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Zev / Dynamis Alliance Combat Handgun Collaboration

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Dynamis - Zev

Combining years of real world and industry experience, Dom Raso and the Dynamis team have partnered with ZEV Technologies to create the most compact and functional combat handgun available on the market. Using state-of-the-art design and technology, this pistol is lightweight, adaptable, aggressive and unmatched as a low-visibility package. The size and functionality of this platform allow us to go from concealable to an overt combat platform while keeping our training and weapon manipulation consistent. It is extremely difficult to find a reliable and durable pistol that will allow you to train hard and also be dependable when it counts. We have been able to accomplish both and are extremely proud to bring this to the industry.

When conceptualizing this project, we also wanted to make sure that as we released this new product, we did something to help warriors and their families. Giving back and supporting the communities that support us is embedded in the ethos of both Dynamis and ZEV. As a result, with the initial production run of this gun, we will be donating a portion of the profits to the NSW Family Foundation.

Dynamis Alliance is a growing team of experts whose one mission is to create the highest-quality training and gear for modern-day warriors to CRUSH and prevent modern-day threats.


TacJobs – Dynamis Alliance

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

Dynamis is looking to build our team. We will continually be on the hunt for like minded individuals. Don’t really need to give a ton of info because at the end of the day, if warriors want to be with us, they will make it happen. Our screening process takes months if not years. Base salary to start, long hours, bust your fucking ass, crush workouts every single day, work with a team that grinds shoulder to shoulder looking to make our country and world better. Leading the modern day warrior… And sometimes we do cool shit (okay most of the time). Hope everyone is doing great getting ready for Christmas!! 


Dynamis Alliance – Combative Pistol 1 Course

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015


Dynamis Alliance is holding an upcoming Combative Pistol 1 course. The course is scenario heavy, and is designed to bridge the gap between unarmed combat and extreme close quarters pistol. The course is taking place September 25th through 27th, and is being hosted by Monderno in Kalispell, Montana.


Line Of Fire Partners With Dom Raso Of Dynamis Alliance

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

This is some very interesting news we’ve been chomping at the bit to share with you.


August 12, 2015

Line of Fire Partners with Dom Raso of Dynamis Alliance

Huntington Beach, CA / August 12, 2015 – Line of Fire, a premier manufacturer of top quality military/ law enforcement gloves and apparel, has partnered with Dynamis Alliance and its team of former operators to design and build high quality, innovative gear for tier one warriors.

After twelve years of service as a Navy SEAL, Dom Raso wanted a way to continue to help protect the future, safety, and freedom of our country and its allies. Dynamis Alliance was born in 2013. Dom knew that there were many likeminded people throughout the world looking to increase their safety and security of their families. His solution was to build a team to provide the best gear and training available. Line of Fire is proud to be working with this team.

“Given the years of military experience served by the Dynamis crew and my prior relationship with Dom, it was a natural and inevitable partnership. Line of Fire as a brand seeks to align with real, high-level operators, and we are excited to be doing that with this partnership,” said Brian Miller, Founder and COO at Line of Fire.

Together, Line of Fire and Dynamis have already been working on some gamechanging gear, most notably the ROPER glove, a glove that turns any operational glove into a fast rope glove, while allowing for a free trigger finger. Ideas like this and (others that cannot yet be mentioned) are what this partnership is all about.

The certified experience of Dynamis combined with the unique manufacturing capabilities of Line of Fire will certainly produce some effective gear. Line of Fire’s high quality glove line and unique grip system go hand in hand with the high quality expectations of the most elite operators. This partnership will continue that trend. Dynamis Alliance’s simple, very real motto, — “Quality training, gear, and preparation can make the difference between life and death.”

Retailers interested in offering Line of Fire and/or Dynamis Alliance products may contact Line of Fire at sales@loftactical.com and/or intel@dynamisalliance.com. Products and information can also be found at www.loftactical.com and/or www.dynamisalliance.com.

Dynamis Alliance – Situational Combatives Course Coming to Redondo Beach

Thursday, July 16th, 2015



ADS Federal Range Day – Dynamis Blade

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Dynamis Alliance showed us a minor change to their Dynamis Blade. Designed in collaboration with Daniel Winkler, the Dynamis Blade now comes standard with a Micarta handle rather than rubber. However, rubber is still available for those that request it.  


-CPM3V Steel
-3.75? cutting edge
-Single or double edged, depending on your preference
-Skeletonized tang beneath the rubber grip for balance
-Jimping on the thumb ramp, under the hilt, and on the pommel to improve purchase
-Thumb ramp

Each knife also comes with a sheath by S&S Precision and an aluminum training knife is also available.


Dynamis Alliance – Freedive And Fight

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Dynamis Alliance is holding its first ever Freedive and Fight event in Wilmington, North Carolina. The event consists of a Level 1 Freediver course taught by Freediving Level II Instructor Alex Llinas, and a Combative Pistol 1 course taught by Dom Raso. Freedive and Fight is taking place June 16th – 21st.


Level 1 Freediver

June 16: 1700-2100, 17: 0800-1200, 18: 0700-1600

This highly effective course covers everything from safety & problem management, breathing techniques & equipment selection to correct freediving methods for gradual depth progression. It provides new divers with a solid foundation to freedive confidently and safely up to depths of 66 feet/20 meters with breathholds up to 3 minutes. For divers already achieving these depths, it will provide an enhanced understanding of the sport and new techniques to dive more effectively and, most importantly, more safely. This program includes academic presentations, confined water training and one open water session.

Combative Pistol 1

June 19: 1830-2030, 20&21: 0900-1700

This course will teach you the skills required to fight inside “spitting distance,” where most altercations occur. We will teach you simple, yet brutally effective, unarmed combative skills designed to counter common attacks. We will also incorporate the handgun in these situations. To test your skills, we will put you through realistic scenario training using marking cartridges. This is NOT a typical shooting course and will be physically demanding. This is the only way to ensure that your skills will work when your life depends on it.

See more at: www.dynamisalliance.com/gear/freedive-and-fight-wrightsville-beach-nc

Check Out This Preview Of LBT’s Fall Pack Line

Friday, May 15th, 2015

While I was at Warrior West, I had a chance to check out some new packs dropping from LBT for their Fall line, and they look promising. Now, LBT has released a bit of info on the packs ahead of their release date, which is currently set for June 1st.

Canopy Ruck Pack – LBT-4040

Click to view .pdf

A different take on the standard ruck from LBT, this particular version is more streamline and developed using lighter materials without sacrificing durability.

3 Day Assault Pack v2.0 – LBT-1476A-V2

Click to view .pdf

Version 2.0 of the popular 3 Day Assault Pack, now with a detachable front section similar to the LBT-1562SF medic pack, the 2.0 will have the option of running a slick version or modular version.

Jumpable Rifle Pack – LBT-0101K

Click to view .pdf

Developed specifically to house a Hk417 with jump capability, this pack has lots of storage with plenty of modular real-estate for exterior customization.


Additionally, LBX Tactical and Dynamis Alliance have linked up with IronClad Media to give you a look at the new Adaptiv Combatives suit.

Dynamis partnered with LBX Combatives to develop this advanced, 100% made in America fight suit. ADAPTIV gear allows the end user to train at real speeds in a multitude of environments. Its injury-prevention/impact-reduction system enhances training performance by allowing operators to realistically practice detainee handling, shoot/don’t shoot drills with approved marking cartridges, and other close-quarters combat skills. It can also adapt to MMA training, making it the most versatile fight suit on the market.