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Grey Ghost Gear Armor Plates – Sneak Peak

Monday, April 21st, 2014

This is a sneak peak from Grey Ghost Gear of their upcoming line of armor plates. We got a glimpse at the recent Darley Defense Days at Ft Bragg. Stay tuned for the full reveal soon.

Dalton, ID — 18 APR 14 — Grey Ghost Gear - The world is full of a$$holes. Once in a while one of them tries to kill you. Grey Ghost Gear wants to help you prepare for that possibility. We want to armor you against the a$$holes.


To do that we’ve partnered up with one of the best composite companies in the world to build affordable armor plates for responsible citizens. We’re going to have 3 models, initially, all as good or better than those in use by SOF overseas, all NIJ certified and all very lightweight (some as light as 1 lb). They will also be affordable – like, starting at $200 affordable. Protection levels will be III, III + and IV.


The new plates use cutting edge technology only recently developed while building armor for a specialized maritime unit. A very limited number of them are labeled appropriately.

“The worlds full of a$$holes,” says Grey Ghost Gear Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “Might as well prepare to deal with them. If you can legally carry a gun we see no reason you shouldn’t also wear armor if you want to.”


“The phrase on the front of the plate may seem flippant, but it’s not. These plates and our intention to put them in the hands of responsible citizens is a natural extension of the Grey Ghost Gear ethos. We are very excited to offer cutting edge ballistic protection, not just to the military and first responders, but the everyman.” – Casey Ingels, Grey Ghost Gear CEO.

Plates will be made available to military, LEOs and U.S. citizens with concealed carry permit (CCW/CHL, etc.) in good standing in their home state. The buyer’s state and local laws will apply.

Look for full technical specs, ordering procedures and additional information within the week – if you’re at the NRA show, come by and talk to GGG along with Tactical Tailor at Booth # 8148.

Darley Defense Days – Tactical Tailor/Grey Ghost Gear

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


Grey Ghost Gear has introduced a line of Kydex to their site from Orange Diamond Concealment. Seen above is a Velcro hook backed AR magazine carrier. You may notice the distinctive diamond shape molded into all of these products. That and the Orange Diamond name hail the WWII Ranger insignia. Orange Diamond Concealment also offers a variety of holsters.

You may notice that it’s attached to a Tactical Tailor MBAV Low Viz Carrier in Wolf Grey.

Grey Ghost Gear – Paladin Belt

Friday, April 4th, 2014


The Paladin Belt from Grey Ghost Gear is constructed rom two layers of heavy duty mil-spec webbing, 1 3/4″ thick. It’ll fit through military issue BDU and most standard belt loops. Channels sewn into the the body allow for the attachment of standard modular pouches. The Paladin also features an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, machined from 7075 aluminum alloy with a solid brass and stainless steel internal release mechanism, frame tested to 9kN.

The Paladin is available in Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam.

Johnny PMAGs Still Available Through Grey Ghost

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Limited numbers of these magazines are still available for those who want to support John’s kids.

During SHOT Show Drake Clark reached me about helping out with an upcoming project. John Noveske had just passed away and Magpul was going to commit to a run of special “Johnny” PMAGs to raise money for his family. He asked if I would help. While I had only met John once through the introduction of Stickman, we had quite a few friends in common. And, I appreciated his hard work and innovation. “Sure,” I told Drake, “count me in!”

Now, I know some of you guys are asking yourselves why the family of a guy who owned a business would need money. Well, my answer is simple. It’s for his kids. Very, very few small business owners are rich, or even well off. They work insane hours and put everything extra back into the business. And now, in the case of Noveske Rifleworks, John – the creative force behind the brand, is gone. It will never be the same and the lives of his kids will never be the same. As a father and small business owner, I can tell you, none of this was lost on me. It’s the reason I agreed to be a part of this and a reason I purchased some of these magazines when they were first available.


Now mind you, all of this planning for the Johnny mag was going on during the panic of 2013. Despite this, Magpul came through with the initial push which they offered in conjunction with Noveske. And then, another tragedy struck, and a similar magazine-based fundraising campaign came along. And during that period, in late Spring, 300 Johnny PMAGs showed up at my door. When I was planning to start this fundraising effort, I foolishly thought I could offer them through PayPal, but I soon found out that wasn’t possible. Then, eBay was a bust. SSD has a long reach but what we don’t have is a web store. Once the other fundraising effort ended I reached out to my friends at Grey Ghost Gear and they thankfully agreed to handle the sales aspect of this effort.

If you missed out on the initial run of Johnny mags, Grey Ghost has just under 300 (they are selling already). The Johnny PMAG is a Magpul GEN M2 30 round PMAG designed for 5.56×45 NATO and .223 Remington AR15/ M4 platform weapons. This memorial magazine includes the Noveske “Flaming Pig” on one side, and the Noveske logo on the flip side.



Please join us in supporting the Noveske and remembering an innovator by purchasing one or more of these memorial magazines.

Grey Ghost Gear Christmas Sale

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Grey Ghost Sale

Grey Ghost Gear is holding a Christmas sale. Save 20% on New Balance tees and Outrider jackets. Use code STOCKING20 at checkout. Sale ends Wednesday, December 25th at midnight.

Thanks Grey Ghost Gear!

Friday, November 15th, 2013

During a recent trip to the Great Northwest, I stopped by Grey Ghost Gear. As I was guided through their facility I spied a curious roll of fabric upon a shelf. I innocently asked if they would make a pack for me from the fabric. This Stealth Operator Pack is what they presented to me. Thanks guys!


Do you know what this rare pattern is (yes, I know what it is or I wouldn’t have asked for the pack)?

Grey Ghost Gear The Exclusive Distributor Of Karrimor SF In The US

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Karrimor SF Predator Patrol 45

13 NOV 13 // 21h15 Zulu - At long last, Grey Ghost Gear’s offering of packs built by the UK’s Karrimor SF is finally available! No longer will end users in the US need to order it from across the pond and have it shipped back here (or trade off some of their own kit to the Brits in a deployed location). We’ve got them on hand, in several types and multiple colors, with more to come.

Karrimor SF has been in existence since 1995. It is a direct descendent of the original Karrimor brand that has equipped British soldiers and adventurers since the end of WWII.

Based in Exeter (Devon, UK), Karrimor SF’s gear has fought insurgents and Taliban since OEF and OIF started; it has also literally climbed mountains, gone on safari or otherwise adventured on every continent in the world. The KSF brand was conceived by innovator and designer Deric Gollop and the KSF team, who used contemporary technologies and developments from the civilian world to build specialty packs for military Special Forces and law enforcement units—not unlike what Grey Ghost Gear has been doing here in the US.

“It was a natural fit,” says Grey Ghost Gear’s Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “It took nearly a year and a half to get it done, but the Karrimor SF packs are in stock and ready to ship—and so we’re clear, there’s no need to worry about quality. If having the UK’s forces torture test this stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan wasn’t sufficient, we’ve been abusing our own samples in the field. They are good to go.”

Grey Ghost Gear is the exclusive US distributor of Karrimor SF products. Their packs and LBE are built in Vietnam to exacting British MoD (Ministry of Defence) standards, supervised by KSF personnel who live on site. You can see the entire line of packs here.

“You won’t have to drink tea and crumpets or call it a bergen to wear Karrimor SF,” Lindsey says. “No scones or Earl Grey or funny accent required—just a desire for well built, field-proven gear.”

Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear Win Marine Corps Family of Pouches Contract

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Tactical Tailor just informed us that they have been awarded a contract by the United States Marine Corps to provide four pouches for Marine use.

Today Tactical Tailor was advised they were selected to provide modular load-bearing pouches for the AN/PVS-14, AN/PRC-153 IISR and PRC 152. They will also be providing 40mm grenade bandoliers. Additionally, Tactical Tailor collaborated closely with partner Grey Ghost Gear to obtain the contract.

The NVG pouch, technically the AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular and Rhino Mount pouch, was designed by Grey Ghost Gear in conjunction with USSOCOM personnel who were actually on the ground in Afghanistan at the time.

The 40mm bandoliers are one of the most widely-recognized pieces of gear Tactical Tailor manufactures and has been provided to numerous units at the local level. Now, it will be “standard issue” to all Marine grenadiers.


Tactical Tailor CEO Casey Ingels was preparing to fly to the Middle East to consult with representatives of USSOCOM at the time of this release. However, Lindsey Lea, Grey Ghost Gear Director of Business Development and High Despotrix, was happy to discuss the contract.

“This was the first really big collaboration between Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear,” Ms. Lea advised. “We’re especially excited because this was a specific request. They didn’t come to us and ask us to build something they’d already developed specs for. They contracted us to provide those pieces of gear because it has all been tested hard in the field. This is obviously great news. From a business perspective it’s obviously a great contract to win. From a personal perspective it’s very rewarding to know we’ve had a hand in putting the most rugged, purpose-built gear available into those Marines’ hands.”

The items and their NSNs include:
AN PVS 14 NSN 8465-01-620-7014 (Grey Ghost Gear Product)
PRC 153 Pouch NSN 8465-01-620-7045 (Tactical Tailor Product)
PRC 152 Pouch NSN 8465-01-620-7042 (Tactical Tailor Product)
40mm Grenade Multi Round Bandoleer NSN 8465-01-620-7022 (Tactical Tailor Product)

Grey Ghost Gear – Minimalist Plate Carrier

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

GGG Minimalist Chest Rig

Grey Ghost Gear has released their new Minimalist Plate Carrier. Designed for low profile wear or contingency carry, the MPC is thin and light enough to wear beneath a cover garment or keep on standby in a ready kit. It’s designed for 10 x 12 hard plates or large ESAPI plates and the plate pockets are lined with LiteLok pack cloth for abrasion resistance. The MPC features six rows of PALS-style webbing with built-in matching loop material on the top three rows for the option of attaching patches or ID panels. The front of the carrier features a discreet stash pocket for small items one would need immediate access to, such as maps, medevac cards, knives, etc. The MPC is designed as one-size-fits-most, with adjustable shoulder straps and integrated elastic side straps. The inside faces of the carrier are lined with Air Mesh for comfort and breathability. The MCP is available in Coyote Brown and MultiCam.

Grey Ghost Gear Announces Release Of The Slim Medical Pouch

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Grey Ghost Gear announces it has released the SLIM MEDICAL (SMP) pouch for general purchase. After months of T&E at home and in Afghanistan with SOF personnel the SMP is commercially available.

Asked why they chose to build particular piece of kit as the next in their line-up, Grey Ghost Gear Vice President responds “The reason we decided to put it in the marketplace
is simply because there’s very little else out there like it. It contains just enough stuff to treat yourself has some great features—a TQ cinch on the front, clamshell opening tab on top so you can tear it open easily under stress with bloody or sweaty hands, that sort of thing.”

The Slim Medical Pouch is currently available in MultiCam and Coyote, though additional ‘civilian’ colors as well as an all-black version are planned.

Lindsey Lea, Grey Ghost Gear’s Director of Business Development, explains further. “Our designers built this on info we’ve gotten back from guys in a number of different places, including one of the SFGs [Special Forces Groups] that’s over there now. It may evolve somewhat in the future if the threat changes or what they tell us demands it, but all necessary changes appear to have been made in the early stages and trials. Right now it’s built exactly the way they wanted it.”

SLIM Medical Pouch

The Slim Medical Pouch is constructed of 500 Denier Cordura® nylon. It takes up just two modular webbing channels on the mounting platform and secures with the two included Malice Clips®. As the name implies, it has a slim profile and is specifically designed to carry the most important immediate action trauma supplies. Dual zippers running the full length of the pouch and a large pull time allow quick access to the contents inside the pouch.

The inside contains more than ample room for vital trauma kit, as well as a flat pocket and elastic bands to secure various items. A bungee retainer system on the front of the pouch can cinch a tourniquet or other gear down, and two rows of modular webbing on either side will hold trauma shears or other items.

The pouch was designed to carry the following items but is capable of storing an array of other items as needed:

• 1 Pair of Nitril gloves
• HALO Chest seal x 2
• CAT Tourniquet x 2
• Trauma Shears
• Decompression Needle
• H&H compressed Gauze x2
• Quickclot Combat Gauze
• 6” Israeli Compression Bandage
• 28 FR NPA

Learn more at