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Warrior Expo – HTC Individual Tension Adjustment Carrier

Friday, July 10th, 2015

High Threat Concealment showed me a new combo magazine and light carrier that offers the ability to adjust tension on either side.

Visit High Threat Concealment At SHOT Show 2015

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

In celebration of the upcoming SHOT Show 2015, High Threat Concealment released this new product video demonstrating the capabilities of their gear used in conjunction with gear from other industry leaders in a real world scenario. Mayflower R&C, Velocity Systems, Duluth Trading Company, EOTech, Troy Industries, Tennessee Arms Company, Edge Tactical Eyewear, IWI, Academi, Team Wendy, Mechanix, C2 Shooting Center, and Law Tactical, LLC all contributed their products and services to the video.

If you happen to make it out to the Industry Range Day, be sure to visit HTC’s lane, SR-22, to test out their latest, along with products from Salient Arms. They’ll also be at booth #8103 at SHOT Show, along with Renegade Armor, Tactical Walls, and Tennessee Arms Company.

High Threat Concealment Belts

Monday, January 5th, 2015

High Threat Concealment has designed two belt systems to be used in conjunction with their HTC Low Profile System that allow the user to quickly put on their system, while still securely holding the gear in place along the waistline. The belts incorporate a two-piece belt concept where the inner belt goes through the pants loops to act as a traditional belt, and the outer belt feeds through the Low Profile System. The outer belt then attaches to the inner belt via high quality Velcro brand hook and loop. The HTC Tactical Cobra Belt incorporates the quick-release functionality of AustriAlpin’s Cobra buckle, and provides a comfortable and secure platform for your HTC Low Profile System. The HTC Low Pro Belt blends the performance of a quality leather gun belt with the comfort of nylon webbing, and helps reduce the appearance of carrying tactical equipment by appearing to look like a normal leather belt. It features a removable buckle to allow the user to thread the belt through his or her pant loops like a regular belt.

HTC has expanded their line of belts, and now offers to additional belts to choose from, the Cobra Tactical Rigger’s (CTR) Belt and the Everyday Tactical (EDT) Belt. The CTR Belt is HTC’s take on the popular rigger’s belt, and it incorporates the new Cobra D-Ring buckle from AustriAlpin. The belt is made of 1.75” Type 13 Mil-Spec Nylon webbing reinforced with a layer of stiff dive webbing around the back from hip to hip. The EDT Belt consists of a sturdy double layer of 1.5” or 1.75” dive webbing from the points of the hip around the back, and then tapers down to a single layer of material where it crosses itself. This results in a consistent double layer of material around the entire belt, instead of a thicker 4-layer area where the belts overlap. It also incorporates the smaller version of the AustriAlpin Cobra buckle, allowing for quick, secure attachment and easy removal.

Come check out the all of the belt options from HTC, as well as their other new releases, at their pistol bay, SR-22, at the Shot Show Industry Day at the Range. You’ll also have a chance to check out and try pistols from Salient Arms International in HTC gear. HTC will also be at BOOTH # 8103 for SHOT Show with their friends from Renegade Armor. You’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of some other products from our friends from Tactical Walls, Tennessee Arms Company, and Velocity Systems.

HTC to Launch IWB Holster at SHOT Show

Friday, December 19th, 2014

High Threat Concealment has expanded on their existing line of concealment systems, and developed a dedicated line of “Inside-The-Waistband” holsters and mag carriers. The IWB line of holsters adds a higher level of concealment to the HTC lineup that is second to none. The IWB holsters still incorporate the same adjustable tension feature as their outside-the-waistband line of holsters, and they have different options for attachment hardware to give the end-user more flexibility in how they wear their holsters. The user can decide on different options for how they want to carry their holster, such as appendix carry, the strong side, or further back above the wallet. Soon to be released are the IWB line of mag holders. Our IWB mag holders will allow the user to carry an additional mag holder in reserve, without sacrificing the level of concealment they gained with the IWB holster. The IWB mag holder is an ambidextrous, universal design, with custom adjustable tension. It comes with an adjustable soft loop with the durable pull-the-dot fastener to secure the mag in place.

When concealment is a necessity and your life depends on it, there is no other name to trust.

Be sure to stop by the Renegade Armor booth (# 8103) at SHOT Show, and see this new exciting line, as well as the other new releases HTC will be debuting!

Be Sure to Visit High Threat Concealment at SHOT Show

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

This press release and video come from our friends at HTC. Sounds like they’ve got quite show planned for this year’s Las Vegas excursion.

High Threat Concealment is looking forward to seeing their customers, friends, and industry partners at this year’s upcoming SHOT Show and the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range. HTC will have a 25 yard pistol range with their friends from Salient Arms International. Attendees will be able to check out some of the amazing work from Salient Arms, and put their weapons through the paces, all while running HTC’s holsters and gun belt system. HTC and Salient Arms will be debuting some of their new releases for 2015.

Kris “Tanto” Paronto, co-author of the book 13 Hours In Benghazi, member of the CIA Annex security team, and all around American hero, will be hanging out in the HTC/ Salient Arms booth that afternoon to meet with people and sign books, as well as the HTC booth during the show, from 1300 to 1400 each day.

HTC will be in booth # 8103 with their friends from Renegade Armor for the week during the show. Not only will you be able to check out the latest things they’ve been working on, but you’ll also be able to see some of the collaboration they’ve done with their friends from Tactical Walls. You’ll also be able to check out some of the slick new rifles from Tennessee Arms Company, LLC, as well as the new, innovative SCARAB Light Plate Carrier from Velocity Systems in the HTC displays! HTC is going to debut another collaborative project that they’ve been working on with Progressive Force Concepts, Velocity Systems and Victory Tactical Gear.

Parties interested in setting up a private meeting to discuss distribution opportunities, partnerships, or related items, please email Sarah Larsen at Make sure you swing by booth #8103 to say “Hi”, grab one of their new logo patches, and pick up a free sample of Fireclean!

Velocity Systems Scarab Light in Action with HTC

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

High Threat Concealment recently put the Velocity Systems Scarab Light through its paces.


Reports are it was great and worked well with the HTC belt rig.

High Threat Concealment – Low Pro Belt

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

HTC Low Pro Belt

Designed to work with HTC’s Low Profile System and other HTC components, the Low Pro Belt is a 2-piece hybrid belt that consists of a nondescript top grain leather belt front end and a tactical nylon webbing belt. A removable buckle allows the Low Pro Belt to be threaded through the forward most belt loops, obscuring the tactical nature of the belt. The belt is 1.75″ wide and lined with Velcro hook with a matching web underbelt surfaced with Velcro loop. With the underbelt threaded through pant loops, the overbelt can hold equipment and components securely in place without the need for belt keepers and can be easily removed and reattached.

High Threat Concealment – Custom LF-P40 Holster

Thursday, May 15th, 2014


About two years ago at SHOT Show 2013 I received an unexpected gift from my friend, Dave Reeder. At the time, it was a bit of a unicorn, a Legion Firearms LF-P40. It’s a unique .40 cal 1911 variant built specifically for Legion Firearm by STI. It’s a beefy gun with a double stack magazine, and lots of angles. I’ve never had a holster for it, until now.


Today, I was invited to visit High Threat Concealment to check out their recently expanded shop, and they asked me to bring the pistol along. While I was there, they made a custom Kydex holster for the LF-P40. As you can see from the images, the holster is a perfect fit, right down to Legion’s signature honeycomb pattern on the slide.

High Threat Concealment At SOFIC

Monday, May 12th, 2014


Following up on their international release a few weeks ago, High Threat Concealment will be at SOFIC 2014 in Tampa at booth 1849, along with their new industry partner Darley Defense. Stop by the booth and see what HTC has been up to since SHOT Show. Interested dealers can contact Shay at to set up a meeting during the show.

High Threat Concealment Expands Distribution

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Newport News, VA, April 2014 – In a world where being “made” can be a life-ending event, High Threat Concealment™ (HTC™) has set the standard for low visibility tactical equipment. Our system has become standard issue to groups and units whose lives depend on staying off the grid. Being able to operate covertly, yet still effectively react to a threat without compromising your capability is where HTC™ has exceled. For Protective Security Details, Surveillance Teams, SOF units, and individuals operating in non-permissive environments, our Low Profile System™ (LPS™) has become a necessity for professionals looking to lower their tactical signature. The modularity of our system creates a flexible platform that can be adapted to a variety of tactical applications.

HTC™ is now going global. After stepping in to fill the emerging vacuum in the domestic “low visibility” market, we are establishing our International Dealer Program. With our scalable manufacturing capabilities, we are able to fill large purchase orders with minimal lead-times. We are now ready to create and dominate globally in the “low visibility” Market. All international parties interested in becoming dealers are asked to contact: Shay Dortch at:

Be sure to stay tuned for major new announcements on new, innovative products coming to the market in 2014 from High Threat Concealment™.