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Kryptek Announces Camouflage Technologies Division

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Kryptek is proud to publicly announce its “Camouflage Technologies” division evolving from the expertise gained during the infamous U.S. Army Camo Improvement solicitation.

Kryptek Camouflage Technologies (KCT) provides passive concealment solutions that are customized specific to region, environment, and organization. KCT dovetails with Kryptek’s combat apparel capabilities allowing a complete turnkey solution for units, organizations and countries that desire functional and effective uniforms while gaining separation and advantage from legacy camouflage options that have saturated various Areas of Operations.

Building on Kryptek’s extensive government tested and proven family of camouflage, KCT’s new array of patterns is much broader with numerous variants to their Macro and Micro pattern assortments. Kryptek’s designers and engineers work closely with end users customizing the camouflage to ensure the best possible solution for the area and environment of intended use.

As well as providing functional concealment options, KCT also addresses the psychological aspect of camouflage. “When used for combat or counter terror operations, the need to ‘Identify Friend or Foe,’ or IFF, is becoming more and more of a concern as legacy patterns now saturate the Market and are easily obtained. Kryptek has reached a point in its life-cycle where it can provide combat apparel options that are customized for units, while controlling the fabric printing process thereby enhancing the security of the program for the end user,” says Butch Whiting, Kryptek Outdoor Group CEO.

KCT delivers a unique approach to obtaining combat apparel. Rather than just licensing or selling a pattern to an interested consumer, a complete package option is developed specifically to accommodate the end user. This approach provides the consumer with an agile, specific and precise way to equip units and organizations based on their specialized needs.

“Apparel Programs with various Coalition Special Operations units have been underway with KCT for the past two years,” says Josh Cleghorn, President of Kryptek Outdoor Group. “These programs have fallen in line with initiatives we have developed for Special Operations units here in the U.S. When you couple our premium combat apparel collection with our KCT capabilities, you truly have a unique option, especially for foreign organizations that are less bureaucratic and want to move relatively rapidly.”

KCT has developed more than 20 never-before-seen camouflage patterns. Each pattern provides a unique option with limitless color variations among each pattern. To view these new and exclusive camo patterns in person, please contact Kryptek at for an appointment at SHOT show booth #3648.

Kryptek Knee Pad

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

As Kryptek works on their new tactical line, they’ve introduced some new technologies from several materials suppliers. For example, this bi-component kneepad which was developed under a cooperation between Vibram and D3O. Vibram is now working as D3O’s Berry partner to manufacture their shock absorbing foams here in the US.

Here, you can see how the Vibram kneecap is applied to the trouser. The D3O pad is placed in a pocket in the knee of the trouser.

Here is the reverse of the two knee pad components.


The Cat’s Out Of The Bag On The Kryptek Plate Carrier

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

At the recent Enforce Tac show in Nürnberg, Germany, I had the opportunity to check out Kryptek’s new tactical line of clothing and equipment which was on display in Precision Tecnhnic Defense’s stand. One of the items is a new lightweight plate carrier which joins the line of PALS compatible pouches they released earlier this year. As it was a prototype, they were not yet ready for me to share it with the world. However, German blog Strategie Technik shared a photo of the carrier.

It is extremely lightweight with integrated Admin Pouch at the upper chest along with three magazine pouches.  However, they mentioned that the integrated Admin Pouch would be removed to make way for PALS compatibility in that space. You may also spy Tubes connectors on this carrier which have been licensed from FirstSpear.  You’ll also notice a radio pouch attached to the cummerbund. My favorite feature is the rigid opening on the ammo pouches which make it much easier to replace magazines one-handed.

IWA – Kryptek Altitude

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

American camouflage brand Kryptek exhibited their new Altitude series. Designed for hunting above the tree line, the Altitude pattern has been applied to several high end clothing items.

Seen here is the Takur jacket and pant which are made from Schoeller c-change laminate.  Also available are base layers, softshells, insulation and accessories.

Enforce Tac – Winkler Knives Now Available With Kryptek Design Handle

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Winkler Knives has been working with Kryptek to introduce laser cut handles in the Kryptek camouflage geometry. Seen here is the Legacy Combat Axe and the Belt Knife with glassbreaker.


These are available from Winkler Knives or through Kryptek.

Enforce Tac – Kryptek Combat Puffy

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Kryptek has developed a new line of Berry compliant clothing for military and LE customers. One item is this 1/4 zip Combat Puffy which is intended to be worn with armor. Insulated with PrimaLoft, it has an FR body which will be printed in the production version. Additionally, the hood will be stowable or removable. The sleeve pockets have front entry zippers as well as flaps with Velcro and quiet snaps. The Velcro can be covered for Stealth.


Precision Technic Defence represents Kryptek’s tactical line in Europe.

Kryptek Launches Pouch Line

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Today, Kryptek is formally launching a line of load carriage pouches.

There’s a wide variety of pouches available, with the photo depicting just a few examples. They are PALS compatible and offered in Highlander, Mandrake and Typhon.

SHOT Show 17 – Kryptek Fleece Anorak

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Kryptek had quite a few new items for 2017 but by the time I was able to check them out, they had already shipped the tactical clothing home. However, I did see this Fleece Anorak and I love anoraks. Insulated with PrimaLoft, it’s water and wind proof and incorporates a chest mounted hand warmer pocket along with drawstring waist and hem.  Looking forward to picking one up.