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ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet

Friday, November 14th, 2014


The ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet is constructed from Hypalon, a synthetic rubber resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet light, and extreme temperatures. This material’s “tackiness” keeps the wallet in the user’s pocket, and will also keep its contents in place. The Hypalon Concealment Wallet is a bi-fold design capable of holding 4-12+ cards, with a rear currency pocket.


Aside from being extremely durable, the Hypalon Concealment Wallet also has two discreetly hidden compartments along the currency pocket, designed to hold physical security tools. These compartments are located on concealed fold-out flaps which blend in with the seam lines from the front wallet interior, and are bisected with stitch lines, forming the individual compartments to store tools.


ITS is offering an optional Wallet Entry Kit as a complement to the hidden compartments featured in the wallet. The kit consists of a selection of tools which are appropriate and functional enough to defeat common pin and tumbler locks, padlocks, multi-wheel combo locks, and escape from multiple methods commonly utilized in illegal restraint, such as commercially available handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape, and rope. Those tools are:

  • (1) Diamond Wire Blade
  • (1) Split-Pawl Handcuff Shim
  • (1) Quick Stick
  • (1) EZ Decoder
  • (1) Ceramic Razor Blade
  • (6) Feet of 188 lb. Test Kevlar Cordage
  • (6) Feet of Stainless-Steel Coated Leader Wire
  • (1) Flat Ti Bogota Entry Single Rake
  • (1) Flat Ti Bogota Entry Triple Rake
  • its-tactical-hypalon-concealment-wallet-13

    ITS is also offering an optional RFID Wallet Sleeve. This sleeve interferes with radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves, disrupting the operation of any electronic device contained within. It is perfectly sized to fit in the rear currency department, and can hold a few credit cards and/or ID cards which utilize RFID technology to transfer data. The RFID Wallet Sleeve features include:

  • 3.75” x 2.75” RFID Blocking Card Sleeve
  • Single Layer of Conductive Silver/Copper/Nickel RoHS Compliant Material
  • Shielding Effectiveness of -70dB in the range of 30 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Interior Conductive Velcro Closure
  • 99.99% Average Signal Attenuation Achieved
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • its-tactical-hypalon-concealment-wallet-5

    The ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet and all optional components are made entirely in the USA from US-made materials. Available in Black, Coyote, and Foliage.

    Prepare Your Wallets for 11.14.14

    Thursday, November 13th, 2014


    ITS Tactical – Mini Survival Kit (MSK)

    Wednesday, October 8th, 2014


    ITS Tactical’s Mini Survival Kit or MSK is a small pocket-sized survival kit that strikes a balance between being minimal and cost efficient while being functional in virtually any survival scenario. The majority of items in the MSK are individually poly-bagged for added water resistance.

    The contents are as follows:

    1x Ferrocerium (Ferro) Rod
    5x Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs
    6x Lifeboat Matches w/ Striker
    1x Fresnel Lens
    1x Mini Signal Mirror
    1x Glow-in-the-Dark Button Compass – Grade AA
    6x Feet of Brass Snare Wire
    6x Feet of 188 lb. Test Kevlar Cordage
    10x Water Purification Tabs
    1x Emergency Water Bag (5” wide x 14” tall)
    1x FRS (Folding Razor Saw)
    1x Steri-Strip R1541 (1/4? x 3? – 3 strips)
    1x Triple Antibiotic Packet
    1x ITS Laser Engraved Logo on Silver Hinged Tin (3 3/4″ x 2 3/8″ x 7/8″)
    1x Dri-Card Desiccant
    6x Inch Strip of Duct Tape
    2x Rigger’s Rubber Bands

    ITS Offers OC Tactical Hearing Protection Covers

    Monday, August 25th, 2014

    ITS Tactical is offering the somewhat elusive Hearing Protection Covers from OC Tactical.


    Made from 1000D Cordura with a Dri-Lex backing for comfort, the Hearing Protection Covers includes a 5” piece of loop VELCRO for attaching your own name tape and small attachment loop for securing your hearing protection to a carabiner, GrimLOC or other point.

    Available in these sizes:

    -Peltor (Fits Earpro With 2? Wide Bands: Comtac, 6S, TacticalPro, Tactical Sport, and Sordin Supreme with Leather Headband.)

    -Sordin Pro x (Fits Sordin with 1.5? Plastic Headband)

    -Howard Leight (Designed Specifically for the Howard Leight Impact Sport)

    Colors include AOR1, AOR2, A-TACS AU and MultiCam.

    ITS Boo Boo Kit

    Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

    Ever consider how many times you’ve gone to the range or a camping trip and just ended a band-aid? Your IFAK is jam packed with tourniquets and hemo static dressing but you can’t stop a simple cut on your finger.


    ITS’ Boo Boo Kit is a full featured , cost efficient pocket First Aid Kit perfect for medical situations that don’t call for something as extreme as a trauma kit.

    The items come in a heavy-duty poly bag, with certain items grouped into additional interior poly bags; two insert cards are included which list contents and have space to fill in emergency contact information.

    ITS Boo Boo Kit Contents

    (1) Triangle Bandage
    (10) Band-Aid (6 Large, 4 Small)
    (2) 3M Steri-Strips
    (2) Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
    (2) Alcohol Prep Pad
    (2) Triple Antibiotic
    (2) Sting Relief Pad
    (2) Burn Jel
    (1) Moleskin (2” x 4” Strip)
    (2) Lip Ointment
    (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Electrolyte (Rehydration)
    (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Ibuprofen (Inflammation, Soreness)
    (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Non-Aspirin (Fevers)
    (2 pkgs. of 1 ea.) Antihistamine (Allergic Reactions)
    (2 pkgs. of 1 ea.) Anti-Diarrheal (Dehydration Prevention)
    (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Aspirin (Heart Attack)

    The Boo Boo Kit can also be ordered with a 3-pack of 4″ x 7″ LOKAK Element Proof Storage Bags for additional storage of components or personal electronics.

    ITS Tactical / Zulu Nylon Gear – Discreet Pillowcase

    Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


    ITS Tactical has partnered up with Zulu Nylon Gear to produce the Discreet Pillowcase. The Discreet Pillowcase is constructed from 500D nylon with a DWR coating to repel moisture. The case utilizes a hook and loop closure system with oversized pull tabs for easy operation with gloved hands. The closure system secures the pillow tightly and prevents debris from entering.

    Dual D rings allow for dummycording of sensitive items like flashlights and NVGs. A grid of elastic loops allow you to mount chem lights, for marking or for use as a reading light. The rear side features a large Velcro loop panel for ID or morale patches, or attaching hook backed accessories.

    Comes in MultiCam, for multi-environment use.

    Sons of Liberty Patch from ITS Tactical

    Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

    Sons of Liberty

    The Sons of Liberty were influential in orchestrating effective resistance movements against British rule in colonial America on the eve of the Revolution, primarily against what they perceived as unfair taxation and financial limitations imposed upon them. The Sons of Liberty effectively undermined British rule, paving the way to America’s independence.

    In 1767 the Sons of Liberty adopted a flag that has often been referred to as the rebellious stripes flag, which features nine vertical stripes (five red and four white.) These nine stripes have been said to represent the Loyal Nine, a clandestine political group that inflamed public opinion of British law and predated the Sons of Liberty.

    A seminal act and lasting legacy of the Sons of Liberty to the history of the American Revolution, was the December 16, 1773 orchestrating of the Boston Tea Party. Some might point out that the echo from the Sons of Liberty can be heard today, as our rights are being encroached upon and our Constitution attacked. Not a flag of distress or of war, but one of defiance, one that was used in the face of such tyranny.

    The ITS Tactical Sons of Liberty Flag PVC Morale Patch measures 2″ x 1″ and features hook velcro on the back.

    ITS Tactical Releases New Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit

    Saturday, January 5th, 2013

    ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Tallboy 01

    The Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit and Pouch are the newest additions to the ITS Medical line up and have been in development for over a year with Haley Strategic and Zulu Nylon Gear. Taking the principles of their proven ETA Trauma Kit Pouch, they refined a few features and developed an additional horizontal mounting method.

    ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Fatboy 01

    The original ETA Trauma Kit Pouches, now dubbed the “Fatboy” share the refined sewn and color-matched webbing pull handle with removable red Velcro One-Wrap to denote medical components. With a simple pull on the handle, the pouch quickly filets open to provide immediate access to your medical components without delay.

    ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Tallboy 14

    The Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouch moves from the wider three column PALS/MOLLE mounting of the Fatboy to a slim two-column mount, taking up no more real estate than a double mag pouch.

    ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Tallboy 11

    They’ve also re-packed their kits to fit in the new Tallboy configuration and you now have the option of ordering Fatboy or Tallboy Trauma Kits. While the new Tallboy vacuum sealed kits will fit in most double mag pouches, they highly recommend a dedicated pouch like the Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouch, or ensuring a proper visual indicator for medical equipment is affixed.

    ITS ETA Trauma Kit - Tallboy Fatboy Combo 01

    Along those lines, all of the ETA Trauma Kit Pouches, both Fatboy and Tallboy, now come with a Med PVC Patch included. With the new Tallboy pouches, they’ve also included extra short MALICE clips in addition to the set of tall clips.

    ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Tallboy 15

    This ensures you can mount the new Tallboy pouch in any configuration you need to, both horizontally or vertically. MOLLE/PALS aside, you can also thread the short MALICE Clips in a horizontal configuration to easily affix the Tallboy pouch to a standard belt. A battle belt can be used for proper MOLLE/PALS mounting, but isn’t required.

    ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Tallboy 03

    Skeletonized Bottle Holder from ITS Tactical Now Available

    Friday, November 16th, 2012

    If you use Liberty Bottleworks bottles or other, similar bottles then you know that there isn’t currently a good way to carry them let alone something that is adaptable to a wide variety of belts and platforms. That is, until now.


    First off, it’s Made in America. Second, it’s received a slight name change from the original. You see, the new Skeletonized Bottle Holder began its life as the Modular Skeletonized Container Sling. Designed and manufactured by ITS Tactical and Zulu Nylon Gear, we initially mentioned it during Summer OR when it was initially debuted, but now it’s available for purchase.


    It incorporates a lightweight minimalist (2.7 oz!) design that features true one-handed operation, full adjustment to handle any container size and mounting to either MOLLE/PALS, or a standard belt.


    The Skeletonized Bottle Holder features double-layer webbing as well as a HDPE stiffener for structure and support. They’ve also created a textured pull-tab for a non-slip grip with adjustable shock cord retention to facilitate one-handed container deployment and accommodate any bottle neck size.


    The Skeletonized Bottle Holder features a fully-adjustable system in both width and height that can handle multiple container styles and diameters. Using the included PALS attachment system, it can be mounted virtually anywhere, including most any belt size with a simple configuration of the mounting strap.


    A short list of compatible bottle designs include Liberty Bottles (both 32 oz and 20 oz), Nalgenes, Klean Kanteens, GI Canteens, Guinness Cans and even plastic water bottles. Available in MultiCam, Coyote Brown and Black.



    Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

    Thanks to a mutual friend with ITS Tactical, we just found out that South Florida UAV manufacturer, United Drones is using the ITS Tactical logo on one of its products. See below.

    What do you think? In our opinion, ITS has worked hard to establish that icon as a source of recognition. Its use by United Drones is uncool. ITS Tactical has asked them to stop, to no avail. Hopefully, this next round of legal pressure will get United Drones to stop.

    Thanks BH