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Protonex Lands $1.6M Power Manager Order

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Protonex Technology Corporation has received a $1.6 million purchase order for the supply of its PTX-brand Squad Power Manager (SPM-622) Special Operations Kits. The purchase order was the first issued by the Program Executive Office (PEO) – Soldier, as part of the newly approved program of record, with ‘Milestone C’ approval having been received in late September 2017.

“This order represents a continued commitment to support U.S. Army Special Operations Forces’ requirement for intelligent power management systems,” said Ray Summers, Protonex Director of Military Sales. “This requirement is important for Protonex as it will support not only Special Operations Forces, but also the Security Forces and Assistance Brigades, or SFAB’s, newly established by the U.S. Army to support training of partner forces in combat theatres. We believe this first order since obtaining Milestone C represents a significant opportunity and helps to streamline orders for other U.S. Army units moving forward.”

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is an agile and rugged device that weighs less than a pound and enables units to pull power from any source to recharge batteries and keep electronic devices operational – including portable radios, GPS systems, field medical equipment, EOD equipment, computers and other mission essential electronics.  The in-built intelligence in the SPM allows it to draw power from solar panels or blankets, vehicle and aircraft power outlets, an AC wall socket, generator-powered micro-grid, wind turbine, scavenged batteries, etc.

The Squad Power Manager delivers critical benefits for military force, including: reliable energy regardless of changing battlefield conditions; reducing the weight of the battery burden carried by soldiers in the field; reduction of logistical support; and energy flexibility for troops operating in austere environments.

The SPM-622 was developed by Protonex Technology Corporation and is manufactured at the company’s facility in Southborough, Massachusetts. To date more than 5,000 units have been deployed by United States and NATO forces.

Further details about the full range of PTX brand power management solutions can be found at

PTX Power Management Solutions at AUSA 2017

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Protonex Technology Corporation will be showcasing its PTX line of rugged, intelligent, lightweight power management solutions at the 2017 Annual AUSA Expo from October 9-11th, in Washington, DC at booth #3304.


Power Managers are small, portable, multi-function devices that pull power from a variety of power sources, convert the power as needed, and push it out to run connected devices and to charge batteries. They solve the operational power challenges faced by units using equipment such as; radios, satellite phones, GPS receivers, laptop and tablet computers, unmanned vehicles and aircraft, medical equipment, power tools, and more.


The PTX line-up consists of the following products:
• SPM-622 Squad Power Manager – dramatically reduce the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s warfighter
• ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger – charge multiple batteries twice as fast, anywhere, and with half the energy
• VPM-402 Vest Power Manager – manage both data and power for military communications and situational awareness systems


The PTX range also features a number of specialist / application-specific kits, including:
• Special Operations Forces
• Dismounted Infantry
• Prolonged Field Care
• Fire Support
• UAV Operators
• Recon, Surveillance and Target Analysis

Protonex is also pleased to announce the release of a new and expanded website focused on the wide range of capabilities, applications and solutions that the company’s power management systems deliver. Visit for the full story.

Ballard Subsidiary Protonex’ Squad Power Manager Product Receives Go-Ahead For Full Rate Production By US Army

Monday, September 25th, 2017

VANCOUVER, CANADA and SOUTHBOROUGH, MA, USA – Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) and the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary – Protonex Technology Corporation (“Protonex”) – today announced that the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO-Soldier) has received signature approval for its Mobile Soldier Power Program of Record to full rate production status, commonly known as “Milestone C”.


This Program of Record includes a number of new devices focused on improving power and energy management on and around the soldier, including Protonex’ Squad Power Manager Kit (SPM-622), conformal wearable batteries, and man-worn power and data distribution devices, such as Protonex’ Vest Power Manager family.

SPM-622 Squad Power Manager
“With the digitization of the battlefield, the U.S. military identified a capability gap in energy and power management for its increasing array of electronic devices,” said Paul Osenar, President of Protonex. “Our Squad Power Manager is one of the solutions that fill this gap. Lightening the load of warfighters by eliminating many of the batteries, adapters and chargers they carry was a requirement that we identified years ago. We are excited to work with the Army to provide innovative and practical power solutions like our Squad Power Manager. The Milestone C designation now enables the U.S. Army to field the SPM-622 as part of the Mobile Soldier Power Program of Record in significant volume.”


The SPM-622 is a tough, versatile and agile power management device, weighing less than a pound and enabling military forces to manage and prioritize power use for various electronics devices – including portable radios, GPS systems, Medical and EOD equipment, and computers – from any available power source. In addition, the SPM-622’s ability to scavenge from vehicles, other batteries, solar panels and other energy sources allows military units to recharge mission essential batteries when resupply is unavailable or delayed. As a result, the U.S. Department of Defense and Allied militaries have deployed more than 5,500 Protonex SPM Power Manager Kits through the limited production phase of the program.


The small, light and intelligent SPM-622 system increases mobility and flexibility of the warfighter. The product fulfills a U.S. Army requirement that has been validated by deployed units engaged in combat operations in austere environments, delivering a number of high-priority benefits to military end-users that include: reliable power for a variety of electronic devices, including equipment for communications, medical, explosive ordinance detection and directed fires; lightened load due to reduced battery burden; reduced logistical strain in remote locations or austere environments as a result of the lower quantity and variety of batteries needed; increased energy independence; and increased operational and mission effectiveness.

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager was developed by Protonex and is manufactured at production facilities located in Southborough, Massachusetts.

Protonex Technology Corporation will be Exhibiting its PTX Expeditionary Power Solutions at Modern Day Marine, 19-21 September 2017 at the US Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA

Monday, September 18th, 2017


Protonex developed and manufactures the PTX line of rugged, intelligent, lightweight power management solutions for military use. These field-proven products include the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager that dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s warfighter; the ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger that allows end-users to charge all their batteries twice as fast, and at a lower price point than other field-ready battery chargers; and the VPM-402 Vest Power Manager that manages both data and power for communications and situational awareness systems.


Stop by Booth #1003 at MDM, and visit for further information.

Keep ‘Em Flying – PTX and ‘SkyRanger’ at DSEI

Friday, September 8th, 2017

PTX Power Management Technology Showcased at European Defense Expos

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Protonex to Exhibit at MSPO and DSEI

Protonex will be showcasing their world-leading PTX-series of intelligent power management solutions at the 2017 MSPO Expo, in Targi Kielce, Kielce, Poland, September 5-8, 2017 (booth F-18), and 2017 DSEI Expo, in London, UK, from September 12-15th (booth N4-221).


The annual four-day MSPO Expo in Poland showcases products for Land, Air and Sea Defense. Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is a world-leading bi-annual event that brings together experts in all defense and security domains from around the world.


Ray Summers, Director of Military Sales at Protonex stated;

“The adoption of our power management solutions by USSOCOM – as well as all branches of the conventional US military – has proven the ruggedness, effectiveness, and ease-of-use of our technology. The application of our power management solutions to the needs of EOD, Medical, Directed Fires, Unmanned Systems, and SOF Communications teams in the US has also spread to international Allied unit test and evaluation programs. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from the field, we decided to participate in these highly regarded European events in order to showcase our solutions to an even wider audience.”

Protonex’s PTX line of rugged, intelligent, lightweight power management solutions includes the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager that dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s warfighter; the ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger that allows end-users to charge all their batteries twice as fast, anywhere, and with half the energy; and the VPM-402 Vest Power Manager that manages both data and power for military communications and situational awareness systems.


The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager has also recently achieved “Safe-To-Fly Certification” by the United States Air Force for C-130H “Hercules” and C-130J “Super Hercules”. As the C-130 Hercules celebrated its 63rd birthday on August 23rd, this certification is particularly timely.


The Safe-To-Fly certification means that troops can plug their power managers into the aircraft’s power outlets while in-flight, without any danger of interference with the aircraft’s systems. With this capability in hand, troops can focus on their mission, reduce time spent dealing with batteries and shrink their overall equipment footprint. The award of this certification also enables medical personnel to utilize the SPM-622 Universal Austere Medical Power (UAMP) Kit to continue running lifesaving equipment during the flight phase of a medical evacuation.

PTX power management solutions from Protonex enable units to maintain constant operational effectiveness – while greatly reducing their battery burden and logistics footprint.

For more, information visit:

Never Run Out of Power in Austere Conditions

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Protonex is demonstrating the impressive capabilities of their PTX series of power management solutions for response and recovery teams and individuals alongside more than 15 others at the 4th biennial ‘Strike Challenge’ event at Camp Rilea this week.

Protonex has also donated a special one-of-a-kind custom Geissele 13″ S Mod MLOK Rail w/ PTX logo valued at $485 dollars for the event’s silent auction to benefit the ‘Racing for Heroes’ charity. To learn more about Racing for Heroes, visit:

To learn more about the PTX series of power management solutions, visit:

See Protonex at Warrior East

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Protonex Technology is coming to Virginia Beach
July 13th thru July 14th

See our PTX Power Management Solutions in action at the ADS Warrior East Show
Booth #1530
Virginia Beach Convention Center