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The Camo Wars Heat Up – Crye Precision Sues Duro Textiles For IP Infringement

Friday, November 14th, 2014

On 12 November 2014, Crye Precision filed suit in New York Southern District Court against Duro Textiles, LLC claiming IP infringement. While we have no further details, we can only wonder if this isn’t a step by Crye to protect their IP in the interest of their current licensees. And, we must wonder if this move isn’t somehow connected to the unresolved royalty situation with the US Army. Crye Precision has not responded to requests for comment, however considering this is an ongoing legal dispute we would be surprised to hear from them.

500D Cordura MultiCam Black Now Available From Duro

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013



Crye Precision Releases New MultiCam Patterns and Reinvents Website

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013


Today, Crye Precision officially released four new variant camouflage patterns based on the ever popular MultiCam; Arid, Tropical, Alpine and Black. Each is designed for specialized use while the classic MultiCam transitional pattern continues to be great for more universal wear as it tends to blend into most any environment. While Transitional and Black are available for order now, Duro Textiles will have the other new patterns available for order soon.

One new feature you may notice is that the MultiCam family of patterns all feature branding embedded in the print.


MultiCam is the combat-proven solution for concealment when operating in widely varied and mixed terrain. While MultiCam is suited to an extremely wide selection of environments, we have developed three new patterns that are optimized for narrower areas of operation. These new patterns work well with the primary MultiCam pattern to meet the needs of these extreme environments, thus expanding the performance envelope of the MultiCam family to cover nearly every possible environmental condition. The MultiCam patterns can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to meet nearly any operational requirement.


The same user now has more system-level options. For instance, a MultiCam chest rig can be paired with a MultiCam Tropic uniform for a known jungle deployment. Similarly, a MultiCam vest and pack can be paired with a MultiCam Arid uniform for activity within an open sand and rock desert. MultiCam Alpine is best suited for any environment encountering significant snowfall, while MultiCam Black is designed to offer domestic agencies a distinct and authoritative presence suited to law enforcement operations.

The MultiCam patterns were developed to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments with a minimum logistical burden. The patterns all have distinct roles but are designed to work together as a system to meet the needs of nearly any operating environment, all while helping the wearer do so with the least amount of kit possible.

multicam patterns


MultiCam: The base – the original combat-proven pattern that offers the widest range of environmental effectiveness – ideally suited for apparel & gear that must be employed throughout mixed or varied environments.

MultiCam Arid: A pattern intended for open sand and rock – ideally suited for apparel when working exclusively in bright open desert terrain.

MultiCam Tropic: A pattern intended for deep verdant jungle use – ideally suited for apparel when working exclusively in a dense jungle environment.

MultiCam Alpine: A pattern intended for snow-covered areas – ideally suited for over-garments and gear covers when/where snow cover is present.

MultiCam Black: While not a geographically-based pattern, MultiCam Black gives law enforcement groups a sharp and authoritative presence suited to domestic L.E. operations where projecting a strong and distinct image is a critical concern. MultiCam Black is designed to complement a wide range of existing armor and gear colors (for instance, green or black vests both look well-matched when paired with MultiCam Black uniforms).


Along with the release of the new patterns, MultiCamPattern.com has been updated.

MultiCam Veterans Day Sale

Monday, November 11th, 2013



Duro Textiles Columbus Day MultiCam Sale

Thursday, October 10th, 2013



Sneak Peek – 100% Cotton Ripstop MultiCam Uniforms from Platatac

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Cotton Ripstop

Look for a variety of clothing soon from Platatac in 100% Cotton Ripstop MultiCam material from Duro. Platatac paid for a custom run of this exclusive fabric and promises to start offering kit soon.

100% Cotton MultiCam Fabric

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Duro has just added a new option to their lineup of MultiCam fabrics; Upsilon, a 100% Cotton material.

Finished Width – 59 inches cuttable
Finished Weight – 3.4 oz/yd² approximately
Fiber Content – 100% Cotton
Construction – 49/46 (warp/fill)

This is awesome news. Now if we can just get them to offer a 100% Cotton Rip-stop fabric.


MultiCam Wing Suit

Monday, February 11th, 2013

MC Wing Suit

The MultiCam Pattern website shared this cool photo of Red Bull Air Force skydiver, Jeff Provenzano‘s new MultiCam wingsuit. It’s an Apache Rebel made by Tony Suits and is crafted from Duro Textiles’ MultiCam Theta fabric. He’s already jumped from 13,500 feet and flew for 3mins and 20secs in this suit.

PenCott-Snowdrift Fabric Available

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Hyde Definition has announced that the PenCott-Snowdrift camouflage pattern is now available to order on the first of three planned fabric types.

The current fabric is a lightweight, packable, quick-drying and water-resistant 100% polyester shell fabric. They are using the same fabric, finish and nIR spec as used by the US Marine Corps for their snow camouflage overwhite suit. All Hyde Definition fabrics are printed by Duro Textiles LLC in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA – and orders are shipped from their warehouse.

FABRIC specifications:
• Construction: 108 warp / 94 fill
• Weight: 4.40 linear yards per pound
• Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
• Features: water resistant, quick drying
• Finished Width: 62”

Due to popular demand, the next 2 fabrics offered in this pattern are Quarpel-treated 50/50 NYCO ripstop and DWR-finished and Urethane-backed 500D Cordura nylon.


MultiCam Materials – TenCate Defender M

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

SSD regularly showcases a different MultiCam print fabric from Duro Textiles LLC. This week, we are covering the Defender M fabric from TenCate. MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern designed to hide the wearer in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. After a great deal of commercial success and adoption by elements of US Special Operations Forces, in 2010 MultiCam was selected for use by the US Army as its Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP).

TenCate‘s Defender M is a 6.5 ounce fabric that balances durability, breathability, and comfort. Additionally, it provides FR protection at the fiber level meaning it won’t wash or wear out. Not only does it not melt or drip but also extinguishes in the event of an explosion or flame threat. Manufactured from Lenzing FR Rayon fibers which originate in Austria, TenCate mills the fibers along with other materials to create Defender M. It is then printed by Duro in the MultiCam pattern and used by finished goods producers.

Defender M is used in the manufacture of the US Army’s Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform (FR ACU) as well as the Australian Army’s Operational Combat Uniform.

Duro will soon stock Defender M in the MultiCam print making the manufacture of FR garments easier than ever. They offer progressive pricing based on the number of yards ordered. For more information on this or any of the full line of MultiCam fabrics visit www.multicamfabric.com or email Galpen_Ben@DuroLink.com. Also, stay on the look out for an updated MultiCam fabric website soon.