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Widget Wednesday – Extending Operational Capability

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Many electronic end-user devices in use today will only run for a few hours before their batteries need to be replaced or recharged. But no-one wants to carry a ton of extra batteries, and stopping for a prolonged period of time to recharge batteries isn’t always tactically feasible either.

With the PTX range of solutions our mission is to enable you to perform your missions more effectively by extending your electronic operational capabilities. We do this by enabling the Warfighter to reduce the amount of different batteries they have to carry, to repurpose the batteries they have across different types of electronic equipment, and to recharge those batteries when off-the-grid or in austere environments. Sometimes this involves a full kit of power management systems and accessories, sometimes this involves a simple smart cable that connects an end-user device to an external battery of higher capacity.

Speaking of external batteries, we have developed a range of cables, adapters, connectors, and pouches that enable end-users to connect radios, tablets, smart phones, and other devices to high capacity, wearable, external batteries and power packs such as the Inventus CWB 85 and 150, the SoloPack® and SharePack® batteries from Revision Military, the Li-80 and Li-145, the Ultralife LM-145 and M-1, the Goal Zero Sherpa®, and more.

Find out more about the wide range of equipment, applications, and mission sets we enable at

Widget Wednesday:  AUSA 2018

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018


Protonex will be exhibiting and demonstrating a broad suite of PTX power management capability sets at AUSA 2018 in Washington D.C. next week.

U.S. Army Capt. Jonathan Page uses the end user device of the Capability Set-13 at Nangalam Base, Sept. 13. The Dallas, Texas, native, serves as commander for Troop C, 3rd Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment. 3rd Squadron is part of 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, based out of Fort Polk, La. (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. 1st Class E. L. Craig, Task Force Patriot PAO)

Visit our booth (Hall B, #3038) to learn how our systems support more than 200 different types of electronic equipment – including:
• Military and commercial batteries (primary and rechargeable)
• UAV and UGV systems (platforms and control units)
• Portable and vehicle-mounted military radios
• Satellite communications systems
• Specialist EOD equipment
• Portable medical equipment (prolonged field care)
• GPS and laser marker / designator systems
• Smart phones and tablets
• Laptop computers
and more…


From the NETT WARRIOR program to the RAVEN UAV system and beyond, learn more about the wide range of applications and mission sets that our systems enable at


We look forward to seeing you next week at AUSA, booth # 3038.

See Protonex at Modern Day Marine 2018 – Power Anything, Anywhere, from Any Source

Thursday, September 27th, 2018


If you’re at MDM, be sure to check out the PTX range of power management solutions from Protonex – they can be found on the Protonex booth , number 1110.  The SPM-622 in-field charging solution for the FirstLook® lightweight, throwable UGV can be found on Endeavor Robotics booth, number 1017.


For further background on the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager and its full range of capabilities, check out this online article from MILITARY TECHNOLOGY magazine.


Protonex Exhibiting at NTOA 2018

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Protonex Technology Corporation, the leader in rugged, portable, intelligent power management solutions, will be exhibiting at the National Tactical Officers Association’s 35th Annual Conference and Exhibition from 16-17 September 2018 at booth #925.


Visit the Protonex booth to get a hands-on explanation and demonstration of the full suite of capabilities provided by the company’s PTX series of power management systems, accessories, applications, and solutions.


The core PTX product series includes:

• The ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger, which charges multiple different batteries simultaneously, faster, and more efficiently than other alternatives – enabling users to eliminate the logistical and financial burden of dependence on multiple proprietary, non-rugged, battery chargers.

• The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager, which dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries users need to carry on operations – enabling users to recharge and repurpose their batteries anywhere, any time, and with power from any source.

• The VPM-402 Vest Power Manager, which packs full-size data and power management into a small, light, rugged solution for operator-worn communications and situational awareness systems – with the same in-field recharging capabilities as the SPM-622.


Protonex is also pleased to be hosting Endeavor Robotics with their FirstLook® packable, throwable UGV system at our booth as well. Protonex recently partnered with Endeavor to create an in-field charging solution for the FirstLook® system.


Visit for further information about Protonex Power Management Solutions.

Visit for further information about the FirstLook® and other UGV systems.

PTX Widget Wednesday – Alligator Clip Cable

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

One of the most salient features of the Global War On Terror has been the proliferation of electronic devices at the individual and small unit level. These developments give our troops unprecedented levels of situational awareness (regardless of the time of day), the ability to communicate over vast distances (in any terrain), and the power to dominate the battlespace in even the most austere environments.

However, it also usually means having to hump a lot of extra batteries. For example, on a long patrol in Afghanistan, an Airborne Infantryman could carry as many as seven different types of batteries for 12 electronic devices – totaling up to 16 pounds in battery weight. That’s more than the weight of a dozen fully loaded 30-round 5.56 mags! (The need to continuously stop and replace batteries also causes disruption to operational capability and impairs mission effectiveness.)

With the SPM-622 troops are able to reduce their battery burden, recharge their batteries in the field, and repurpose those batteries to power other devices (the SPM automatically adjusts, balances, and/or converts power from any source to match a device’s power requirements). Initially, SPM kits included adapter cables for solar panels, solar blankets, vehicle ‘cigarette lighter” plugs, and generator power outlets. Feedback from special operations unit end-users working in a very austere environment led us to develop another rather simple-looking solution – jumper cable type alligator clips.

Their feedback was that it would be very useful to have the ability to scavenge power from the civilian truck, car, and motorcycle batteries prevalent in operational areas. And so the Alligator Clip cable was born. Although it might look kind of “low-tech”, our Alligator Clip cable is smart – the firmware embedded in the cable informs the SPM of the voltage of the battery it’s connected to, it also monitors the battery’s state-of-charge and tells the SPM to stop drawing power from it before it gets too low to start a vehicle.

This particular type of cable proved very useful for at least one team that used a locally-sourced motorcycle battery as a power source, and enabled them to complete a high-value mission despite a shortage of specific batteries.

For more information about PTX power management systems from Protonex, visit or contact us at

Widget Wednesday:  Supported Equipment

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018


Over the past decade we have worked closely with Program Offices, Commands, and Units to develop a wide range of adapters and cables to bring true plug-and-play power capability to end-users.


Our Power Management systems currently support more than 200 different types of electronic equipment, including:
• military and commercial primary and rechargeable batteries
• UAV and UGV systems (both platforms and control units)
• high-performance military radios
• military and commercial SATCOM systems
• laptop and tablet computers
• EOD equipment
• field medical equipment
• GPS systems
• Laser markers and designators
• Smart phones
• And more…


To see the full list of equipment that we can provide solutions for, check out the SUPPORTED EQUIPMENT page on our website at /supported-equipment /.


If you don’t see what you need, contact us at and we will lead you through the process of developing a bespoke solution.

Widget Wednesday:  SATCOM Power

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Satellite communications systems have come a very long way since Sputnik, the Space Race, and INTELSAT. Long gone are the days of needing a truck, a generator, and an antenna the size of a small house too. Even very powerful satellite communications systems today are small enough and light enough to be carried and used by one person.

Which is just as well, because information and communications technologies are integral to the conduct of current military operations all around the world – and especially critical for small units operating far beyond the front lines (if “front lines” even exist anymore).

Special Operations Forces (SOF) in particular conduct a wide range of missions in austere environments for extended periods of time. SOF communicators must have the ability to effectively communicate between elements, to higher headquarters, and with their partner forces using multiple organic and non-organic radios, computers, and other devices. Fortunately, the PTX SPM-622 Squad Power Manager from Protonex can deliver the power to keep their communication lines up and running for constant operational capability.

The SPM-622 can integrate with and provide power for multiple SDN, SDN (L) and BGAN terminals to run computers, telephones, and other devices from sources other than AC power. AC power is not always available, or is irregular / unreliable, in many of the AOs where SOF and their support units may find themselves located. With its ability to scavenge power from solar blankets, vehicle outlets, military and non-military batteries (rechargeable or single use), generators, wind turbines, and any other source, the SPM becomes a field-expedient uninterruptible power source (UPS) to keep critical communication lines open at all times.

For further information, check out the APPLICATIONS and SOLUTIONS pages at or contact the

Widget Wednesday: Aeryon SkyRanger R60 sUAS Field-Charging Solutions

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

“Drones” continue to be a hot topic and an area of ever growing adoption by military and law enforcement organizations. However, keeping UAV / UAS batteries charged and flying during demanding operational tempos and/or in remote locations presents significant challenges. UAS operators needed a way to be able to take advantage of any accessible source of power; such as solar cells, car batteries, vehicle power outlets, or single-use batteries.

The SkyRanger R60 from Aeryon Defense is the standard-setting Group 1 VTOL sUAS for real-time, secure, aerial intelligence across a wide range of mission-critical applications for professional end-users. R60s are currently deployed with over 20 militaries worldwide, and in use with public safety and industrial operators in over 30 countries.

Working closely with Aeryon, we developed lightweight, high-performing adapters that enable an operator to rapidly charge SkyRanger R60 batteries in the field using the SPM-622 (Squad Power Manager), or ABC-812 (Adaptive Battery Charger). And thanks to our bi-directional, plug-and-play technology, R60 batteries can also be used as a rechargeable power source for other electronic equipment – helping to improve energy flexibility while also reducing a unit’s battery burden.

For further information about our UAV and UGV field charging solutions, visit or contact the