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Magpul Unveils New Clothing Line

Monday, September 17th, 2018

You may have noticed Magpul clothing on sale over the past month or so. That’s generally the signal that something new is coming.


Today, Magpul unveiled their new lineup. The seven new styles were created for the shooting lifestyle and they’ll be great for wear in the outdoors as well as in the city.

I had an opportunity to check everything out last month and I’m impressed. The line consists of the Magpul Logger Shirt LS, Commando Zip Neck Sweater, Reversible Tech Logger Shacket, Light Insulated Jacket, Light Insulated Hoody, Light Insulated Hybrid, and the Softshell Utility Pant.

Logger Shirt LS

The Logger Shirt is made from stretch synthetic wool that provides warmth when wet and odor-free performance.


Commando Zip Neck Sweater

The Commando sweater combines synthetic wool with reinforced windproof/weather resistant shoulders and arms. You’ll also notice an articulated fit.

Reversible Tech Logger Shacket

This is the ‘grey man’ piece in the line. The Shacket is a fully reversible plaid shirt that reverses to a solid color jacket on the other side, allowing the wearer to quickly change his appearance. Or, just switch it up day-to-day. It offers equal function regardless of the direction of wear, with plenty of room to move. It also boasts two easy-access hand pockets for storage and thermal protection.


Light Insulated Jacket & Hoody

While Magpul isn’t going to say it, you will. So I’ll address the elephant in the room right up front. This is their alternative to the Arc’teryx Atom.


This is a lightweight insulated jacket constructed with breathable, synthetic hydrophobic insulation and a windproof face fabric. It has high air permeability in order to move moisture away from the body quickly during activity.


Offered in a standard jacket and hoody version, it offers zippered hand pockets for storage.

Light Insulated Hybrid

While I’m a fan of several of the garments, the Light Insulated Hybrid is by far my favorite. First off, I love anoraks. Also, the hybrid design puts materials where you need them. It offers an insulated softshell shoulder and arms with a stretch nylon lower torso.


Additionally, Mayflower Research & Consulting has designed a chest rig to be used in conjunction with the Hybrid. Naturally, that means that other chest rigs, like the one shown can be worn as well.

Softshell Utility Pant

You notice that there’s only one pair of pants in the new line. The perfect pairing for the Hybrid pullover, this pant is made from a lightweight softshell material that is quick drying. You’ll also notice the color matching with the Hybrid.


Storage consists of secure hand pockets with internal storage for phones, two internal multi-use magazine pockets that are the perfect size for carrying 15-round magazines or pocket knives, and one thigh pocket for extra gear.

Overall Impressions

Yes, this new line is tuned for use in Fall, Winter and Spring. But, depending on where you live, you’ll wear some of these items all year. I also think you’ll find a more true fit than last year’s line.

Great designs, fantastic materials, excellent fit. Overall, an outstanding value.


Magpul Hunter American Stock – Ruger American Short Action, Now Available

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Now available, the Magpul Hunter American Stock, for the Ruger American Short Action.

Magpul started with an anodized aluminum bedding block and added reinforced polymer to give you the durability, features, reliability and comfort you’ve come to expect from all of our stocks. The Magpul Hunter American offers users a cost-effective replacement to the factory stock that features enhanced ergonomics and a fully adjustable length of pull and comb height. Compatible with Ruger American Short Action rifles, this stock requires no bedding, and is a true “drop-in” solution for the end user.

• Compatible with Ruger American short action rifles
• Bolt Action Magazine Well & PMAG 5 7.62 AC included for Reliable detachable box magazine compatibility
• Reinforced polymer construction with Type III Hard anodized, machine finished cast aluminum bedding block
• High strength steel recoil lugs
• Compatible with barrel profiles up to medium palma
• Adjustable LOP from 13.0”-15.0” with included 0.50” Spacers
• Optional cheek riser kit to adjust cheek weld (stock comes pre-fitted with 0.25” Riser)
• M-LOK compatible for additional accessories

Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Grey.


Magpul Releases Bipod

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

I’ve wanted one since I first saw it, and now the Bipod is available from Magpul.


Manufactured from Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and injection-molded polymer, the design is optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments thanks to spring-tensioned legs which stow neatly forward and snap down and lock into place with one hand. Leg extensions slide and lock securely with the push of a button on any of the seven half-inch spaced locking detents. The legs extend a full four inches, from 6.3” to 10.3”. An industry-exclusive 50° of total tilt and 40° of total pan are controlled by a glove-friendly knurled tool-less bipod locking knob located between the extended legs, allowing easy adjustment between shots. Additionally, the Magpul Bipod has the exclusive ability to lock pan at 0° while maintaining full tilt functionality.


It is also very low-profile. Folded, the streamlined housing and legs fit neatly under the barrel and are just under 2.3” deep and 3.3” wide.

A soft rubber bipod locking knob cap is attached to the locking knob gives users a steady, non-marring forward rest while the bipod is folded. Additionally, its staggered soft rubber feet hold fast on a variety of shooting surfaces and are easily removed with a roll pin punch. Additionally, the legs accept most Atlas pattern bipod replaceable feet.

The Bipod is offered with three different attachment options:
A.R.M.S. 17S Style

While all three attachments are currently available, you can currently only order the Bipod in Black. However, I’m told FDE will be available very soon.


Finally Available, The Magpul Pro 700 Chassis

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Magpul has just announced the release of limited quantities and styles of their highly anticipated Pro 700. Specifically, the folding stock variant in Black.

A lot of work has gone into this thing. In fact, four years worth. The Pro 700 is a precision  rifle  chassis  for  short  action  Remington 700  actions  and  other Remington 700  footprint  actions.

It is based  on  a  full  billet  aluminum  skeleton,  covered in polymer. It is also fully  ambidextrous.  As Magpul claims, “lefties”  haven’t  been  “left  out.” It accommodates  both  right  and  left-handed  actions  with  the  simple  swap  of  a  bolt-cutout  plate,  and  features  a  reversible  cheek  riser  and  reversible  hinge  on  the  folding  version.

•Type III hard anodized machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum V-bedding block, body, adjustment knobs and forend with high strength injection molded polymer body covers optimally placed for comfort and aesthetics
• Ambidextrous bedding block can be changed by swapping the QD sling swivel plate and bolt retainer insert for left or right hand actions using a 1/8” hex wrench
• Folding stock with push-button activated durable cast 4140 steel hinge with Melonite® finish is reversible for left or right folding capability with the use of a 5/32” hex wrench. A fixed stock adapter is available for a non-folding stock solution
• Folding stock is also designed to avoid interference with the bolt handle when folded and is compatible with a large variety of aftermarket bolt knobs and handles• An NVD clip on mounting rail solution is available• Overall LOP adjustment range is 13.25” – 15.125”
• Butt pad height can be adjusted up 1.33” and down .90” and is adjustable left or right for a total of 5 degrees
• Comb height adjustment has a 1” range with a secondary locking knob to eliminate movement in the cheek riser
• Cheek riser features a 3-position fore/aft adjustment of +.375”, 0” and -.375” which can also be changed for left or right side usage using only a common hex wrench
• Injection molded polymer grip with 5 degree forward edge sweep and enlarged palm swell with 7 degree aft edge sweep for enhanced user comfort combined with a .75” fore/aft adjustment range using a common hex wrench
• Additional grip option included with a more aggressive sweep and enlarged palm swell for the shooter that is more inclined to a less vertical grip interface (8 degree forward / 20 degree aft edge sweep)
• Durable cast steel rotation limited QD sling swivel mounts with Melonite® finish fits up to 1.5” push button swivels
• M-LOK® slots for accessory mounting on the forend (left-6/right-6/bottom-7) and the stock (bottom-2)
• Integrated AICS pattern magazine well of reinforced polymer construction optimized for PMAG® 5 & PMAG® 10 7.62 AC™ magazines as well as most other AICS pattern short action magazines
• Large trigger guard allows for use with gloves and accepts most factory and aftermarket curved or flat triggers
• Low-profile, anti-snag ambidextrous magazine release is made of Melonite® treated steel for wear and corrosion resistance

Although the Pro 700 is offered in Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD Green, it’s currently only available in Black, with other colors shipping soon.

Additionally, Magpul is releasing their Pro Night Vision Mount today.

I’m told by Magpul that other accessories, such as the Magpul Pro FHA – Folding Hinge Adapter and the Magpul Pro FSA – Fixed Stock Adapter as well as the complete Fixed Stock Pro 700 will come very soon.

Visit www.magpul.com/featured/magpul-pro-700 for more information.

Magpul Pink Bunny Of Death T-Shirt

Friday, July 27th, 2018

This T-shirt immortalizes the infamous Pink Bunny Of Death.


Magpul Introduces Eyewear

Monday, July 16th, 2018

Today, Magpul introduces an entirely new product category, eyewear. But when you consider their expertise in injection molding and their ever growing clothing line, eyewear looks like the perfect bridge.


Naturally, they’re protective in nature, but Magpul wanted to offer something you’ll want to wear, no matter what you’re doing.


The first three styles are The Terrain, The Explorer, and the Summit. Add to that Black, Gray, and Tortoise Shell frame colors along with a variety lenses that have different polarization, color and mirroring for the various conditions you’ll encounter; whether driving to work, fishing on your favorite stretch of river, or on the shooting range.

Magpul offers full ballistic and safety rating and protection for active use with the Terrain (the larger full performance sport option) and the Summit (the smaller full performance sport option), and pulled it back just a bit with something a little more traditional with the Explorer (still full impact protection, but with less of a frame wrap).

There are currently 27 different options and by August they should all be available for sale.

Most of the stock went to Magpul dealers, so check with your preferred retailer.

Magpul Shipping 5.5” Suppressor Cover

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

The much anticipated Magpul Suppressor Cover is now shipping.


Constructed of a heat-resistant polymer sleeve overlaid onto a raised stainless steel heat shield that mounts directly to the suppressor body with steel clamps, the Magpul Suppressor Cover – 5.5” minimizes heat transfer to keep external cover temperatures up to 1000 degrees F cooler than the surface of the suppressor and allows cooling airflow across the can. Additionally, it serves as an enhanced thermal insulator and signature reduction device, significantly mitigating mirage distortions to the shooter’s sight picture, reducing the likelihood of impact damage to the suppressor body, and lessening the chance of accidental heat-related injury or damage to personnel or equipment during weapon firing and cool down. Optimized for 1.5” outer diameter round suppressors with a body length of approximately 5.5” (not including attachment hardware / interface) such as the Surefire SOCOM556-RC2. Other lengths are in the works and are coming soon.


· Extreme temperature protection that mitigates internal suppressor temperatures to safe levels
· Minimizes retained heat, allowing faster cooling than any other suppressor cover technology
· Reduces thermal signature of host firearm
· Mitigates mirage effects in sight picture
· Two stainless steel clamps provide a strong, rigid and reliable interface capable of sustained firing sessions and rough handling
· High temp polymer sleeve withstands brutal suppressor temperatures during extended periods of firing without deterioration
· High strength corrosion resistant stainless steel heat shield


· Weight: 9.6oz
· Outer Diameter (OD): 2.5″
· Made in USA

Get yours at www.magpul.com/products/suppressor-cover-5-5

Magpul Rifleman Loop Sling

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Building on the heritage and proven performance of Magpul’s MS Sling series, the Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling) is a durable, lightweight, and affordable shooting aid and retention device. Combining the best features of Rhodesian and 1907 match-style slings, the RLS was created with Magpul’s famous proprietary nylon mesh webbing and high-strength polymer hardware.


As a Standard Weapon Sling
In a retention role, the RLS serves dutifully as an unobtrusive weapon sling and retention device, securely keeping the rifle tucked behind the shoulder.


As a Stabilized Shooting Aid
When called upon, the RLS is rapidly employed with the adjustable forward loop gripping the Rifleman’s support arm, locking in a steady shooting position and firmly planting the rifle butt against the shoulder.

The Webbing
At the core of the RLS lies Magpul’s proprietary chafe-resistant 1 ¼” nylon mesh webbing. Its tubular construction eliminates harsh edges that can rub or snag and provides double layers of cushioned comfort against the end user while shouldered. During employment, the strap’s smooth texture remains comfortable, even when torqued against the user’s arm. Like all Magpul slings, colored webbing is NIR treated to reduce infrared signature.


The Hardware
The Magpul RLS features lightweight reinforced high-strength injection-molded polymer hardware, and a proprietary sling keeper that leaves no tails or loose straps, eliminating snag hazards and distractions.

Lightweight and Durable
The Magpul RLS was designed with mobility in mind. At a mere 4.4 oz, the optimized weight of the RLS doesn’t add unnecessary ounces to the rifle and weighs less than many competing slings and straps. Like all Magpul slings, the RLS has been extensively tested to its limit to ensure reliability and performance in wet, dry, and sandy conditions, to include load and drop testing. It’s been hiked with, biked with, swam, climbed, hunted and shot (a lot) with in a variety of field conditions.

Versatile and Affordable
The RLS price point offers more value and function than almost any other comparable sling on the market. At $19.95, it offers a substantial advantage to the rifleman for the money. Whether on a shooting range or mountain range, the RLS performs excellent on almost any rifle configuration and caliber combination. The highly-configurable RLS accepts all Magpul 1 ¼” sling accessories as well as most third party 1 ¼” sling attachments.

Available in Black or Coyote.

Get yours at www.magpul.com/products/magpul-rls-sling