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Orion Design Group – ARC Overview Video

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

In the above video, Bryan from Orion Design Group goes over the features of the Advanced Reconnaissance Chest Rig. We posted an article of the ARC back in January, so you can refer to that post for the full details, however, in brief, the ARC is a five-piece modular chest rig developed by Orion Design Group in collaboration with S&S Precision, and manufactured by Grey Ghost Gear. The ARC is centered around an optics pouch, capable of holding upwards of a large framed 10x binoculars, along with some small Thermal Imaging Devices. This pouch is accompanied by the yoke, side panels, and a small roll top minimalist pack.

Grey Ghost Gear – The Throwback Backpack

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

The Throwback

After a long wait, the $10,000 er, Throwback Pack is now available from Grey Ghost Gear. Based on the Removable Operator Pack, the Throwback Pack features a body made from a Waxed Canvas material, which is very robust and has inherent water resistant features. The build and material lends itself towards a more ‘low profile’ look when compared to more traditional tactical bags; the bag will also “weather” and build its own character through use.

The main compartment is 550 cubic inches in volume, accessed through a top YYK zipper with two pulls featuring Flatlok cords. This compartment has two pockets on both sides, sized for a water bottle or to organize small items. The front pocket is 300 cubic inches, accessed through vertical zippers on both sides of the pocket; this pocket is lined with loop material to allow the user to customize it with various hook-backed pouches and holsters.

Additional features:

  • Exterior grab handle
  • Dual compression straps
  • Bungee front attachment
  • Leather GGG logo under the handle
  • Hidden front zippered compartment for a wallet, cell phone, or like sized items
  • Available in Black & Olive Drab and Olive Drab & Field Tan; Black and Grey and Black w/ Wolf Grey hardware will soon follow.

    Grey Ghost Gear – Memorial Day Sale

    Friday, May 22nd, 2015


    Grey Ghost Gear will be running a Memorial Day sale beginning today and running through Tuesday, May 26th. The sale will include 25% off Grey Ghost Gear products, 30% off Karrimor products, and will signal the debut of the Throwback pack (which SSD readers may remember as the “$10,000 Pack” – though it will be substantially less than $10,000).

    Please note that this sale applies only to Grey Ghost Gear products, not Grey Ghost Precision, and backordered items may take as long as 10 weeks to ship.

    Tactical Tailor And Grey Ghost Gear At The 2015 USASOC Sniper Competition

    Saturday, March 21st, 2015


    Nate from Tactical Tailor and Kevin from Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision will be on-hand at the 2015 USASOC Sniper Competition, taking place March 23-27 at Fort Bragg, NC. Additionally, there may be a guest appearance by Tommy Batt Boy of Ranger Up.

    Grey Ghost Gear – Paladin Belt

    Thursday, February 12th, 2015

    Paladin Belt

    The Paladin belt is constructed from two layers of 1.75″ MilSpec webbing, allowing it to fit through military issue BDU and most standard belt loops, and an Austrialpin Cobra buckle. The Paladin features a redundantly reinforced loop, as well as channels throughout for attaching pouches, hostlers, etc.

    Available in Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam.

    ODG Advanced Reconnaissance Chest Rig

    Monday, January 26th, 2015

    Manufactured by the good folks at Grey Ghost Gear, the Orion Design Group Advanced Reconnaissance Chest Rig is a PALS compatible, Modular Chest Rig. There’s quite a bit going on with the ODG ARC so we asked them to send us a write up.


    We are proud to finally announce the ODG ARC. This design has been on the drawing board for awhile. It was conceived during a winter mobility training package I was invited to attend with an NSW Recce troop in the mountains of Idaho. It was also a collaboration between us and S&S Precision. Drew was instrumental in coming up with the silent closure and building the second article for us.


    The ARC is comprised of five pieces. First the heart of the system is the optics pouch. This pouch is capable of holding large framed 10x Binoculars and some small Thermal imagining devices. It is constructed with padding to help protect mission critical optics.


    It has an array of features:

    Molle webbing on the sides to accommodate pistol mags, multi tools, laser range finders, and kestrel ballistic weather meters.
    Fold down admin panel to accommodate GRG, ballistic data cards, maps, and some smart phones.
    Elastic webbing to hold pens, chem lights,as well as loose ammo.
    Bungie tie downs to hold elk bugle/game calls or remote antennas for personal coms.
    Loop panel to accomodate magazine/pistol carriage


    The yoke will be offered in two configurations the “Alpha” (Not Shown) will be a slick minimalist yoke constructed in a four way stretch. The “Bravo” (shown) will be a mesh/ MOLLE platform for additional hydration/load carriage capability.


    The next component are the side panels which give you the ability to integrate into the optics pouch for a more robust load carrying capability, or the ability to remove the optics pouch and use as a stand alone micro chest rig.


    The panels contain internal and external loop placement for endless options for versatility in carrying magazines, radios, and pistols.


    Lastly the system offers a small roll top minimalist pack with an internal 32oz hydration sleeve and external hose port.


    We are happy to announce that the system will be manufactured by the newest member of the ODG Tribe, Grey Ghost Gear. They are consummate professionals, and the reason this third version came to be a reality. I can’t frankly say enough good things about them. They are great people as well as great professionals and we are thrilled to be working with them. If you are a small company like us and in need of nylon manufacturing capability these are the folks to get it done. I hope everyone had a great SHOT show we certainly did!

    Train Hard! Hunt Hard! and CHOOSE YOUR PREY!!!

    Sneak Peek – Grey Ghost Gear $10,000 Pack

    Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


    I looked at this pack and said, “Tell me about this $10,000 pack here.” After Linsey Lea gave me a dirty look, she told me that its made from Waxed Canvas, which will become distressed as you wear it, adding character. The look will blend in to many an environment.

    Based on the Removable Operator Pack, it’s a cool design with a neato laser engraved leather label. I don’t think this pack will actually cost you $10,000 but you’ll look like you’re worth it when you wear it about town.
    Both Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear have a whole slew of new products coming.

    CSM Frank Grippe (USA, Ret) Joins the Grey Ghost Team

    Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

    For me, this is some of the biggest news I will post all week. Frank Grippe is a legend and I can’t wait to see what he does at GGG. Congrats to all involved!


    Dalton, ID—14 JAN 14—Grey Ghost Gear

    Grey Ghost is proud to announce that former CENTCOM Command Sergeant Major CSM Frank Grippe (Ret.) has taken the Grey Ghost guidon and assumed the role of Senior Weapon Systems Adviser. In that capacity he will he will leverage the experience of a unique and unparalleled 33 year military career to hone and continue the GG mission.

    CSM Grippe (Ret.) has worn the Army uniform his entire adult life. A soldier since 1981, he has served in infantry, paratrooper and Ranger units the majority of his career. He has been a fixture in Army leadership during virtually the entire Global War on Terror.


    Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis (Ret.), former CENTCOM Commander, says of CSM Grippe, “He is just one of the finest soldiers I have served alongside…He is a wild man. I love the guy.”

    Elements of Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost leadership have had a professional relationship with CSM Grippe for many years. Tactical Tailor CEO Casey Ingels was a rifleman in 2/75 Ranger Battalion when Grippe was there in a series of billets, including Platoon Sergeant, Rifle Company First Sergeant and Battalion Operations Sergeant. GGP VP G.W. Ayers has known him since Grippe was the Senior Military Science Instructor at San Diego University.

    “It’s pretty easy to say ‘soldier’s soldier’ to describe a man,” Casey says, “but if anyone ever truly merited that title, it’s Frank Grippe. He served on every command level from battalion to unified combat command while leading troops in combat. Am I proud to have him aboard the Grey Ghost team? There are no words to describe it.”


    GG Vice President G.W. Ayers says simply, “I cannot adequately articulate the pride we feel that a man of such stature and integrity has joined the Grey Ghost team.”

    Grippe began his career as a rifleman in 1-509 ABCT. His first Battalion as CSM was 1-87 Infantry BN 10TH Mountain Division; he was later CSM for 1ST Bde, 10TH Mountain Division. He took both into combat in Afghanistan. Later he was selected for Division CSM for the 101ST Airborne Division and Ft. Campbell, fighting that division as Multi National Division North. He subsequently took the CSM billet for United States 1ST Corps and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, fighting I Corps in Iraq for a year as the Multi-National Corps Command Sergeant Major. In his final assignment Grippe served as the senior enlisted adviser, United States Central Command, for 3 ½ years before officially retiring on January 1st of this year.

    Grippe-12-FootPatrol with 1-23INF

    “If you took a force of nature and made it a patriot,” says GG Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea, “it would look like Frank Grippe.”

    Visit Grey Ghost Precision at SHOT, Booth #31000. Feel free to make an appointment to visit Grey Ghost Gear or GG’s new Senior Weapon Systems Adviser in their suite at the Palazzo by contacting Lindsey Lea at

    Learn more about Grey Ghost Precision:

    Learn more about Grey Ghost Gear:

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    Grey Ghost Hires Kevin Reagan to Head Grey Ghost Lethality Systems

    Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

    Grey Ghost is proud to announce the addition of Kevin Reagan to its staff. Reagan, the former Installation Small Arms Master Gunner at Ft Bliss, will be fulfilling the job of “Manager, Lethality Systems”.


    That job is every bit as awesome as it sounds, and Reagan is just the man to do it.

    “Kevin will be the tip of the spear for managing rifles and body armor,” says Grey Ghost Gear Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “A unique 21 year career with the United States Army has prepared him for exactly this sort of role. We are excited to have him aboard.”

    Reagan is indeed singularly qualified for the position. It was Reagan who, in his capacity as G-3 Training NCOIC/Special Projects NCO, developed the Small Arms Master Gunner Course at Ft. Bliss. The 2-week program, which was subsequently disseminated throughout the Army, had an emphasis on weapons, optics, and lasers as well as machine guns, snipers and designated marksmen. While in that billet, he worked not just with key equipment manufacturers but also PEO Soldier, TRADOC, FORSCOM, PEO-STRI and other key organizations.


    Reagan served with the 101st ABN, the 25th ID and the 82nd ABN. He deployed with the latter as a Weapon Squad Leader. Previously, Reagan served as a platoon sergeant with the 1ST Armored Division, and before that was an operations sergeant with the 5th BDE Combat Team. He also was a Drill Sergeant at Ft. Leonard Wood and twice recognize in that capacity for superior performance. Reagan has deployed to a number of places in his career, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Sinai.

    “During the course of his career Kevin Reagan participated in 27 combat operations and was badly wounded by an RPG attack,” says GGG Vice President GW Ayers. “That event, which would have been much more catastrophic if not for his PPE, is what sparked his intense interest in the whys, hows and wherefores of armor. His knowledge of small arms—both function and employment—is second to none. He will be leveraging that expertise, combined with over two decades of experience kicking doors, to help Grey Ghost develop the best systems available.”

    Keep an eye on Grey Ghost in the future to see what Reagan does to expand and improve on their ‘Armoring the Everyman” initiative, as well as forthcoming developments to the Specter series of rifles.


    To contact him, e-mail

    Beyond Clothing / Grey Ghost Gear – Rig Light Jacket

    Thursday, December 4th, 2014


    Two great companies, Beyond Clothing and Grey Ghost Gear, have teamed up to create the Rig Light Jacket.

    Rig Light 8

    Constructed from Beyond’s proprietary 4-way Stretch Woven Fabric and ripstop nylon, the Rig Light combines aspects of a softshell with a midlayer to provide a durable, lightweight jacket. It features DWR treatment, which sheds light rain and snow.

    Features include:

    Rig Light 1

    Right and left external bicep pockets with 4×7″ loop patches

    Rig Light 2

    Left zippered chest pocket

    Low profile lightweight ripstop nylon hood zips into collar

    Rig Light 6

    Left and right external hand pockets

    Rig Light 7

    Hook and loop wrist closures

    Available in sizes SM – 2XL.