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Tactical Add a Patch System from Phase 5 Tactical

Monday, August 27th, 2012

The Tactical Add a Patch System (TAPPS) from Phase 5 Tactical is a bit of a departure of their core business producing weapons and accessories. Available in PALS and hook and pile tape versions, it allows you to do exactly what the name says, add a patch to your gear, where you need it.


The Weapon As Art

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

‘The Weapon As Art’, or at least I hope that is what they are going for. Phase 5 Tactical created this pimped out AR-style pistol for urban clothier Illest. Phase 5 is only building 10 of the limited edition Illest PDWs so the chance of running across one at your next street race is pretty slim.

According to an article on the urban lifestyle website Fatlace.com by Phase 5 owner Ken Montes, “This very limited, Illest/Phase 5 CQC Pistol showcases the Illest lifestyle blended with Phase 5 Tactical’s ability to bring life to a dream.”

Now, don’t be hatin’. SSD is fully behind responsible gun ownership, even if we don’t get the practicality of a blinged gat. If anything, the Illest PDW is an interesting amalgamation of the ‘Fast n Furious’ and Black Rifles subcultures.

Legion Firearms – LF-15D

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

The LF-15D from Legion Firearms is out now out; it’s a little bit different than the C model but still definitely on the high end of ARs.

Soldier Systems: A die-hard Legion fan tagging supplies at Camp Leatherneck.

A die-hard Legion fan tagging supplies at Camp Leatherneck.

Obviously, not everyone wants a monolithic upper. Some people want very specific rails, whether a particular brand suits them or just to break up the monotony. Legion is offering matched non-monolithic upper and lower receivers, so the customer can specify the style of manufacturer of rails they want (if any) and Legion puts them on (For instance, they did some with Wilson trim rails recently), The LF-15D has the same billet uppers and lowers, it’s ambidextrous and everything else such as the BattleComp 1.0 or 2.0 (as requested) with standard Revo sling and the Phase 5 Tactical charging handle assembly (which Legion helped T&E).

The LF-15D barrel uses the Legion Firearms as-yet-unnamed proprietary honeycomb fluted weight saving system. The honeycomb is a patterned barrel and is now available on their new rifles. It allows them to take an entire half pound of rifle weight in material and keep the same accuracy without any barrel walk or stringer groups (like you get when the barrel heats up). The upper, lower and bolt carrier group are all coated in Nickel Boron; barrel is ordinance grade 416 stainless steel, 5.56 NATO Chamber 1/8 twist, 3 groove polygonal rifling, mid length gas system PRI gasblock and the springs are Cryo treated, with a CMC 3.5lbs single stage trigger.

Legion Firearms LF15D ready to go out the door.

Soldier Systems: The Legion Firearms LF15D ready to go out the door.

There will be a California edition LF-15D, just like the Charlie model had.