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LWRCI’s 50 State Compliant Rifle Demonstrator

Monday, January 20th, 2014

At SHOT Show, LWRCI showed me an interesting new carbine demonstrator. It looks like their standard IC-style carbine with a 10 round magazine peeking out from the mag well. But then I noticed that there is no magazine release.

photo 1

Turns out, it features a 10 round, spring loaded, fixed magazine, you grasp the bottom of the magazine and pull until the bullet-shaped loading gate aligns. Then you can feed ammunition into the magazine to top it off. When you are done, you release the magazine and it automatically closes under spring pressure.

photo 2

This is still a concept demonstrator and not yet ready for primetime but it’s good to see industry developing rifles for every segment of the market; even those who live in areas with restrictive gun laws. When the latest wave of legislation was proposed last year, I knew that someone would analyze the laws and begin to work on technologies that accommodate them, yet allow the user to continually top off the magazine and in a for factor we all know and love, the Stoner AR platform.

I was so impressed with the concept that, during SHOT Show, I mentioned this rifle when asked by others what I had seen that was cool. Many in industry were intrigued with the idea and supported the notion. In fact, I was so struck by the rifle that I uncharacteristically shot and posted a quick video on the demonstrator to the SSD Facebook page. However, I was quite dismayed by the reaction from the readers. I noticed industry fans liked the rifle. Many, disappointingly, were outraged by LWRCI’s development of the rifle which they felt was an act of capitulation to laws they don’t agree with. Some mentioned that LWRCI should spend their money on legal action, opposing prohibitive gun legislation. Apparently, they don’t realize how much money the firearms industry pours into organizations that lobby for your gun rights.

I cannot explain this upside down attitude that would rather leave citizens without guns, than offer them something that complies with these laws. The attitude reminds of a spoiled child who won’t accept something unless they get it the way they want it. I find it to be a defeatist attitude that eschews resistance via innovation in favoring hunkering down awaiting change via legislation or the court system, or worse yet, abandoning areas with restrictive gun laws altogether. Naturally, the issue must be confronted via the middle path, with a balance of adaption during periods of prohibition combined with legislative and legal actions including education, lobbying, and court challenges.

Whether you agree with their LWRCI’s actions on a philosophical level, you have to admit that it is an innovative approach and I hope that it spurs more innovation industry-wide.


Friday, January 17th, 2014

LWRCi’s long awaited Six8 platform is now available but in a bigger way than I had expected. As you may recall it is dedicated to the improved 6.8mm round which was developed with ATK for an overseas contract. It is a 90grain Gold dot projectile at 1700 fps out of the UICW’s 8.5″ barrel.

Their Six8A2 is an entry level gun. It features ambi controls and a quad rail. Next, is the SPR which is similar to their IC platform developed for the US Army Individual Carbine competition. It features a mono forged upper receiver as well as ambi controls. The Limited Edition Razorback model is the same as the SPR but features a laser engraved razorback and comes with 500 rounds of ammo. There is also the Six8 UICW that was sold overseas under contract and they are working on a PDW variant.

Remember, these use proprietary magazines developed specifically for the gun by Magpul but LWRCi tells me these are available.

Six8 SPR



Six8 Razorback




Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


LWRCi is always cooking up something but the news this time is that all rifles will now come equipped with their OEM compact buttstock as seen on this 8.5″ IC-PSD (Individual Carbine, Personnel Security Detail) carbine. There is also an Ultracompact System that includes a shortened receiver extension, spring and stock.



Did You Rely On Your Rifle Today?

Monday, July 29th, 2013

What do you think of this new video from LWRCI?

LWRCI Shares SGN Article on their Six8

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012


LWRCI has shared a great ShotGun News article by David Fortier on their UCIW Six8.

Check it out.

LWRCI Improves Bolt Carrier

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Not ones to sit on their laurels, LWRCI is constantly looking at their weapons and determining ways to improve reliability and streamline the manufacturing process. Their most recent modification is a switch from a two piece bolt carrier with a dovetailed key to a one piece carrier. This enhancement has allowed LWRCI to reduce the number of parts necessary to build their weapons. In addition, there are now no screws to come loose (an extremely rare situation) and no staking is necessary. The initial units shipped with recent M6A3 weapons, but this modification has begun to trickle down to the M6A2 models. In the very near future, LWRCI will also offer an upgrade path for individuals who wish to discontinue use of their two piece carriers. In order to upgrade to the new carrier, a customer would also need to order a new operating rod as the rod was lengthened slightly in order to accommodate the new carrier design.

LWRCI Improved Bolt Carrier

In addition to the transition to a one piece carrier, LWRCI has introduced a few other upgrades in the not so distant past. First off, instead of using a phosphate or a standard hard nickel finish on the carriers, LWRCI is now applying a Nickel Boron treatment. This treatment is of benefit to the end user in a couple of different areas. For starters, the Nickel Boron has improved lubricity over other standard finishes and has a noticeably slicker feel to the surface. Secondly, the Nickel Boron allows for easier cleaning of the carrier. Along with the Nickel Boron, LWRCI has also incorporated an Over the Beach modification in the form of longitudinal cuts in the pad found on the tail of their carriers. This allows quicker draining of water from within the upper receiver when the weapon has been submerged. The OTB modification actually allows the LWRCI to be fired once the weapon has broken the plane of the water.

LWRCI's One Piece Bolt Carrier

It is this sort of attention to detail and forward thinking proven reliability, that has allowed the LWRCI M6A2 to be recently approved by the DEA.

LWRCI weapons and uppers can be sourced directly from LWRCI, Amendment Arms and various other resellers.