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Polaris Defense DAGOR Photos

Friday, October 17th, 2014

WDP_8727 Front Three Quarters mid hight_Wht

During AUSA, we were able to take multiple photos of the Polaris Defense DAGOR, to give you a detailed look at the vehicle.


Presenting The Polaris Defense DAGOR

Monday, October 6th, 2014

During May’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference I was taken to an offsite warehouse on the edge of Downtown Tampa’s in order to see the Polaris Defense DAGOR. What I saw was a vehicle larger than anything Polaris had ever offered. You could definitely see that it was a Polaris design, but it was a step up in size from the familiar MRZR. Under development for the past year, the DAGOR was originally created for an undisclosed customer, but it turned out that it fit two other niches quite well.

WDP_8727 Front Three Quarters mid hight_Wht

One of those niches is reflected in the full name of the vehicle: Polaris Defense DAGOR ultra-light combat vehicle. The Maneuver Center of Excellence is working on a requirement for an Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle. Primarily focused on the Global Response Force mission (aka airborne forced entry), the ULCV must be airdroppable and then derigged in two minutes, cannot weigh more than 4500 lbs, offer a 250 mile radius and carry 9 troops with equipment (3200 lbs).

WDP_8710 DAGOR BASE PROFILE w_sling seat_Wht

The Army had just released a Sources Sought notice in January of 2014. The DAGOR was one of six vehicles to participate in the Platform Performance Demonstration (ULCV-PPD) from 9-13 June, at Ft Bragg which was used to validate those threshold requirements we just laid out. While the UCLV has been referred to as a “21st century Jeep” it’s actually being asked to do more than the Jeep ever could. For instance, as you can see from these photos taken during the PPD, you can actually fit an Infantry Squad in the DAGOR.

The DAGOR has already had limited public exposure during last month’s Maneuver Conference at Ft Benning as well as Modern Day Marine at Quantico Marine Base but Polaris Defense believes in the DAGOR so much that they started low rate initial production over the Summer.

WDP_8766_Front View_Wht

Intentionally simplistic design of the DAGOR allows for maximum capability on a light-weight platform. It also allows for ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment in support of combat operations. Some of you will note the lack of armor. This is by design. The vehicles already at the Army’s disposal include armored mobility systems. Soldiers in the UCLV will be protected from kinetic threats by their Personal Protective Equipment and will rely on speed and maneuverability to avoid threats. Remember, the UCLV is intended primarily to satisfy a mobility requirement for airborne forces. It is meant to be light, fast and inexpensive.

WDP_3682_-¬Polaris2014_DAGOR TESTING_web

The DAGOR weighs less than the 4,500 lbs requirement to maximize aircraft transport, operational range and increase vehicle payload. Most of the components that make up the DAGOR include readily available commercial off the shelf (COTS) driveline, controls and components. In fact, the initial customer insisted on such a design so that they could procure spares virtually anywhere. The engine too is a COTS component which burns diesel/JP8. These offer streamlined maintenance and operator training. But that doesn’t mean this is some simple pick-up. The DAGOR introduces a trophy truck-inspired suspension to carry 3,250 lbs of payload or an infantry squad at a higher rate of speed over terrain usually traveled on foot. The current ULCV requirement calls for 10% movement on primary roads, 10% on secondary roads, 75% cross-country and trails, and 5% in urban, rubble environment.

As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward and incorporates an open design in the cargo bed offering adaptability, plenty of room for cargo and ready access for to it. Although I wasn’t able to take any photos of the DAGOR during my brief time with the vehicle in May and I wasn’t able to drive it, I was allowed to sit in the various crew positions. To me, it is very much like a HMMWV except, smaller. In the driver’s seat, you have better visibility than with the HMMWV and the door threshold is very low. It’s very easy to ingress and egress, including the rear cargo area. Everything is closer at hand than with a HMMWV meaning it is a bit more cramped but you don’t have to reach as far for anything either.


While the DAGOR was not designed as an Internally Transportable Vehicle for the V22 Osprey, its narrow width allows rapid loading into rotary wing aircraft (CH/MH47) under ‘other than ideal’ conditions. It can also be sling loaded with the Army’s UH-60 Black Hawk in high altitude, hot weather conditions and naturally, can be rigged for Airborne insertion via fixed wing just like the MRZR. This narrow body also means it is highly maneuverable through areas inaccessible by other vehicles with its capacity.

Polaris Defense Family of Vehicles

As you can see from this slide of current and future technologies provided to the SEC last year by Polaris Defense, the DAGOR fits nicely into an expanded family of light vehicles. It also gives you an idea of its size in relation to the other Polaris Defense vehicles. In addition to the US Army’s ULCV requirement, it might well help round out USSOCOM’s Family of Special Operations Vehicles (below). That’s the other “niche” I mentioned at the beginning of the article.


All-in-all, the DAGOR is an interesting platform that can rapidly be procured and adapted to a wide variety of light vehicle duties that have been abandoned along with the entire CUCV and majority of the HMMWV fleets. No matter the branch of service or type of unit, everyone has a requirement for a light utility vehicle. Perhaps that solution is the Polaris Defense DAGOR. Be sure to check the DAGOR out at AUSA next week in Washington, DC.

ADS Federal Range Day – Polaris Defense

Monday, May 19th, 2014


The Polaris Sportsman Ace combines aspects of an ATV with features found on Polaris’ line of side by side vehicles. A certified ROPS cab frame and bolstered bucket seat with 3-point seat belt secures the rider within the Ace. The Ace also sports more traditional automotive style controls, including a tilt steering wheel and floor-mounted pedals, as well as instrumentation such as a tachometer, analogue speedometer, and AWD indicator; an included DC outlet allows the driver medium through which to power their devices. The Ace has a combined storage weight capacity of 360 lbs. through the front covered storage bin and rearward bed, and is capable of towing upwards of 1500 lbs.


The engine is a 4-stroke Pro-Star single cylinder with 32HP peak horsepower, and an electronic fuel injection system and liquid cooling, and is placed at the rear of the vehicle. The Ace comes with a 5.25 gallon fuel tank. The drive system is on-demand true AWD / 2WD.

The Sportsman Ace looks to make for a great vehicle for Law Enforcement and Government agencies, including Military customers. It combines the AWD capability of a traditional ATV with the safety and controls of a side by side, making it an excellent single occupant vehicle which can be utilized for patrol, surveillance, off-road pursuit, and tracking.


Warrior Expo – RANGER HIPPO

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Coming Summer 2014, the Ranger Hippo is a collaboration between Polaris Defense and Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Company to produce a lightweight, all-terrain, alternative for the maintenance contact vehicle in order to access remote worksites.


Combining the well known capabilities of the Polaris RANGER Diesel along with the HIPPO 1041P, you now have Hydraulic, Electric, Pneumatic and Welding power all in a single unit powered by the RANGER’s Diesel engine.

The system will transport up to 3 personnel and up to 500 lbs of cargo in the box. This will support most light maintenance requirements and will reach those remote sites that are inaccessible by more traditional vehicles.

• Hydraulic power-fully adjustable 0-10 gpm @ 2000 psi hydraulic tool circuit (one outlet)
• Air power- 50 cfm @ 100 psi (three outlets)
• Electric power -5.2 kw @ 120 vac
• Welding power-240 amps dc stick
• Hydraulic- one hydraulic tool circuit
• Air- one 3?4 inch claw air fitting, two quick disconnect air fittings
• Electricity- two 120 volt electric outlets @ 20 amps
• Welding- one welding console with quick disconnects

In addition to MRO, the RANGER HIPPO would work for construction and demolition support as well as disaster relief and emergency services.

DSEi – Polaris Defense

Friday, September 13th, 2013


With a top speed of 52 MPH, the Polaris Defense Sportsman MV 850 features a 850cc, 77 hp engine that runs on Mogas from a 11.75 gallon tank. It also integrates electronic power steering and military blackout drive.


So far, Polaris hasn’t offered the Terrainarmor Non-Pneumatic Tires for use with other vehicles or for commercial sale because they were are engineered specifically for this vehicle. They will sustain the vehicle for over 5,000 miles with a full combat load, over 1,000 miles with a railroad spike driven into them, over 1,000 miles after being shot by a 5.56mm or 7.62x39mm round and over 350 miles after being shot by a .50 round.


The rear rack will accommodate 400 lbs and the front rack at 200 lbs with a total vehicle load capacity of 850 lbs. The Sportsman MV 850 has a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs.



Polaris MRZR ADS Tactical

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The new MRZR from Polaris Defense is available in both 2 and 4-seat models along with optional rearward facing seats in the rear cargo area. Additionally, the MRZR 4 can accommodate 1 or 2 litters longitudinally in place of cargo or seats.

Powered by a 88 hp 875 cc Polaris Prostar engine it incorporates a keyless ignition. It’s a full height (60”) vehicle but has a tool-less collapsing roll-cage to fit into the CV-22’s cabin. And with a 60″ width, the RZR maintains a low CG so you won’t have to worry about rolling over while negotiating a turn. For off-road performance, Polaris provides electronic power steering as well as a winch to get you out of a jam. To top off its tactical accessories it includes blackout drive lights and is IR capable.

The Polaris MRZR 2 & 4 are available for unit and agency orders from ADSinc.com.

SOLIC – Polaris Defense Non-Pneumatic Tire

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012


The Polaris Defense Non-Pneumatic Tire doesn’t go flat. It makes a great companion for their MRZR 2 & 4 all terrain vehicles.