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Quantico Tactical Veteran’s Day Sale

Friday, November 11th, 2016


AUSA – Spuhr AB Introduces Production QDP Mounts To Their Line

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

At SHOT Show, Spuhr exhibited pre-production versions of their new Quick Detach Picatinny series. The mounts have the same layout as their standard mounts. However, they’ve moved the side clamp from the right side to the left to avoid spent round ejection as well as any right side mounted controls.

In case you were wondering, this is the Spuhr QDP 4002 which offers 34mm tube compatibility and 1.5″ from centerline to top of Picatinny rail and no tilt. It’s shipping now, but additional models are coming.

One other difference is that they moved the logo on the QDP series in order to accommodate Spuhr interface holes for accessory mounting.

Spuhr AB products are available for unit and agency orders through Quantico Tactical.

MDM – TCI Bluetooth Module

Friday, September 30th, 2016

I was walking through the aisles at Modern Day Marine when I ran across the Quantico Tactical booth. It was like a mini trade show in itself, but one thing I wanted to get out right away was this Bluetooth Module for tactical comms headsets from Tactical Command Industries. It was set up as a component on a rig like you see below and was so unobtrusive I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it if Retired TACP Jim Price hadn’t pointed it out to me.

I picked it up to check it out. It’s super simple, connecting to the switch via a pigtail with just a few buttons to conncet your Bluetooth enabled device to the rest of your comms. The hardened three button design is standard with many commercially available Bluetooth headsets and earpieces and the buttons are large enough to be used with gloves on. It is rechargeable via mini USB.

Think about how often you use a cell phone. Now, you can integrate it into your gear, when needed. For some, it will be your primary comms. Others will fit it into the PACE structure somewhere. Shoot, some guys will connect their cell just so they can listen to music through their headphones.

Granted, this isn’t the first deployment of a means to integrate cell service. But this was designed by TCI to work specifically with their widely deployed dual communications architecture found in the later R.3 and the new R.4 dual push-to-talk systems. TCI’s dual communications system is specifically designed to separate the two audio channels so there is no shared connections and no physical or electronic way for audio from one channel to bleed into the transmission on the other. Additionally, their PTT’s incorporate a lock out feature that disables the opposite PTT switch from the one that is in use. Because of these features, a cellular device, which requires no PTT as the microphone is active once a call is placed/accepted, has its audio in mute mode while the other channel is in active use. This prevents radio traffic, either received or transmitted, from being heard on the cell phone. This feature keeps radio transmissions, which may be encrypted, off of the cell phone audio. That would be a major problem, enabling threats to work to undermine our encryption. This system is by far more secure than the common practice of using a cell phone by lifting up an earcup to talk on it. This may actually expose the phone to radio traffic that is not cleared for cell phone transmission resulting in inadvertant disclosure.

Finally, the module is impedance agnostic. It will work with both high and low impedance headsets. There is no need for an extra cable or impedance matching hardware to be incorporated.

The Blue Tooth Adapter from Tactical Command Industries is available for unit and agency purchase through Quantico Tactical.

Quantico Tactical at Modern Day Marine

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Booth #3203, don’t miss them.

SureFire Scout Lights Now Authorized for USAF Use

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

We just found out from Quantico Tactical that the SureFire Scout Light is now authorized for use with USAF weapons. For years, the only authorized weapon light for rifles and carbines was the Insight M3X. These SureFire Scout Light Kits are authorized for use on ALL M4/M4A1s throughout the Air Force, not just Security Forces and are a unit purchase. I’m told told pricing is very competitive for the SureFire light and a unit can get the aluminum light and remote switch for less than the incumbent light. This is big news for Airmen, regardless of command. I know EOY is right around the corner, but this is something worth looking at. 

The most recent USAF Small Arms and Light Weapons (SA/LW) Accessories List (Dated 15 April 2016) authorizes the below two configurations of the battle-proven Surefire Scout Light for use on all M4/M4A1s throughout the entire US Air Force.

M600 KIT 01 Consists of a Surefire M600V Scout Light coupled with a DS-SR07D-IT tailcap/remote switch. This combination gives you 350 Lumens of Visible Light and 120mW of IR illumination in a 7.2 ounce rugged hardcoat anodized package. The tailcap/tapeswitch controls both your Scout Light and PEQ-15. Additional feature include momentary or constant on via the rail-grabber waterproof switch, clock on/off on the tailcap and a system disable feature. Mounts directly to a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail and uses two CR123A batteries.

M600 KIT 02 consists of a Surefire M600U coupled with a UE07 tape switch. For those whose mission requires only visible light, this combination gives you 600 lumens of visible, focused light, a 7” remote tape switch and Surefire’s rugged durability. Mounts directly to a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail and uses two CR123A batteries.

Both configurations are available on Quantico Tactical’s GSA schedule, or for those who wish to use MILSTRIP/MIPRs via Quantico’s Defense Logstics Agency TLS Contract for Special Operational Equipment.

Quantico is running an introductory special GSA price of $399.25 for KIT 01 (Visible and IR) and $250.26 for KIT 01 (Visible).

For more information, download the flyer or e-mail GovtOps@QuanticoTactical.com


Marine South – Quantico Tactical / Vortex Optics

Monday, April 11th, 2016

Another interesting item I saw in the Quantico Tactical booth was this scope cap insert from Vortex Optics. These Dope Disks were announced awhile ago but I hadn’t seen any in the wild. They are designed to fit into the Vortex Defender Flip Caps which are offered in 44mm, 50mm and 56mm so they will fit a wide variety of optics. The Defender Flip Caps have two stop positions; 45 and 90 degrees. What’s really cool is that the removable Dope Disks can be custom ordered for different ammunition.

This and other weapon accessories are available via Quantico Tactical.

Marine South – Quantico Tactical / Ashbury Precision Ordnance

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

There were several of DLA’s Special Operations Tailored Logistics Systems vendors at Marine South. Quantico Tactical was one of them, and they also have several retail outlets across the country. They had all kinds of cool stuff in their booth but one of the things I wanted to point out to my readers is that they are offering Ashbury Precision Ordnance‘s line of products. One of these items is the RSTA-II Shooting Tripod Head. 


The 1.1 pound RSTA-II Tripod Head allows users to position long guns using the Rapid Control Handle (RCH) which can be set up for either right or left hand control. This versatile tripod head provides a positive locking ±35 degree head that can securely hold a 25+lbs long gun using a 6 o’clock accessory rail grabber, Pig Saddle or APO AnyPoint Bipod/Tripod Mount.



MDM – Quantico Tactical / Pat-Down Props

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015


Ran across this 16 piece kit in the Quantico Tactical booth. Pretty cool training aid that won’t give you a stick while conducting pat downs. Available through Quantico Tactical.

MDM – HSG / Quantico Tactical

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

High Speed Gear gave us a peek at their new Radio TACO. Coming early December, it stems from customer demand for a radio variant. Naturally, testers are already coming up with myriad ways to capitalize on its size and versatility.


Quantico Tactical Holds Weapons & Gear EXPOs This Fall

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

SSD Fall EXPOS 2015

Quantico Tactical has announced it’s bringing its Weapons & Gear EXPOs to seven locations throughout the United States at Quantico Tactical’s stores, through the months of September and October. The events are designed for Military and Law Enforcement, although they’re open to the general public, and allow these groups to interact with manufacturers, check out the latest gear and equipment, and make purchases, which includes close-out merchandise, free gifts, and registration to win gear and equipment.

Here’s a list of locations and dates for the upcoming Quantico Tactical EXPOs:

9/11-13 Junction City, KS – Near Fort Riley
9/11-13 Oceanside, CA – Near Camp Pendleton
9/18-20 Clarksville, TN – Near Fort Campbell
9/24-27 Woodbridge, VA – Near Quantico
9/25-27 Killeen, TX – Near Fort Hood
10/2-4 Lakewood, WA – Near Fort Lewis
10/9-10 Aberdeen, NC – Near Fort Bragg