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ORSM 18 – Sherpa 100 AC by Goal Zero

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

The Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC offers capacity of 25,600mAh (94.7Wh), which is the maximum allowable for air travel, offering enough power to charge your mobile device eight times, a tablet four times and a laptop twice.


In addition to two 60w USB-C high power ports, the Sherpa 100 has a built-in AC inverter and is set up for wireless charging of your devices.

Coming in September from

Goal Zero – Yeti Home Integration Kit

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Even though SSD’s primary focus is PPE, we do discuss power systems, and occasionally prepping. Considering the number of storms and other unforeseen circumstances which knock out power, everyone should consider alternatives to the shore power we all enjoy here in the front country.

Goal Zero explains that when access to the power grid goes down, the flow of power to your home’s electrical system from the distribution transformer is interrupted. Once installed, the Home Integration Kit acts as a switch between two power sources, the main source being the distribution transformer and the secondary source being the power station.

When installed with a Yeti portable power station, the HIK allows you to provide backup power for up to four 120V circuits in your house. Determining which circuits those should be isn’t an exact science and will vary from household to household. Keep in mind that, due to the inherent risks involved in working with your electrical system, you must get the HIK installed by a certified electrician.

Generally, there are a number of circuits that tend to be well-suited for backup power across a variety of home setups. We recommend the following:

• Run a light or two in your most important room(s). This could be a centrally-located living or family room where there is space to gather and wait out the storm, as well as a highly-utilized room like the kitchen or bathroom.

• Power your garage door opener. In the event of an emergency, people often think about hunkering down and staying inside. But what if you need to get out? Making sure you have enough power to easily get out of your house if need be is important.

• Power your fridge in order to keep food fresh.

• Back up an outlet that supplies power to your WiFi router so you can stay connected and keep in touch through a storm.

Once you have selected your circuits and had the HIK installed by an electrician, it’s quite easy to use. The HIK is simply plugged into the AC output of a Yeti power station via an extension cable and you are able to flip the switches for each circuit from the grid to Yeti power in an outage. An informative display on the Yeti allows you to monitor runtime, input/out, and battery levels. If your Yeti is mobile app enabled, you can even monitor power usage from afar.

In the event the power grid is unavailable, the Yeti portable power station can be recharged via solar panels.

ORSM 17 – Goal Zero Venture 70

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

I’ve been using the Goal Zero Venture 30 as a backup power supply for my phone and iPad since it came out. At OR, I got my first look at the new Venture 70. At 66.9 Wh, this 17,700mAh Power Pack not only offers more than double the power of my Venture 30, but it’s also waterproof to IPX67 standards. Additionally, the Venture 70 features a light bar charge indicator as well as two USB ports capable of 2.4A at the same time.

OR – Goal Zero

Friday, January 8th, 2016

Many look at Goal Zero’s solar panels and think they are solely oriented toward the back country. The Flip line of chargers is something anyone who needs mobile power can use. I’m often traveling and my mobile device runs low. The Flip 10 will charge your phone one time. The Flip 20 will do it twice. And the new Flip 30 will charge it three times. This largest model also offers enough juice to recharge a tablet.

ORWM – Goal Zero

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

With 73% of sales in the portable power market, Goal Zero dominates the space. They build a wide variety of products and the new Venture 30 features an IPX6 weatherproof rating with no rubber plugs needed. It’s a 7,800mAh charger with dual smart charging 2.4A USB ports (each port is actually 2.4 A) with its own built in USB cable. Additionally, its solar ready.


In addition to a battery indicator, the Venture 30 also features a 65 lumen white light.


Finally, you can power items directly as you use them.


Solar Panel Adapter from SOTech

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

SOTech has developed a MOLLE/PALS solar panel adapter for use with packs. Additionally, they are now carrying Goal Zero solar products.

Solar-Panel Adapter