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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Realistic Bite Sleeve

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Developed through military working dog and law enforcement K-9 subject matter expert collaboration comes the second installment from the K2 Solutions, Inc. (K2) – FirstSpear (FS) Joint Tactical Canine Line. The Realistic Bite Sleeve “RBS” was developed to provide a truly realistic finishing touch on aggression training for canines. “We sought to create a two-part finishing sleeve with an outer layer that mimics human flesh texture during a canine bite. The system is ergonomic and low-profile to accommodate a range of training circumstances, including wearing the system under a dress shirt or jacket for hidden training.” – Dr. Heidi Alvey, K2 Solutions

The RBS seeks to bridge capability gaps that currently exist in status quo bite training. Most bite sleeves are too bulky for concealment. Others are made of material such as jute that does not provide a truly realistic training scenario, which can reduce canine effectiveness on target due to hesitation. Other silicone products require the trainer to attach additional appendages to a sleeve, which limits training scenarios, eliminating realistic concealment, and may confuse a canine. The RBS provides the canine an authentic human skin texture when biting the actual forearm region, while reducing the circumference of the target. This allows for a full-mouth bite – the bite that a trainer expects from their canine.

“We are excited to work with K2 Solutions on this all new bite sleeve and look forward to seeing how this type of training application will evolve between K2 and FS in the future.” – Ronnie Fowlkes, VP Business Development, FirstSpear.

The K2-FirstSpear Realistic Bite Sleeve System is comprised of an outer silicone “skin” paired with an inner leather based sleeve. The skin is a proprietary prosthetic-grade silicone product that looks and feels like human flesh. It has an internal mesh support system for resilience. The inner sleeve is a low-profile bite platform constructed from two layers of 4 oz split cowhide to allow for a full mouth bite. Two adjustable straps allow a custom fit for any trainer. The RBS is the ultimate finishing product for canine aggression training designed to ensure your canine is conditioned for real bites in the field. Kevlar inner sleeve available based on training requirements, call for pricing. Patent Pending.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – FirstSpear / K2 Solutions Ergonomic Canine Vest

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

For this week’s Friday Focus, we’re taking a look at a collaborative product of FirstSpear and K2 Solutions: the ECV or Ergonomic Canine Vest.


After two years of internal research and development, K2 and FirstSpear are pleased to roll out the first product in their joint tactical canine line. The K2-FirstSpear Ergonomic Canine Vest was designed by K2’s military working dog Veterinarian to allow for uninhibited stride and shoulder movement. Within the working dog industry, canine vests are used to carry communication devices, GPS and surveillance systems, medical kits, battery packs, and more. Current vest and harness designs tend to be heavy and only focus on load bearing capacity and equipment requirements. However, the handler must account for the payload’s impact on the working dog’s musculoskeletal system, mental and physical health, and performance longevity to maximize mission success.


Current vests and harnesses mimic human backpacks, where the main stabilization elements place majority of the load burden on the shoulders and scapulae of the canine. However, the canine skeletal system lacks a collar bone, contrary to humans, making shoulder-bearing loads prohibitive for performance. A canine’s forearms are connected to their body by a girdle of muscle, soft tissue, and skin. Vests designed to place the load on the canine’s shoulders and scapulae are inherently flawed for canine use and drastically impede the full range of motion of the canine forelimb. This severely impacts performance, muscle and joint health, and can result in injury or premature degradation of the canine musculoskeletal system. Moreover, effective equipment weight distribution must account for the canine’s stride and weight shifting in multiple directions simultaneously during patrol.


The Ergonomic Canine Vest is equipped with FirstSpear’s proven patent pending ultra-light 6/12 technology that drastically reduces weight when compared to standard MOLLE style vests and is fully compatible with FirstSpear’s lightweight 6/12 pockets as well as legacy MOLLE style pockets. The 6/12 field extends the entire height and length of the lateral midline, providing you with maximum position options for custom integration of your mission-specific equipment and sensors. The incorporated “Y” strap on the chest also places the main stabilizing anchor of the vest mid-sternum, as opposed to on the forelimbs seen with competing vests. The firm but cushioned ventral padding rests securely on the thorax and the dorsal region is equipped with loop on the upper and lower surfaces to allow for integration of custom K2-FirstSpear tactical canine accessories.

The ECV is the first of many revolutionary new products FirstSpear and K2 have developed to better serve the warfighter and law enforcement officer. Look out for more professional canine and handler products in the coming months. Pre-order now with Summer 2016 delivery.

www.first-spear.com – Ergonomic Canine Vest