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Darley Defense Days – DI Optical USA

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

DI Optical USA is a subsidiary of the Korean firm DI Optical. Machine gunners may recognize their DCL series of machine gun red dot sights. The DCL-110AD3X was created for the Army Mounted Machine Gun Optic.

They also offer miniature red dot optics which are prismatic sights. While heavier, this technology helps reduce parallex.

The smaller optic is the DCL-23 and the DCL-30 is the larger of the two. Both offer a 1.5 MOA red dot and have 3 nighttime and 7 daytime settings. The eye shield boots are rubber and they come with a 1913 compatible mount although the DCL-30 will accept LaRue QD mount. Also, the DCL-23 has a removable shim that allows it to be lowered for use with an SMG.


AUSA – DI Optical USA

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

DI Optical USA is the US subsidiary of South Korean firm DI Optical. They are the main supplier of scopes for the South Korean Army and their machine gun optics are being looked at by several organizations here within the US. I spoke with Vice President Michael Beltrane about the company.


But the big story is that DI Optics USA will be going commercial at SHOT Show for both here domestically and internationally.


This photo serves only as a preview of the classes of optics they will be unveiling. If anything, what you see here will only be more compact next time you see it. Of particular interest to me is the middle optic which is larger than an MRDS but smaller than what most of us consider a micro sight. Beltrane told me he plans on releasing five models that range from a mini red dot all the way up to a rifleman’s optic. Additionally, they will be offering a 3x magnifier and they have already identified a mount for the magnifier from a major mount manufacturer.