please contact:

The Camo Wars Heat Up – Crye Precision Sues Duro Textiles For IP Infringement

Friday, November 14th, 2014

On 12 November 2014, Crye Precision filed suit in New York Southern District Court against Duro Textiles, LLC claiming IP infringement. While we have no further details, we can only wonder if this isn’t a step by Crye to protect their IP in the interest of their current licensees. And, we must wonder if this move isn’t somehow connected to the unresolved royalty situation with the US Army. Crye Precision has not responded to requests for comment, however considering this is an ongoing legal dispute we would be surprised to hear from them.

Tactical Assault Gear – Vanguard Plate Carrier

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Tactical Assault Gear’s New Vanguard Plate Carrier utilizes licensed technology from Crye Precision. The result is a modular plate carrier with an interchangeable cummerbund system. Users can either choose a standard MOLLE cummerbund or the Skeletal cummerbund. The front panel is sewn in place and is adjustable to carry M4, AK-47, or SCAR-H magazines, eliminating the need for alternate magazine panels and pouches. Built-in padding on the shoulder straps in addition to Aero Mesh covering the front and back panels offer better breathability and comfort.


Interestingly, when we discussed the licensed skeletal cummerbund, TAG told us how easy it was to work with Crye Precision to license the design. Communication was open and prompt. Once TAG developed the prototype, they said Crye was quick to sign off on it and execute an agreement.

The Vanguard will be debuting today at Modern Day Marine. Stop by Tent C, Booth 3305 to check out the Vanguard as well as other quality TAG products. It will be available for purchase starting in October.