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Sneak Peak – Grey Ghost Precision Prototype Rifle

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

GGP-rifle during SWC training 2

This Grey Ghost Precision prototype rifle has recently finished a grueling train-up cycle (including SWC), and will soon be heading off to Afghanistan where a specialized unit given a bit of leeway with their weapon selection will be putting it through the ropes, so to speak.

Remember, nothing made by Grey Ghost goes commercial until it’s proven itself on a combat deployment.

GGP-off-to-Afghanistan 1

GGP-rifle during SWC training 3

First Look – Grey Ghost Precision Rifles

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Grey Ghost is hard at work prepping the first batch of their upcoming precision rifles. A few guys from a couple of SFGs have been testing the protypes and offering their feedback to improve the final product.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Grey Ghost Gear – JED Bag

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

JED bag 1

New from Grey Ghost Gear, the JED Bail Out Bag is designed as an all-in-one solution for getting out of trouble fast during vehicle operations, a go bag meant to be fought from without any unnecessary ‘cool’ features. The interior features multiple mesh pockets along with elastic loops for four 40mm rounds. The zipper runs the full length of the bag for fast access to the inside. The outside features sections of loop material for attaching hook backed pouches, such as those from Orange Diamond Concealment or Tactical Tailor’s Low-Vis line.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what JED stands for, it’s Jim Erwin Developed.

Grey Ghost Gear Noveske Giveaway Update

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Grey Ghost Gear Noveske

Grey Ghost Gear and Noveske have been giving away one upper receiver a week jointly on Facebook as part of their recently announced partnership. Two of the promised uppers have already been claimed, with three more to go in the coming weeks. The full release can be read below:

Dalton Gardens, Idaho. The Ghost Sends.

Two down. Three to go.

Last Friday Brandon D. won a Noveske Rifle Works upper courtesy of The Ghost. The Friday before that it was Michael R. In just a couple more days The Ghost will add a 3RD name. Why? He’s prepping the LZ. The Ghost has a great admiration for rifles.

Noveske Rifle Works is just the beginning.

If you don’t enter, you can’t win. If you have entered, good luck to you! If you have not entered—perhaps consider pulling your head out of your 4TH point of contact and do so now.

Go to to enter, and stay tuned. There’s big news coming down the pike and if you’re a fan of America’s Rifle (the AR).

The Ghost just loves a good AR.


Additionally, Grey Ghost Gear is announcing that they’ll be offering rifles from other quality manufacturers besides Noveske, along with a few other things in the works. The above rifle, for example, is a precision AR10 that’s currently being tested and evaluated by a select group. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Grey Ghost Gear – Legacy 3-Day Packs Sale

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Legacy 3-Day Packs Sale

Grey Ghost Gear is currently holding a 25% off sale on their Legacy 3-Day packs. Use promo code LEGACY25 to apply the discount. Sale runs until July 28th, so take advantage while you can.

Grey Ghost Gear Teams Up With Noveske Rifle Works

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Two great brands making things happen together. I like it.

Dalton Gardens ID 23 June 14 - How do you determine the value of badass? Can it be reckoned, or is it incalculable?

You’re about to find out.

Grey Ghost Gear (which is bad ass) has teamed up with Noveske (which is equally bad ass). How bad ass is that?


Effective immediately, Grey Ghost Gear will be carrying Noveske uppers and soon you’ll be seeing complete rifles.

Asked to give some background to the relationship between the two innovative companies, GGG Despotrix-in-Charge Lindsey Lea advises, “The love story began with my very first SHOT Show ever. That’s where I met John and Sheri. We’ve been friends since then and now that that Grey Ghost has decided to carry weapons, Noveske was the obvious choice—both out of our respect for John and of course for the obvious fact that they’re superb rifles.”

Buyers will see a Noveske tab on the Grey Ghost website from which to choose from a variety of Noveske models, including the Infidel, Rogue Hunter in 16” and 18”, some of the 10” uppers in both 5.56 and 300BLK and others.

Noveske Rifle Works’ Sheri Johson echoes Lea’s sentiment. “The people at Grey Ghost Gear are some of the best I know, really,” Sheri says. I’ve been a fan forever. When they came to me about high quality AR parts…well, it was obvious we were going to do it.”

Rumor has it Grey Ghost Gear may reciprocate by building a Noveske-specific line of gear like concealed carry messenger bags, a 3-gun setup and the like. You’ll want to watch for that.

Fans of both GGG and Noveske are also well advised to keep an eye on both companies’ social media. There will be a joint giveaway soon involving both Facebook pages and possibly Instagram—prizes will be Noveske uppers and GGG goodness.

Grey Ghost Gear + Noveske……badass

Additional info exclusive to SSD

Grey Ghost Gear DOES already have their FFL, that’s was accomplished Wednesday of last week – so there WILL be full Noveske rifles carried on the GGG website.

Sheri Johnson from Noveske is talking to Lindsey Lea from GGG about GGG building them their own soft good series; that is going to happen, they’re just trying to decide what and when.

“Badass Squared” morale patches will soon be available.

GGG and Noveske will be giving away five (5) uppers jointly between their Facebook pages over Independence Day weekend. This was hinted at in the press release, but that’s the actual number and date. IF POSSIBLE (not confirmed yet) one of them will be signed by the entire Noveske shooting team.

Grey Ghost Gear – Whole Lotta Kryptek

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


Owing to the increased popularity of Kryptek, Grey Ghost Gear is now, in their own words, “carrying damn near an entire loadout of gear in Kryptek patterns.” Popular items such as the Minimalist Plate Carrier can be ordered in Highlander and Mandrake, and Stealth Operator Pack in Highlander, Typhon, Mandrake, and Yeti. Other items, such as ammo pouches, accessory pouches, and even sunglasses can be purchased in Kyrptek patterns.

Grey Ghost Kryptek

Grey Ghost Gear Armor Plates – Sneak Peak

Monday, April 21st, 2014

This is a sneak peak from Grey Ghost Gear of their upcoming line of armor plates. We got a glimpse at the recent Darley Defense Days at Ft Bragg. Stay tuned for the full reveal soon.

Dalton, ID — 18 APR 14 — Grey Ghost Gear - The world is full of a$$holes. Once in a while one of them tries to kill you. Grey Ghost Gear wants to help you prepare for that possibility. We want to armor you against the a$$holes.


To do that we’ve partnered up with one of the best composite companies in the world to build affordable armor plates for responsible citizens. We’re going to have 3 models, initially, all as good or better than those in use by SOF overseas, all NIJ certified and all very lightweight (some as light as 1 lb). They will also be affordable – like, starting at $200 affordable. Protection levels will be III, III + and IV.


The new plates use cutting edge technology only recently developed while building armor for a specialized maritime unit. A very limited number of them are labeled appropriately.

“The worlds full of a$$holes,” says Grey Ghost Gear Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “Might as well prepare to deal with them. If you can legally carry a gun we see no reason you shouldn’t also wear armor if you want to.”


“The phrase on the front of the plate may seem flippant, but it’s not. These plates and our intention to put them in the hands of responsible citizens is a natural extension of the Grey Ghost Gear ethos. We are very excited to offer cutting edge ballistic protection, not just to the military and first responders, but the everyman.” – Casey Ingels, Grey Ghost Gear CEO.

Plates will be made available to military, LEOs and U.S. citizens with concealed carry permit (CCW/CHL, etc.) in good standing in their home state. The buyer’s state and local laws will apply.

Look for full technical specs, ordering procedures and additional information within the week – if you’re at the NRA show, come by and talk to GGG along with Tactical Tailor at Booth # 8148.

Darley Defense Days – Tactical Tailor/Grey Ghost Gear

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014


Grey Ghost Gear has introduced a line of Kydex to their site from Orange Diamond Concealment. Seen above is a Velcro hook backed AR magazine carrier. You may notice the distinctive diamond shape molded into all of these products. That and the Orange Diamond name hail the WWII Ranger insignia. Orange Diamond Concealment also offers a variety of holsters.

You may notice that it’s attached to a Tactical Tailor MBAV Low Viz Carrier in Wolf Grey.

Grey Ghost Gear – Paladin Belt

Friday, April 4th, 2014


The Paladin Belt from Grey Ghost Gear is constructed rom two layers of heavy duty mil-spec webbing, 1 3/4″ thick. It’ll fit through military issue BDU and most standard belt loops. Channels sewn into the the body allow for the attachment of standard modular pouches. The Paladin also features an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, machined from 7075 aluminum alloy with a solid brass and stainless steel internal release mechanism, frame tested to 9kN.

The Paladin is available in Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam.