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New Products From Magpul

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

MAG608 M-LOK Hand Stop Kit 1
M-LOK Hand Stop Kit

The M-LOK Hand Stop Kit is a lightweight, low-profile index point for improved weapon control, or as a forward stop to prevent the shooter from touching the hot front sight assembly or muzzle. Included with the kit is the Hand Stop, an M-LOK index panel, an M-LOK Rail Cover Type 2, as well as an M-LOK Hand Stop MOE adapter.

Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab, and Stealth Gray. Made in U.S.A.

MAG617 M-LOK Tape Switch Mounting Plate Mood
M-LOK Tape Switch Mounting Plate

The M-LOK Tape Switch Mounting Plate is designed to attach SureFire ST pressure pads on M-LOK compatible forends. Made from polymer, the Mounting Plate is lightweight and rugged. The plate’s low-profile design allows users more mounting options without interfering with other equipment, and it features rounded and beveled edges for a snag-free design.

MAG617 M-LOK Tape Switch Mounting Plate

Available in Black. Made in U.S.A.

Magpul Rocks The Tartan

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

and you can too…

Classic Plaid Trucker Hat

SHOT Show – Magpul’s New 700 Short Action Magwell

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

In addition to the new stock for the Remington 700 short action, Magpul also introduced a box magazine retrofit kit that fits their stock as well as OEM stocks.


It’s a simple swap. You remove the factory bottom metal insert and replace it with this kit. Designed to work with AICS pattern, short action magazines. This kit also includes the new Magpul PMAG 5 AC which just happens to be Magpul’s new polymer, Accuracy International pattern mag.

Magpul Introduces New MagazIne Color – Sand

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

With the advent of the M3 magazine, Magpul decided to give you any color of magazine you wanted, as long as it was Black. Since then, they’ve been working on their materials and with this new Sand color, they are introducing a new material solution that will hold up to the rigors of use with firearms. Not only is it stronger than the current Black material but it can also be dyed to other colors or even distinctive designs and camouflage patterns.


We’re introducing a new color to our line. This color, officially named “Sand”, is as much an overall material development as it is a color development. “Sand” is a light, “non-black” color that closely matches some of the lighter tones in popular military camouflage patterns as well as many environments on the current battlefield. In addition to being less significant in the IR spectrum and ideal for many desert environments, this new material has several other meaningful benefits.

This new Sand colored material shares many of the properties and components of our latest black material. Endurance, reliability, chemical resistance, stability, and other parameters are exactly the same. The main difference, due to some proprietary developments in composition, is strength. The GEN M3 AR/M4 PMAG is extremely resilient in black. However, as tough as our basic black material is, the Sand material is even stronger. We’ve seen very significant increases in feed lip drop and other rough handling tests from -60F to 180F—to an extent that it made our initial results hard to believe. Similar proportional increases in the other magazines in our line have been seen in our testing. With this increase in drop strength, we still see the resiliency that makes the PMAG what it is—Feed geometry does not change, unlike metal or softer polymer magazines—and so reliable feeding is not affected by this punishment.

In addition to its physical properties, the color of the Sand material was chosen for another reason. It serves as a perfect foundation for water-based dye processes to change the color of the material or add camouflage patterns without adding surface thickness or scratching off with use. You can see some of the results of a few minutes with common RIT dye and cellophane wrap in the inset photo. If paint is the desired method of camouflage, “Sand” forms a great basis for this also. Dyed magazines can serve as the base for additional paint pattern options.

Expect to see the new “Sand” material making its way through our magazine line very quickly. We’ll have some video tutorials about using dye and paint to change the appearance of this material coming soon.

Check out this new magazine color as well as the entire line of Magpul products on their newly updated website.

Magpul Launches New Website

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


In addition to a new look, it also features the full line of new products for 2015. What do you think?

Sneak Peek – EGL HickenLoop Pouch for 2 x Magpul D60 Magazines

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

As soon as Extreme Gear Labs saw the new 60 round D60 magazine unveiled earlier this week by Magpul they knew they had to make a pouch for it.


This is the first go around. Expect it to be refined as the magazines hit the streets.

Magpul Keeps the Hits Coming with the Release of GLOCK Magazines

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

The PMAG 17 GL9 is a 17 round Glock 9mm handgun magazine featuring a new proprietary all-polymer construction for flawless reliability and durability over thousands of rounds. High visibility anti-tilt follower, SS spring, easily removable floorplate for cleaning, Dot matrix for mag marking, ridged floorplate edges for better grip, 17rd indicator windows. Drops free loaded or unloaded. The same boring reliability you expect from an OEM magazine. MSRP $15.95

Magpul Adds New AK Accessories for 2015

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

You asked, Magpul listened.

PMAG30 AK/AKM GEN M3 -7.62×39 Steel Reinforced AK Magazine, MSRP $26.95

Zhukov-S Folding AK stock- Right side folder for stamped rifles, adjustable LOP, optional cheek risers, integrated QD socket on hinge. Allows use of side mounted optics, allows firing from folded position (without cheek risers). Wedge block interface allows easy fitment and requires no adapters. MSRP $99.95


Zhukov Hand Guard-Extruded and Machined anodized aluminum chassis with Polymer hand guard. M-LOK slots-side slots attach through to aluminum chassis. Ultimak compatible. Requires removal of Hand Guard retainer. Includes upper hand guard/gas tube cover. Fits stamped and milled rifles with 16.75-18.25mm barrels (Measured behind HG retainer) MSRP $99.95

MOE Stock-Fixed triangle stock for stamped rifles. Compatible with Magpul AK cheek risers. Includes storage compartment. Wedge block interface allows easy fitment and requires no adapters. MSRP $59.95

MOE AK Hand Guards- Both MOE Hand Guards install with stock hand guard retainer, extend further forward than stock hand guard, and include a blackened stainless steel heat shield. M-LOK slots. Ultimak compatible. Include upper hand guard/gas tube cover.

MOE AK- Fits AK-pattern rifles with no sling loop on hand guard retainer or rifles with loop removed. Symmetrical design extends forward of retainer on both sides. MSRP $36.95

MOE AKM- Fits AKM, AK-74, and AK 100 pattern rifles with sling loop on hand guard retainer. Allows use of sling loop or can be bridged with any M-LOK cantilever rail product. Asymmetric design requires no modification to rifle. MSRP $36.95

All AK furniture products will also be available in our new color-Plum.
All products shipping Spring 2015. More information and photos coming soon. These products will be at ATAC range day on Monday prior to SHOT show.

Magpul D60!!!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

The PMAG D-60. Sixty rounds. Reliable, durable, lightweight, shorter than a 30 rd mag, and full of features that make it extremely easy to use. MSRP $129.95. Please note that transparent back and cut-away versions were for testing purposes only, and the solid drum with round indicator window is the variant that will be offered for sale. Shipping Spring/Summer 2015, but you can get a sneak peak of the drum in action at ATAC range day before SHOT show.

Magpul Releases New Products

Thursday, January 8th, 2015


MAG527 MBUS Pro LR Sight B

The MBUS Pro LR offers many similarities to the existing MBUS Pro Rear, however it includes a tool-less elevation adjustment wheel to the sight arm. This wheel utilizes positive detents for 200-600 meter ranges in 50 meter increments.

MAG527 MBUS Pro LR Sight F

M-LOK Paraclip Sling Mount

MAG607 M-LOK Paraclip Sling Mount

The M-LOK Paraclip Sling Mount is the M-LOK compatible variant of the older MSA – MOE Sling Attachment. It’s made of Melonite-treated steel for resistance to wear and corrosion, and utilizes two M-LOK T-Nuts for a solid mount to M-LOK handguards and forends. Designed for use with clip style sling attachments such as the Magpul Paraclip.

MAG607 M-LOK Paraclip Sling Mount 2

QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel


The QDM Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel is Magpul’s take on the common push-button QD swivel. Made from Melonite-treated steel, the QDM is, according to Magpul, stronger than its contemporaries and offers improved corrosion and wear resistance. The dual side release tabs are designed to be easier to use than the traditional top-button design while still being secure against inadvertent activation. This also gives the QDM body a shorter length for better clearances when used with end-plate mounts.

MAG543 QDM 2

All three of these products will begin shipping the week of SHOT Show.