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Franklin Armory Announces – Reformation – 11.5” Barrel w/ Conventional Stock – No Tax Stamp

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Earlier today, Franklin Armory sent out a teaser for their new Reformation firearm, debuting at SHOT Show.

Notice I called it a “firearm”. That’s because I’m not really sure how to characterize it. Franklin Armory claims it has an 11.5 inch barrel and yet is equipped with a conventional buttstock. Except, they go on to inform us that no tax stamp is required. It’s not a rifle, it’s not a shotgun.

In the limited amount of information they released, the claim that they have “received approval as a non-rifle from the Chief of the Fire Arms Technology Division.”

This is the first of their patent pending NRS firearms in the Reformation line. If it’s not a rifle or shotgun, what do you think it is?


SHOT Show 17 – Franklin Armory BFSIII

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Franklin Armory’s BFSIII or Binary Firing System III trigger is an interesting option for those looking for a non-standard fire control group for their AR rifle. It has a 4.5 lbs. trigger pull +/- .5 lbs., and aside from the standard safe and fire modes, it comes with a third ‘binary’ mode, which discharges a round upon pull and release. If the shooter wishes to disengage the second shot upon trigger release, they can simply move the selector to the standard fire position, and the binary mode will deactivate. Also included with the trigger is a heavier buffer spring, which reduces the possibility of hammer follow.


Franklin Armory’s BFSIII is compatible with most AR trigger-compatible weapons, the Franklin Armory F17 series, and .22 LR and 9mm uppers without modification.