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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Stalker Vest

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

I have been waiting for the Stalker Vest to be released and love the unconventional design. Built with FirstSpear’s proprietary ACM-WARM 600 Merino Wool, the Stalker Vest is adjustable and can be freely opened from the sides via hook/loop and secured, if desired, with a button.

It’s designed so the user can quickly open the sides and remove the vest over the head without removing outer layers or load bearing equipment. Stand up collar and hand warmer pockets are standard on this 100% Berry compliant wool based garment.

Available now in solid black and black / heather grey.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Tubes Retro Fit Cummerbund

Friday, May 19th, 2017

This week’s Friday Focus is on the new and improved Tubes Retro-Fit Cummerbund which now utilizes the popular Overlap Cummerbund platform. It’s an excellent solution for folks who are stuck in a carrier for a few months or years and want to upgrade their system with Tubes and 6/12 before they can transition to a full featured FS plate carrier.

Designed to completely replace the hook/loop front flap closure system on your current armor platform and take advantage of FirstSpear Tubes Rapid Release Technology and ultra light 6/12 platform. The Retro-Fit Cummerbund combines all the features of the Overlap Cummerbund including a super strong elastic back that provides security and comfort. Low profile loop interior for mounting our hook backed Ragnar pockets for radios or extra mags inside of the cummerbund making the user lighter and faster with a slimmer profile. Works with most vests that use a front hook/loop flap and back pass through channel for the cummerbund.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Tubes Now Available to Approved Manufacturers

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Fenton, MO – FirstSpear, manufacturer of military and law enforcement load bearing equipment, armor platform technology, and performance technical apparel has released its revolutionary Tubes™ Rapid Release Technology for individual and commercial sale. The Tubes were originally released on flagship FS plate carriers like the Strandhögg and Assaulter Armor Carrier. Early adopters within the Special Operations community and Law Enforcement proved early on that FirstSpear’s Tube system significantly enhances the capabilities of the operator while reducing the overall weight of their personal protective equipment.

“We put a tremendous amount of R&D into developing the next generation of personal protective equipment, and the Tubes system is one of the most significant results of that effort. Now that the system has proven itself with the most demanding users, we are proud to make the technology more readily available.” CEO, Scott Carver –FirstSpear.

Tubes are available in 2” and 4” configurations and feature one of the fastest most secure single-handed PPE closure systems available on the market. Older style body armor carriers have closures that utilize either a heavy hook and loop flap system that quickly wears out and collects dirt and grime or a release buckle that is clumsy and unable to provide a stable platform while under load. Most releasable armor carriers use a complex cable system which is virtually impossible to put back together quickly, creates a single failure point, and if not routed properly can be disastrous.

The Tubes provide a recognized and proven solution for military / Law Enforcement equipment manufacturers that cuts significant weight and bulk from the front of the carrier and meets many of the latest industry requirements. Tubes are BERRY compliant, constructed from IR signature suppressive materials, have exceeded mil-spec testing standards, and are currently being fielded to the most demanding users for land, maritime, combat diving, and airborne operations.

The single hand operation is not only easy to learn, but the muscle memory of putting the vest on and taking it off each day is the exact same movement performed during an emergency to release the carrier. The Tubes also ensure the cummerbund sets in the same place every time, avoiding misalignment and the risk of improper armor placement of the cummerbund. In addition, the system speeds up casualty assessment, transport, and decontamination protocol in a chem/bio environment.

“Patrol officers now have the ability to quickly throw on level IV plates during a crisis, and if you’ve got a casualty in the field, a medic can easily get your armor off, patch you up and get your armor back on in seconds. Anyone who has ever worn a plate carrier can appreciate the ease and security of the Tubes.” VP Business Development, Ronnie Fowlkes – FirstSpear.

The Tubes are now available to approved equipment manufactures and Tube Kits will be ready for individual sale coming soon. Available in Black, Tan 499, Coyote 498, and Foliage in 2” and 4” sizes. Contact FirstSpear to incorporate the industry leading Tubes Technology in your next project.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Everyday Wear

Friday, May 5th, 2017

This week we are featuring some all new apparel available in the everyday section on

Designed and printed in the USA on their All American 50/50 t-shirts.

Just The Tip


Available in sizes Small-2X in all new colors.

FirstSpear Friday Focus –  Line One Belt in Manatee Grey

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Constructed from Biothane, a urethane coated nylon, the Line One Belt works exceptionally well with IWB or OWB holsters and has an incredibly tacky rubber like surface that keeps the belt and holsters firmly in place. Ot offers zero break in time and completely unaffected by sweat and moisture. Superior strength and weather resistance it will not sag crack or peel in frigid temperatures. Extreme wear and tear resistance and all the comfort and mobility of leather.

Larger / Custom sizes are available just contact FirstSpear.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Realistic Bite Sleeve

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Developed through military working dog and law enforcement K-9 subject matter expert collaboration comes the second installment from the K2 Solutions, Inc. (K2) – FirstSpear (FS) Joint Tactical Canine Line. The Realistic Bite Sleeve “RBS” was developed to provide a truly realistic finishing touch on aggression training for canines. “We sought to create a two-part finishing sleeve with an outer layer that mimics human flesh texture during a canine bite. The system is ergonomic and low-profile to accommodate a range of training circumstances, including wearing the system under a dress shirt or jacket for hidden training.” – Dr. Heidi Alvey, K2 Solutions

The RBS seeks to bridge capability gaps that currently exist in status quo bite training. Most bite sleeves are too bulky for concealment. Others are made of material such as jute that does not provide a truly realistic training scenario, which can reduce canine effectiveness on target due to hesitation. Other silicone products require the trainer to attach additional appendages to a sleeve, which limits training scenarios, eliminating realistic concealment, and may confuse a canine. The RBS provides the canine an authentic human skin texture when biting the actual forearm region, while reducing the circumference of the target. This allows for a full-mouth bite – the bite that a trainer expects from their canine.

“We are excited to work with K2 Solutions on this all new bite sleeve and look forward to seeing how this type of training application will evolve between K2 and FS in the future.” – Ronnie Fowlkes, VP Business Development, FirstSpear.

The K2-FirstSpear Realistic Bite Sleeve System is comprised of an outer silicone “skin” paired with an inner leather based sleeve. The skin is a proprietary prosthetic-grade silicone product that looks and feels like human flesh. It has an internal mesh support system for resilience. The inner sleeve is a low-profile bite platform constructed from two layers of 4 oz split cowhide to allow for a full mouth bite. Two adjustable straps allow a custom fit for any trainer. The RBS is the ultimate finishing product for canine aggression training designed to ensure your canine is conditioned for real bites in the field. Kevlar inner sleeve available based on training requirements, call for pricing. Patent Pending.

Warrior West – FirstSpear AAC FROG Kit

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

The AAC FROG Kit adapts First Spear’s Assaulter Armor Carrier for use in a maritime environment. It is getting quite a bit of interest here at Warrior West due to the modular flotation option.


Standard in the kit are FS Bouyancy Compensators, Adaptive Cummerbund Flotation Elements and a 2″ belly band to secure the front and back panels to the user without having to wear a full cummerbund.


The adaptive cummerbund uses the AAC instant adjust back panel.


6/12 modular sections on the left and right of the front carrier panel allow the user to install the modular pockets of their choice and at the height they need for increased comfort and mobility.


There is also a rebreather harness kit which allows the rebreather to be attached directly to the AAC and easily ditched once free of the surf zone.

The AAC Frog kit is for Governmemt use only and is already being fielded by a customer. Contact for additional information.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Ragged Old Flag T-Shirt

Friday, April 14th, 2017

This is their tagless 50/50 blend. Designed, sewn, and screen printed in the USA. Available in sizes Small-2X.

For every shirt sold this weekend FirstSpear will donate $10 to Wishes for Warriors.