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SHOT Show – Gerber

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

The Vital series was introduced as Gerber’s new introductory hunting line. It consists of multiple tools with replaceable blades, and orange handles and frames for visibility. Tools in the line include the Skin & Gut Knife, Take-a-Part Shears, and Pack Saw.


Gator Premium is an upgrade to the iconic Gator line, which features blades made from S30V steel. The handles of these new knives have a scaly texture very much inspired by their namesake, and they also come with similarly textured sheaths. Only the fixed blade has the metal pommel, although both knives feature lanyard holes. Not pictured are the GH models with a hooked point.


In the image above, you can compare the new Gator Premium Folder CP (top) to the original Gator Folder (bottom).


Here’s the Premium Folder and Fixed knives in their sheaths. This new line is designed and built in Portland, Oregon.


This is the Short Stack. It’s a complete AR-15 armorer’s tool in an extremely compact package. In fact, at the booth it was displayed as fitting inside Magpul MOE and MIAD grips. Rather than unfold in a traditional manner, the tool is held together with a rubber stop as well as magnetically, and each component can be individually separated. It contains the following components:

- Windage elevation sight tool
- Firing pin scraper
- Buffer tube wrench
- Cleaning cable pull handle
- 4mm wrench
- T10 torx
- #0 cross driver
- Bolt carrier & bolt scrapper
- 1/2″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 3/4″ wrenches


The Span Shotgun tool, which features 12 tools in one solid state, which itself separates into two separate components. It features the following:

- 1/4″ standard bit tip driver
- Bit tip storage
- Torque generating design
- 6 bit tips
- pin punch
- 3x hex wrench
- choke tube wrench
- bottle opener


The Airfoil is a folding knife, with a fine edge, T-shaped thumb studs, and a pocket clip. It’s very light weight at only 2.2 oz., and has a very smooth open action.


The Skyridge is an assisted open knife with a fine edge blade, dual thumb studs, and a pocket clip.

AUSA – Gerber MP1-AR, MP1-MRO and Cortex Light

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Gerber is displaying several new products but here are three you may be interested in.

First up are the MP1-AR and MP1-MRO are new multi-tools. The AR model is designed for maintenance of the M4/16 family of weapons. It incorporates a full fine edge blade as well as a full serrated blade. It also offers a full maintenance suite including punch tool, scraper, pick, front sight adjustment tool and bit driver complete with 12 bits. To finish it off, it has a spring loaded, forged jaw, needle nose pliers.


The MP1-MRO shares the same chassis as the AR model but it’s accessories are tuned for maintenance and repair operations. In addition the the full fine edged blade, it has a full serrated blade but this one also has a 550 cord hook. Gerber also knows that blades are often used for things they aren’t designed for so they’ve included a pry bar as well as a unique chisel/scraper. There’s a file with units of measurement scale and a lanyard loop. They’ve also incorporated something you don’t often see. The hook can be used to fish lines and pull cotter pins. Naturally, it also has a bit driver with 11-piece set.


The Cortex compact is new to the market. What is unique is that it will accept AA or CR123A batteries and offers three settings; high = 175 lumens, medium = ~100 lumens as well as strobe setting. High will get you 2 hours from a 123 battery. It weighs a scant 2oz. Even with its pocket clip.


All Gerber products are proudly built in Portland, Oregon.

MDM – Gerber – Strongarm

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

The Strongarm is a new 4.8″ blade length, fixed blade knife from Gerber. It’s is made from 420 high carbon steel and finds it roots in the Prodigy fixed blade that’s been around for more than a decade.


The sheath is modular and can be worn vertically or horizontally belt mounted or via PALS webbing thanks to the tongue and groove adapter.


It comes in at under $75 and will be available November 1st in Black or Coyote with fine edge or partially serrated.

OR Summer Market – Gerber Introduces Freescape Series

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Gerber introduced a new line of products called the Freescape Series. Available this month, the car camping line consists of Hatchet, Camp Kitchen Knife, Camp Paring knife, Folding Sheath Knife, Camp Saw, Camp Kitchen Kit, Flashlight, and two lantern styles.


The Hatchet’s sheath can be stowed in the handle for use so that you don’t lose it.


Below, you can see several of the new knives in the Freescape Series.


This video by Gerber gives you some info on the Camp Kitchen Knife.

Below, is the Flashlight which is a triangle shape so it won’t roll off.


Several of the items are already available including the Hatchet and Lanterns.

Both Large and Small Lanterns incorporate touch technology which allows you to turn them on and off as well as dim control with the touch of a finger.


Sneak Peek – Gerber GhostStrike Series

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014


I got a chance to check out the new GhostStrike series from Gerber during my visit earlier today. Look for details soon.

Gerber CSW (Crew Served Weapon) Tool

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

I visited the Gerber boot at the recent Warrior West Expo and the Gerber CSW (Crew Served Weapon) Tool caught my eye. It offers 13 tools to support operator level maintenance for the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon and M240 Crew Served Weapon. One tool, two sides.


Gas Block, Removal Tool
Gas Block, Barrel Scraper
Gas Block, Shoulder Scraper
Gas Block, Inner Groove Scraper
Gas Block, Outer Groove Scraper
Piston, Inner Cup Scraper
Piston, Outer Groove Scraper
Gas Tube, Inner Groove Scraper


Gas Block, Barrel Scraper
Gas Block, Shoulder Scraper
Gas Block, Outer Groove Scraper
Gas Block, Port Punch
Piston, Inner Cup Scraper
Piston, Outer Groove Scraper

Overall Length: 3.75″ x 1.31″ x .96″
Weight: 4.5 oz
Steel Type: 400 Series Stainless
Handle Material: Glass Filled Nylon
Tan499 Berry Compliant Sheath
Made in America
Lifetime Warranty

Darley Defense Days – Gerber

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

E-Tool With Pick
E-Tool With Pick

The E-Tool is a military-grade digging tool for trenches and holes. The shovel head is powder-coated, carbon steel with a serrated blade edge. The head folds back to expose a pick for loosening rock and breaking up roots. The E-Tool body is composed of an annodized aluminum shaft with a glass-filled Nylon handle; the overall length of the E-Tool comes in at 23.75″.

River Shorty

The River Shorty is designed for rafting, diving, or other water-borne activities. The 3″ blade is forged from stainless steel and well polished to limit corrosion. It features a small partial serration on the lower edge, and a longer, beefier serration on the upper edge, with a stunted tip.

The handle is composed of glass-filled Nylon, with porcupine-like edges along both sides, which support natural thumb and finger placement along the lower edge and offer a sturdy grip.

The sheath is constructed of hard plastic and can be mounted to a Personal Flotation Device, pack, or belt for quick access.


Made in Portland, Oregon, USA. Available in two handle colors: Hi-Vis Green and Black.

Gerber Continues To Support Best Ranger Competition

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

The Lieutenant General David E. Grange, Jr. Best Ranger Competition began in 1982. This year’s competition began yesterday and our friends at Gerber wanted us to remind you that there is live coverage available.

Portland, Oregon (April 11, 2014) Gerber, a leading supplier of knives and tools to the U.S. military, is pleased to announce its continuing support of the Army Best Ranger Competition. A long-standing sponsor, Gerber’s support of the Best Ranger Competition is emblematic of the company’s commitment to the US Military and provides a tangible way to give back.

A grueling annual event held each year at Fort Benning, Georgia, the Best Ranger Competition takes top soldiers through nearly sixty hours of intense competition. Events include the Spot Jump, Stress Shoot, Night Foot March, Prusik Climb, Weapons Assembly/Disassembly, Night Orienteering, Obstacle Course, Water Confidence Test, HELO cast and Buddy Run.

Gerber supports The Best Ranger Competition as a “Hero-level” sponsor, maintaining the highest level of commitment to the event.

This year’s Best Ranger Competition is live now. To watch visit:

SHOT Show – Gerber

Friday, January 17th, 2014

First off, Gerber is offering an AR-15 specific MP1-AR Multi-plier. It incorporates sprung loaded pliers as well full size serrated and fine edge blades. All-in-all it’s a total of 11 tools.


All of the components are on the outside. It comes with a tool bit set including a pin punch and front sight adjustment tool. The MP1-AR also includes a Berry Compliant MOLLE compatible Sheath. Ships in May.

Gerber Cortex Flashlights

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Portland, Oregon (November 21, 2013) – Gerber, a recognized leader in military-grade tactical products, today introduced its new Cortex flashlights. Proudly built in the US and designed to meet the needs of the tactical professional, the Gerber Cortex series is comprised of three lights; the Cortex Flashlight, the Cortex Compact Flashlight and the Cortex Rechargeable Flashlight.

Tough, reliable and innovative, Cortex flashlights employ Gerber’s patented Omnivore technology, which allows them to operate on multiple power sources. The Cortex and Cortex Compact can operate on either AA or Lithium CR123 batteries, while the Cortex Rechargeable includes a Lithium Ion 18650 battery but will also accept two disposable Lithium CR123 batteries.

“As dynamic as the professionals they’re designed to serve our new Cortex lights combine top performance with superior flexibility,” said Andrew Gritzbaugh, Marketing Manager for Gerber. “Having this technology at your disposal in the field can make a difference in the outcome of an operation. We’re proud to bring this important feature to market in a highly competitive package that represents years of innovation.”

Cortex Flashlight

The Cortex Flashlight is built with adaptability in mind. Running on either three (3) Lithium CR123 batteries or two (2) AA batteries, the Cortex can utilize multiple power sources when having options is critical. With a maximum output level of 675 lumens (when running on three CR123 batteries), the Cortex provides a level of light useful for overwhelming an aggressor or identifying a threat. The Cortex also offers a strobe mode for tactical applications and a low output mode for administrative tasks.

Length: 6.15 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces
LED Type: Cree XML

Battery Performance:

CR123: High Mode Output – 675 lumens / 1.75 hours
Low Mode Output – 30 lumens / 40 hours

AA Alkaline: High Mode Output – 390 lumens / 1 hour
Low Mode Output – 28 lumens / 15 hours

Shipping: Late November

Cortex Compact

The Cortex Compact is designed to be a discreet, everyday carry light for tactical professionals and a backup light for police officers. Running on a single Lithium CR123 battery or AA battery, the Cortex Compact allows the operator to use whatever power source is available. When powered by a CR123, the Cortex Compact provides 125 lumens of output, enough light to momentarily blind an assailant’s night-adapted vision. The Cortex Compact also provides a strobe mode and a low-output mode for small tasks.

Length: 4 inches
Weight: 2.12 ounces
LED Type: Cree XPG

Battery Performance:

CR123: High Output Mode – 125 lumens / 1.5 hours
Low Output Mode – 25 lumens / 9 hours

AA Alkaline: High Output Mode – 60 lumens/ 1.25 hours
Low Output Mode – 12 lumens/ 6 hours

Shipping: Now

Cortex Rechargeable

The Cortex Rechargeable flashlight offers all the advantages of the full size Cortex, with the added ability to recharge from an outlet or USB port. The Cortex Rechargeable runs on a lithium ion battery and recharges like a cell phone – simply plug the mini USB wall charger into the body of the light. Once charged, the LED will flash intermittently letting you know it’s ready for use. The Cortex Rechargeable also accepts disposable Lithium CR123 batteries for times when you don’t have access to power. Hit the tail cap switch to activate 500 lumens of blinding output; double tap to activate the strobe. Hit the barrel switch on the side of the light for the 40-lumen low-output mode.

Length: 6.15 inches
Weight: 5 ounces
LED Type: Cree XML

Battery Performance

Rechargeable Lithium Ion:
High Output Mode – 500 lumens / 1 hour
Low Output Mode – 40 lumens / 12 hours
Recharging Time: 4 hours

High Output Mode – 590 lumens / 1.5 hours
Low Output Mode – 45 lumens / 20 hours

Shipping: Early December