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Update From The Field: NEMO’s Targa SE Mobility Bag As Part Of The PEPSE Kit

Monday, April 28th, 2014

This is an announcement from NEMO Equipment regarding the recent fielding of their Targa SE as part of the US Navy SEAL PEPSE kit and the feedback they’ve received during its use.


Late last year, it was announced that NEMO’s Targa SE tactical mobility sleep system would join the brand’s Coda 1.5P SE AirSupported shelter as part of the SEAL’s PEPSE Kit. With product delivered and fielded in January, NEMO followed up with Naval Special Warfare’s R&D Manager of Cold Weather and Mountain Survivability Systems, John Barklow, to see how the bags are performing.


Targa SE was developed with testing and feedback from NSW. Designed specifically for cold weather, Targa SE allows the operator to live and work out of the bag, wearing his load bearing gear as required during tactical cold weather operations. The bag, rated to 40 degrees on its own, is designed to keep the operator warm to near zero temperatures when worn in conjunction with the issued layering system. A jacket style center zip allows easy access to essential chest gear; a drawstring closure at the foot allows the lower leg portion to be lifted and cinched for movement; the waist drawstring can be cinched to configure the bag like a parka; and a stowable, insulated hood, wind collar, and redundant center snaps ensure versatility and warmth.

Recent reports from Kodiak state that the bags have been performing well and when integrated with issued clothing and supporting gear, have been successfully used in temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


“Targa SE is the most functional and efficient sleeping bag that has ever been fielded to SOF. The design process consisted of building the sleeping bag around an operator wearing standardized issued gear and the limitations inherent with that gear, such as limited range of motion and oversized torsos,” said John Barklow.

The Berry Compliant Targa SE is currently offered in Coyote color, MultiCam and Kryptek Yeti, filled with PrimaLoft synthetic insulation. For sales inquiries, please contact Cam Brensinger at cam@nemoequipment.com.


NEMO Cosmo Air + Pillowtop Sale

Saturday, April 5th, 2014


NEMO is running a special on the Cosmo Air + Pillowtop 1P. Get both pieces for 60% off the regular price. Quantities are limited, however more will be back in stock in late June at the same sale price.


Design Like You Mean It – Ditto Slim Wallet

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Last Spring I had a chance to visit NEMO Equipment. One thing that struck me was a sign that said, “Design Like You Mean It.” Check this video out on the design process for the new minimalist Ditto Slim Wallet and then you’ll understand what they are up to.

Using paper, masking tape, staples, elastic, rubber bands, fabric, welding, stitching, sewing, it took 65 prototypes to arrive at the final design of the Ditto Slim Wallet. On the surface, this is an inside look at the design process involved in making the Ditto Slim Wallet. But much deeper than that, it’s an ode to the necessity of play and exploration in design. Some of the best designs come out of feeling free to fail, and not being afraid to make something that doesn’t work. This is a reminder to celebrate the failures as much as the success of the final design. Learn more about the design of Ditto Slim Wallet…


Outdoor Retailer – NEMO Equipment

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

First and foremost, NEMO has changed the color schemes of their sleeping pads to make them easily identifiable.


Next, they’ve introduced new pads. For example, the new Cosmo Lite series. Both models in the line incorporate the Airlock Elite fabric found on the Zor series of pads. And, they utilize a foot pump with a single baffle to save weight and increase compactibility. While the Cosmo Insulated Lite 20R (20 denoting width) includes a layer of PrimaLoft to take you down to 15 deg F, the Cosmo Air Lite 20R is made for slightly warmer temps above freezing and does include the additional insulation.


NEMO has also introduced two new tents.

The VEDA series is offered in two models. It relies on hiking poles for support but unlike other models on the market which only use one pole, NEMO presupposes that a hiker will have two poles and have leveraged that to provide better support and more head room. The Veda 1P seen below is a single wall tent but it also incorporates a bug net inside the tent which divides it into living and storage/cooking spaces. It is joined by a two person model which we’ll cover later.


This is the Galaxi 2P. It offers a large vestibule and these cool Magtie magnetic door tie-backs. The pole is of a single aluminum, hubbed design.


One feature that is kind of interesting is that they’ve incorporated a Velcro strip for name tags unto a commercial tent.


Finally, I’d like to mention NEMO’s new Duffel for storing your bags. It also includes a Dopp kit.


There are many other new products from NEMO and we’ll start sharing those soon as well.


Purchase a NEMO Losi Combat 2P SE and Get a FREE Helio Pressure Shower

Friday, July 5th, 2013

We just found out that NEMO Equipment is doing a quick 10 day promo; buy a Losi Combat 2P SE and get a FREE Helio Pressure Shower.

The Losi Combat 2P SE is based on NEMO’s top-selling Losi 2P lightweight backpacking tent. Its 2 doors and 2 vestibules offer easy access and generous gear storage for each person. The pole configuration makes for near vertical walls, so when the weather’s bad, 5 people can join you for a round of cards.


The Helio Pressure Shower is awesome. Ive been impressed with it simce forst checking it out at Summer OR a couple of years ago. Perfect for backcountry showers, kitchen duty or hosing off gear, Helio requires no hanging. The 11 liter welded fabric water tank is quickly pressurized with NEMO’s foot pump. Just fill with water, let warm in the sun, pressurize and start enjoying the 5-7 minutes of steady water pressure.


Coming Fall 2013 From NEMO Equipment – The Canon -40

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013



Tent Topographics – An Innovative Look At Shelters From NEMO Equipment

Monday, May 13th, 2013

NEMO Equipment has has adopted an innovative way to look at the internal space of tents. First recommended by the Outdoor Industry Alliance’s ASTM committee, it is modeled on topography lines from a map.


One of the most difficult things to do is to visualize the vertical space within a shelter since they invariably feature sloped sides. Without actually setting one up and climbing in, you can’t be sure if you’ll have much room to maneuver.


With these topographic diagrams, you can visualize the shelter’s maneuver room, just like on a 1:50,000 map. While NEMO Equipment is the first company to incorporate them, hopefully they’ll soon become the industry standard. Look for these diagrams starting now on www.nemoequipment.com.

Design Like You Give A Damn – The NEMO Story

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

What a great company.


Warrior Expo – NEMO Equipment

Friday, April 26th, 2013

The Coda 1.5P SE from NEMO Equipment’s Shield line is currently a component of the NSW issue PEPSE (Personal Environmental Protective Survival Equipment) kit.


The thing I love about this shelter is its versatility. That 1.5P in the name denotes one man plus his equipment. It features three doors, one on each side and one in front as well two vestibules, a side vestibule and a front vestibule. You take as much shelter as you need along for the haul, whether its just you, or you and your equipment, or you, your buddy and equipment.


All three doors feature an additional zipper track that allows vestibules to be attached or removed. An optional Linking Panel connects using the zipper track over the side doors to complex two or more Coda™ tents together, either facing the same direction, or 180 degrees opposed for better security.


Available in Coyote but can be camouflaged with the IPF™ (Interchangeable Partial Fly™) in MultiCam.


NEMO Equipment 2013 Military Catalog

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Behold the 2013 NEMO Shield Edition Catalog in all it’s glory.

NEMO 2013 Military Catalog by solsys

Coming soon, VERY soon.