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Check Out The Arc’teryx LEAF 2015 Line At SHOT Show

Thursday, December 18th, 2014


Believe it or not, many of the new 2015 LEAF products are in this photo. I’ve seen them first hand and I’m impressed. If you’ll be at SHOT, be sure to check them out in booth #10526. If not, keep an eye out for our live coverage from the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, January 19-23, 2015.

Atom LT Hoody from Arc’teryx LEAF

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

I was walking around an REI yesterday during a visit to Phoenix, AZ and couldn’t believe how many winter jackets were on the floor and then I realized we’re halfway through September and Winter will be here soon for many SSD readers.


Serendipity or not, Arc’teryx LEAF just released a video of the revised Atom LT hoody that they unveiled during January’s SHOT Show. The video gives you a great look a the features of this jacket.

I’ve owned an Atom LT for years. It’s remained my go to Insulation layer and I can wear it alone without a shell most of the time in my home area of the Tidewater of Virginia. It gets cold, wet and windy but the Atom LT keeps me very comfortable. I’ve long said that the Atom LT remains the best value for the Arc’teryx LEAF customer and if you can only afford one piece, this is the one to buy.


The Atom LT consists of three main materials. The 60g Coreloft insulation that keeps you toasty, Gossamera™ fabric softshell that is both comfortable and quiet and the Polartec® Power Stretch® underarm side panels that offer stretch and breathability while on the move. These components all work together to offer a jacket that’s not only comfortable but also looks great.


To sum up the updates to the Atom LT from earlier models:
-Two large hand pockets with media ports to allow for internal routing of communications cables; one internal chest pocket
-Vertically routed hem drawcord minimizes interference with duty belt

I prefer the hoody model but LEAF also offers a standard jacket version without a hood as well as the heavier SV model which incorporates 100g weight Coreloft for additional insulation.

Available in Black, Crocodile and Wolf sizes Small – XXLarge. Sizing is generous enough to layer.

Arc’teryx LEAF – Honing The Sharp Edge Of Excellence in 2014

Thursday, December 19th, 2013


See the 2014 line from Arc’teryx LEAF at SHOT Show booth # 10526, Jan 14-17, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Arc’teryx LEAF Softshells

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Arc’teryx LEAF offers several softshell jacket options. There’s the Combat Jacket, Minotaur, Drac and the old classic, the Bravo Jacket. Each is different in order to suit different needs.

Combat Jacket

Tweave® Durastretch® fabric
Features a heavy softshell and can be used as an alternative to a Level 5 jacket
Two zippered hand pockets, Two chest pockets with laminated zippers and Two sleeve pockets with Velcro® patches on sleeves as well as Pit Zips
Available in Crocodile and MultiCam

Minotaur Jacket

Features sightly insulated WINDSTOPPER® fabric
Incorporates Two high-volume hand pockets with zips, Two sleeve pockets with Velcro® patches on sleeves and Pit Zips
Available in Crocodile and Wolf Grey

Drac Jacket

Features Burly™ Double Weave
Two zippered hand pockets and Two sleeve pockets with Velcro® patches on sleeves as well as Pit Zips
Larger waist for layering
Available in Crocodile and Wolf Grey

Bravo Jacket

This the original LEAF softshell, it features a clean look
Featuring Fortius 3.0™ stretch softshell
Internal chest pocket and Two high-volume hand pockets with zips
Available in Black, Crocodile and Wolf Grey

Pre-order Now – TD Exclusive Arc’teryx LEAF Naga Hoodie in Wolf/Black

Friday, November 8th, 2013


I’ve been drooling over the sample in the Tactical Distributors office every time I go in for a visit so I am super stoked to see that they are finally available for pre-order. Featuring a Wolf Grey torso, the sleeves are Black. Each one is numbered in the collar from 001-300. With only 300 made, these special two-tone Naga Hoodies will go quick.

Remember, these are athletic cut when ordering, sizes Small – XXLarge.

DSEi – Arc’teryx LEAF

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

We’ve pretty much covered all of Arc’teryx LEAF’s current offerings but one thing caught my eye.

The Khard series of packs were designed from the outset to accept organizers and inserts. But so far, I’ve never seen anything like this. Outside of Vancouver, there is only one place that is allowed to repair Arc’teryx items and that is Urs Maretz of Outdoor Repair in Uster, Switzerland. Urs doesn’t do many LEAF repairs but he does make modifications to gear for European customers. This is one of his projects.


Urs produced this prototype Kydeyx pack board insert. In its current form it’s come a bit of a way from this initial model but it still incorporates slots for tied downs. In this case they are using ski ties. The insert connects around the internal daisy chains via a bolt system so this thing isn’t going anywhere. You may also notice a Kydex 40mm insert that accepts 6 rounds.

I think this concept is going to spur a new wave of inserts for the Khard pack.

Arc’teryx LEAF products are available in the UK from Edgar Brothers.

Khyber Packs from Arc’teryx LEAF – Load Carriage Equipment for Special Reconaissance

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Released at SHOT Show, the Khyber packs from Arc’teryx LEAF are offered in 50l and 80l sizes. These lightweight packs are designed for use as recce packs. Tactical Fanboy is using a Khyber 80 during next week’s Mountain Problem Solver Course by Haley Strategic Partners. We are looking forward to his report.

Khyber 80

• Clean streamlined design and full integrated features
• Constructed with extremely durable 500D Cordura fabric
• Lightweight: 1.8kg / 63oz for Khyber 50 and 2.2kg / 78oz for Khyber
• Available in standard LEAF colors of Crocodile and Urban Wolf Grey as well as MultiCam

Shots of the New LBX Pouch Loadout Inserts for the Arc’teryx LEAF Khard Pack

Monday, February 11th, 2013

LBX - Oh The Possibilities

Coming soon from LBX, these new Pouch Loadout Inserts were developed for the for the Arc’teryx LEAF Khard series of packs. In case you missed their debut at SHOT Show, you can review here.

LBX - Oh The Possibilities

At last count there were 37 individual inserts with more on the way.

LBX - Oh The Possibilities

Arc’teryx Launches the Khard Pack

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Below is what Arc’teryx has to say about their new Khard Pack. It’s been referred to as a Load Carrying Solution and it is, but it’s a pack. And a very good one.

Khard 30

Named after a high mountain pass in the Himalayas, Arc’teryx LEAF draws on its alpine roots of efficient high performance equipment with the distinctive Khard Pack.

A streamlined communications specialist, medic or breacher’s bag, the Khard is a fully padded single compartment pack. Full U-zip closure opens from the top, side or unzips completely to reveal interior composite panels lined with Velcro loops and daisy chains that allow versatile pouch/radio configurations or camera equipment storage.

Available in 30L and 45L sizes, the Khard design includes side pockets with hydration ports that have the capacity to carry 3L of bottled water, in addition to an extended top lid compartment for extra volume items accessible during direct action.

Radically light in weight C2 composite construction suspension system holds load tight and close to the body, avoiding shifts in weight to conserve energy. Velcro One-Wrap cable/hose management system keeps bag streamlined.

Clean form, minimalist technical construction and details are applied with intelligence to the bag’s field applications as an assault pack. Support stays are removable and can be shaped for custom fitting over gear. Available in solid colour premium quality low reflective air-textured 500D Cordura or MultiCam 500D Cordura 6,6 balanced weave textiles that are hard wearing and weatherproof.

Providing a gateway to transfer an Arc’teryx heritage of alpinism, the Khard Pack simplifies storage, protects equipment and introduces a low profile, comfortable weight carry suspension into the field.

I’ve been using a Khard 30 for a couple of months now and here are the things I really like about it. First off, it’s very comfortable. It’s essentially a small mountaineering pack and the two aluminum staves can be curved to the shape of your back if needed. My fit was great right out of the box. Additionally, the shoulder straps are an ergonomic cut yet low profile so you don’t notice them.

Khard 30 pack

Recognizing its mountain roots, as you can see, it’s a very streamlined design. There aren’t a bunch of outside pockets are PALS webbing all over the thing. Instead there a couple of runs of simple daisy chain webbing running vertically down the pack which can be used to lash on additional gear when needed.

K30 Side Pocket

While they don’t cream at you, the Khard integrates four additional pockets. Two long zippered pockets sit along each side of the pack along with two pockets in the lid. The side pockets will accept 3l water reservoirs and feature hydration ports at the top.

K30 Open

The Khard features a zipper with dual slides that reaches around 90% of the long, beavertail flap which allows it to open fully in order to use the bag as a panel loader. This feature, combined with the internal pile attachment sections allows you to configure the Khard for a wide variety of tasks such as recce, comms, medical, and breaching. Interestingly, they added an ingenious compression strap feature that will stop you from opening the zipper completely. This allows you to use the Khard as a top loader for most transient tasks.

K30 Zipper

The pack is lightweight (49.3 oz for the Khard 30) yet features more body than most packs. This is due to the foam construction which has an interesting side effect. Not only does it protect the contents of the pack but it also gives the Khard enough body that it will stand upright without being propped.

It is a mountaineering pack so it is narrow along the back (making it great for use in confined spaces) and has an overall low profile. You don’t want to carry a lot on the mountains. Yet, I was also amazed at how much I could stuff into the Khard. I would have it filled up and then try to stuff a jacket into it and it would take it, so long as I let the side compression straps out.

I found one final design feature most welcome. There are three haul straps located at the top and one per side on the Khard which greatly increase the versatility of this pack. Say for instance, you want to alter your appearance. You take off the pack and carry it suitcase style. It also makes it much easier to travel with.


If there’s one thing I’m not in love with it’s the simple seatbelt style waist strap. The pack wears so well on the back that the waist strap just seemed to get in the way when I first wore it. But, it’s easily stowed out of the way or removed completely for the more hardcore who are counting ounces. On the Khard 45 above you may notice removable hip pods. These can alos be added to the 30L.

The Wolf Grey looks great and allowed me to move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea. The design is most definitely complemented by this color which makes for an ultra low profile EDC option. Sleek and mild mannered on the outside. Yet, once you open it up, it can be configured for virtually any task at hand thanks to the pile fields which accept the hook-backed pouches of your choice.


Available in 30 and 45 liter options, the Khard is offered in Arc’teryx standard colors of Crocodile and Wolf Grey as well as MultiCam.

Buy American and Save

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Buy American and save you say? Impossible? Not if you’re purchasing a Berry Compliant Arc’teryx LEAF combat jacket from Mission Ready Equipment.


MRE is offering the US made softshell LEAF Combat Jacket in MultiCam at an astonishing $200 off! Instead of $599, you pay $399. Available in Med – XXL, supplies are limited.