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Milspec Plastics – Cobra Cuffs

Friday, December 21st, 2018

Cobra Cuffs

Milspec Plastic’s Cobra Cuff is a disposable restraint flex cuff that features a patented double locking system, and is made of a patented rubber-based polymer. This material is designed to prevent stress cracking common with nylon-based zip ties, when exposed to cold, heat, and folding or creasing. Milspec Plastics guarantees Cobra cuffs to maintain a 400 lbs tensile strength for 5 years on all colors offered. Additionally, the double locking system is designed to prevent accidental over-tightening during use, as up to 30 lbs of force can be applied to the straps without further tightening.


Cobra Cuffs are available in standard operational colors: Black, Tan, Green, and White; custom colors: Orange, Yellow, and Pink; and Milspec Plastics also offers reusable trainer cuffs in Blue or Red.