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SHOT Show 2018 – Troy Industries / Lead Faucet Tactical

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

At the Troy Industries booth, the full line of accessories they developed with Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical were on display.


The LFT Brokos Brace is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum. At 2″ long, the Brokos Brace is deliberately sized a bit larger than many stubby handstops, so there’s plenty of purchase to secure the brace against barriers and other platforms. M-LOK compatible.


The LFT 360 Sling Mount is designed to mount directly to M-LOK slots, rather than attach to a QD slot. It to provides 360 degrees of rotation with a mounted sling, for snag free use in a variety of shooting and carrying positions.


The LFT Flashlight Mount was is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum. It was designed to mount extremely close to the rail for better weapon control. The mount can also be reversed so the light can be used in tandem with a laser. The LFT Flashlight Mount comes in two sizes: small for mounting a SureFire E-Series light, and Large for most lights with a 1″ diameter.



Visit leadfaucettactical.com

Monday, December 4th, 2017


Lead Faucet Tactical was founded by Dan Brokos when he retired from Special Forces. His new website not only showcases hsi training offerings, but also gives you a sneak peek of some new products he’ll be releasing after the new year.


This Is Happening

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, it’s two tastes that go great together.


I for one, can’t wait.

Whiskey 5: Lead Faucet Tactical

Saturday, July 29th, 2017


Lead Faucet Tactical (LFT) is a training and tactical gear company located in Pinehurst, NC operating throughout the United States. LFT was founded by SGM(R) Daniel Brokos. Brokos has 26 years of service and 21 years in the SF community. A vast majority of Brokos SF time has been with Crisis Response Force that specializing in DA and the skills of advanced marksmanship and CQB. Brokos has had only 2 breaks from being operational. He has served as the NCOIC for SF advanced marksmanship and CQB course and as the Company SGM for the SF sniper course and aforementioned Advanced marksmanship/CQB course. Brokos and all his Instructors were Senior Leaders somewhere throughout the SOF community.

Lead Faucet Tactical (LFT) offers relevant and realistic gunfighting in a variety of courses focusing around fighting with your carbine and pistol day and night. They offer several shooting and CQB courses for LE, Military and Civilians to increase shooting performance or as Brokos puts it “Take the thinking out of fighting”.

LFT has teamed up with Troy Industries and Moser Machine Works for weapon accessories. LFT will be offering several Carbine and Pistol accessories developed over years of experience. Brokos says there was several times he was handed the wrong piece of kit for the job, and wants to make sure guys have good relevant accessories.


Brokos is the creator of the “Brokos Belt “currently sold by TYR Tactical, VTAC and 5:11. LFT has a couple unique options for this belt coming out, as well as some interesting fabric technology in there 2 Carbine slings. LFT has teamed up with Tom Fuller of Armageddon Gear for these tactical products.

Brokos will also be contributing as a free-lance writer for The Enthusiasts Network and Iain Harrison. Look for articles in upcoming issues of Recoil, Recoil concealment and Recoil Off-grid. Also look for training videos on Recoil TV.

LFT was founded in May 2017 by Dan Brokos, training is up and running, products available Nov 2017.


LFT HQ’s will be based out of Pinehurst, NC. It’s a small shop for receiving and packaging of products. Its HQs should be easily recognized by the trail of brass leading into the door. It will be an occasional stop for Brokos to check emails, drink a beer and tell the LFT assistant “Juice to do her job. LFT primary HQs will be on a range somewhere throughout the US.

LFT Mission Statement: impart others with relevant knowledge revolving around the employment of your weapons in a variety of realistic training venues.

Brokos believes deployments and combat count but experience and being an Instructor in the military is more tangible than deployments alone. The fact Brokos has Taught and wrote POIs for over 208 Green Berets a year; for several years is the foundation of LFT. Brokos believes since he is retired and will miss the SF mission sets and training, he wants to share and impart on others. He believes the knowledge gained in shooting and CQB from himself, peers and subordinates over the past 26 years has a place in LFT library. The end goal for LFT is for Brokos to pass along his experience and knowledge primarily through training courses, products, articles in recoil line of magazines, and training videos for recoil TV. As Brokos says, “everything is a rehearsal for something.”