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Private Bloggins – Hemorrhage Control – What Aunt Flow Didn’t Know

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

For those of you not in the know, Private Bloggins is the blog side of CTOMS, offering stories and recommendations regarding their products, along with plenty of other great stuff.

They recently put up a post regarding the use of sanitary pads, diapers, and tampons, and why they don’t make for the best dressings when used for hemorrhages.

New Belt and Harness Systems from CTOMS

Monday, January 5th, 2015

CTOMS had a lot to show me during last month’s SOMSA conference. In addition to the Temba Pack, Pulley, and SlimmerLine IFAK they also showed us their line of Belt and Harness Systems.

M2/G2 Systems

-The desire was to build a lighter and more versatile belt and harness system than the current large buckle and large webbing.
-They started with AustriAlpin designing a 1” buckle where the release tabs were flush with the frame for added safety. CTOMS also switched to their new ‘Pro’ design which claims a redesign with a lower likelihood of inadvertently only securing one side.


-CTOMS belts start with what they call the Chassis.
-This is an adjustable one-size-fits-most carrier for two belt options.
-The chassis fits into most trouser belt loops.
-Hypalon belt loops retain the inner belt.





M2 Inner Belt:

-This is a similar design to their old M-Harness belt with a non-adjustable quick release in the center and a ladder lock adjuster slightly offset. This allows conversion into their patented M2-Harness system.

M2 Leg Loops (seen above):

-These are an improvement to the original design.
-Integrated leg loop padding.
-Lighter 1” webbing.
-Field replaceable shock cord for rear leg loop support straps.

G2 Inner Belt:

-This is simply 1” tubular nylon with end user’s choice of dual adjust ITW SR buckle, or a dual adjust Cobra Buckle. Also available is their dual adjust, but not quick release, Belay Loop Assembly.
-The Belay Loop Assembly can be worn just like a non-quick release riggers belt, but instead of a metal V-ring, it has a soft bely loop clip in point. That belay loop can be slowed in its belay loop keeper to prevent inadvertent snags.


G2 Leg Loops (seen above):

-Shares most design features of the M2 System, but compatible with the CTOMS Belay Loop Assembly.
-This turns your G2 Belt into a traditional style climber’s harness with a belay loop.

T2 Harness:

-2nd generation Turtle Harness
-More comfortable and less likely to stress the stitching on the plate carrier.
-Similar configuration to the M2 System for ease of donning and doffing.
-Integrates into any PALS based plate carrier without interfering or crushing contents of pouches – goes under pouches but over armor.
-Connects to the M2 or G2 Harnesses via the Leg Loops.
-Rapidly adjusts for comfort depending on if the user is walking, in the aircraft or about to go on the hoist.
-Full Class 3 with new over the shoulder straps.

CTOMS – SlimmerLine IFAK

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

During last week’s SOMSA, Canadian-rescue firm CTOMS ran us through several of their products including their new Individual First Aid Kit, the SlimmerLine. Named after the SlimLine, the new SlimmerLine is a scaled down version of its predecessor.


First off, the SlimLine is still available and will eventually adopt the new release feature developed for the SlimmerLine.

The HDPE tongue has been moved to the top of the pouch with the pouch’s beaded pull now stowed at the bottom back of the panel to protect it from accidental snag.


This configuration makes it easy to completely release the pouch from the panel in one gross motor movement. There’s no fine motor movement required (like squeezing a buckle).


The pouch itself opens by pulling on the two tabs at the top that are secured with a snap. That snap acts as a rapid secondary closure if in a hurry or the zipper should fail. Inside, contents are secured with elastic straps.


Thursday, December 11th, 2014

The new Piccolo pulley from CTOMS is super lightweight. It’s not just lightweight, it is 94% efficient at 42 grams with 27 kn of strength. It’s designed for TRACE systems (9mm or smaller rope) and can accept up to three carabiners!



Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

The Temba Pack from CTOMS was designed for military assault climbers but is quite adaptable to a wide range of applications including use as a medical kit container. As you can see, the top loading basic pack has very clean lines with no snag hazards. A year in the making, Chris K has gone through seven iterations of the Temba to get here.


Constructed from a combination of MultiCam LiteLok with 4-way stretch Softshell side panels. The rear of the pack worn against the back is Drilux for comfort.


The top flap features a simple envelope style pocket with a removable daisy chain which can be accessed even with the zipper closed.


The top has a helmet retention fly feature, made from 4-way stretch.


The hooks for the removable helmet fly are inset on the lid in small garages.


It’s the little features that count. For instance, rather than using grommets, they’re using small burn holes for drainage.


The pack comes with three removable compression straps that can be used to really crank the load down within the pack.


The side pocket panel loading zippers along both sides incorporate backup split at SR Buckles. These side pockets also have hydration bladder hangers as well as a port hose.


The Temba pack gains its internal structure from strategically placed sheets of HDPE and foam along each side, at the rear and along the bottom. The foam panels in the side pockets can be used as a moldable splint. Additionally, if you pull the foam panels from the pack, they can be inserted into a sleeve that can be used as a rudimentary casualty insulator, or a sleeping pad. Since this sleeve is also a pocket, you can stuff leaves or pinestraw into it for additional insulation.


There are handles on all four edges of the back of the pack which also features the suspension. The pads are removable and can be replaced with a developmental pad sets that better accommodates the wearing of rear armor plates. There are also cable routing ports.


The bottom of the pack has a flat pocket that fits a new Sil Tarp for shelter building or other expedient uses.


One thing I love about the Temba is that you can remove the waist belt. It is padded and clips on, attaching at three separate points and can be released from any one of those points if you find yourself fouled in some way and need to jettison the pack. Additionally, the pack is configured to allow you to use a trouser or warbelt for the pack when used with Surface Mounted SR Buckles.


The shoulder straps, while simple to use, incorporate a lot of thought. To begin with, the removable sternum strap has a small, removable admin pouch with Velcro front.



The shoulder straps can be worn alone and are also compatible with CTOMS’ Pack to Armor Rapid Integration System which allows you to connect this pack directly to your armor carrier with quick donning and doffing capability. This really frees up the motion in your shoulders.



The entire inside of the Temba is Velcro compatible and will accept the pockets from CTOMS line of second line packs. Items such as the TRaCE kit will mount for easy access right to the top row of PALs webbing.


The Temba opens completely for full access to the contents. It opens so much that you can place a casualty into the bag and use it as a littler to extract a casualty by using the handles found inside both side pockets.



There are currently three piggyback panels available. The first is the Alpine panel which accepts a shovel, probe, crampons and two ice axes.


Next, is a PALS panel.


Finally, there’s an accessory pocket piggyback panel.


There’s also a pack cover in MultiCam Alpine pattern coming.

Update: here’s the cover.



Although CTOMS is a Canadian company, the Temba is Made in USA.

Learn more at

Private Bloggins – Cobra vs. Raptor – Head to Head

Friday, April 4th, 2014

A while back, CTOMS, through their Private Bloggins site, posted an article featuring self testing of the Raptor buckle in order to determine if it was a suitable replacement for the AustriAplin Cobra buckles in use on their X-belts and M-harnesses.

Recently, they’ve written a follow up to that original round of testing. This time, instead of conducting their own comparative testing, they posted the results of a study conducted by independent testing company TÜV SÜD at the request of AustriAlpin. AustriAlpin supplied 5 Cobra and Raptor buckles of each size for evaluation; the Raptor buckles were sourced by 3rd parties from online suppliers of the buckles.

Through the testing results, it was determined that Raptor Buckles bend and brake consistently below the direct pull stamped rating. Those interested in viewing TÜV SÜD’s test results can view them by clicking the image below:

AustriAlpin test

CTOMS – Pack To Armor Rapid Integration System (PARIS)

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


The CTOMS’ PARIS is a retrofit to the CTOMS 2ndLine Pack featuring the MQRB shoulder straps. It is compatible with most MOLLE armor/plate carriers and integrates with limited effect on mounted pouches and equipment. This eliminates the traditional shoulder strap configuration that can cause problems such as:

– Restriction of circulation to the arms
– Restriction of shoulder and arm range of motion
– Negative impact on shooting stance
– Negative impact on mobility, flexibility, and agility
– Negative impact on long term comfort


(Click to view .pdf)

CTOMS – Turtle’s Harness

Friday, February 21st, 2014


The Turtle’s Harness from CTOMS is a MOLLE plate carrier integrated chest harness system that creates a mid-chest attachment point for hoisting and high angle work. Fully compatible with the CTOMS M-Harness, the Turtle’s Harness raises the attachment point, significantly mitigating the potential of inverting, especially when wearing a heavy pack. It’s designed so that it integrates behind any pouches on the plate carrier, so as to not impede access or disrupt and/or crush contents such as radios and ammunition.

Available in Black and Coyote Brown.


Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

The Trace Systems Rope Bag is often called the ‘Magic Rope Bag’ because it makes a rope disappear into the bag so quickly. There are many rope bags on the market with integrated skirts out there but they are all pretty big. This bag is made from MultiCam 70D nylon along with a solid colored skirt.


There is also a side pocket for a rope protection sleeve.


Although it is not yet on the site as a stand alone product, it can be specified as a component of the Trace lots or purchased alone.

CTOMS – Dual Pattern TRACE Systems Rope

Monday, December 9th, 2013

TRACE rope

CTOMS has just announced their new Dual Pattern TRACE Systems rope. As the name would imply, the rope features two patterns, which allows the user to quickly find center rope in addition to being able to log use based on rope side/pattern. TRACE rope will be stocked in 30m, 46m, and 60m lengths. Available immediately for custom order, TRACE rope will be in stock starting early January.

I’m looking forward to catching up with CTOMS at this year’s SOMA.