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Raine MOLLE Cover for Tubes Cummerbunds

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Raine is launching a Kickstarter for our MOLLE Cover for Tubes™ Cummerbunds!

(Help us come up with a better name for this product. Write your suggestion in the comments section. If it’s selected, you will receive one as a thank you. Use a valid email address for us to contact you if your name is selected).

In development and testing for 2 years, the Raine MOLLE Cover for Tubes™ cummerbunds gives you back the MOLLE real-estate lost from using FirstSpear® Tubes™ quick release hardware on a plate carrier and body armor vest.

The MOLLE Cover is compatible with all FirstSpear® platforms, does not interfere with the Tubes™ quick release function, and securely attaches to Tubes™ cummerbunds like a second skin.


Adds back the MOLLE real-estate lost from using FirstSpear® Tubes™
Smooth quick release function
Covers and protects FirstSpear® Tubes™ hardware
Increases service life of Tubes™ hardware
Increased protection from accidental quick release opening of Tubes™ hardware
Attachment options compatible with MOLLE, FirstSpear® 6/12™, and 6/9™ platforms.
Ambidextrous (Can be used on the left or right cummerbund)
Colors: Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, and Multicam
Made in the USA
Patent Pending

Come see samples at SHOT Show, we have two booth locations.

Shot Show Main Floor, Booth # 20132 (Tues – Fri)
Shot Show Supplier Show Case, Booth # S1440 (Mon – Tues)

We are currently looking for dealers, distributors, companies that would like to have us integrate Raine designs into their product lines, and contract sewing customers.
Email us at to schedule a meeting.

FirstSpear®, Tubes™, 6/12™ and 6/9™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC. Products shown with these trademarks are built with FirstSpear Technology™.

Raine Inc Is Holding A Sale

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Raine Inc. is offering a limited time discount on chest rigs and plate carriers. The offer breakdown is as follows:

72PC-Tactical Plate Carrier with Cummerbund (ABU/Coyote/Black colors available)

Old Price: $224.00
New Offer: $159.99



Their 72PC carrier offers a wide range of benefits to the user. The carrier is designed with a top load zippered plate holder to keep the plates secure. The cummerbund feature includes a MOLLE panel for additional pouch space. Also, the user can find additional storage in the kangaroo slit pouch on the front.

SAPI/ESAPI Standard Plates Required

Small/ Medium Carrier Plate Dimensions
Small plate: 8.75” X 11.75”
Medium Plate: 9.5”X 12.5”

Large/XL Carrier Plate Dimensions
Large: 10.125” X 13.25”
XL: 11” X 14”

72ChestLG-Large Vector Laser Cut Chest Rig (Base Chest Rig color: Coyote Brown 498. Harness available in Multicam/Foliage Green/Coyote colors)
-18” wide MOLLE mounting

Old Price: $122.00
New Offer: $86.99

72ChestM-Small Vector Laser Cut Chest Rig (Base Chest Rig color: Coyote Brown 498. Harness available in Multicam/Foliage Green/Coyote colors)
-10” wide MOLLE mounting

Old Price: $117.00
New Offer: $66.99

The Vector Laser Cut Chest Rig is 25% LIGHTER than other standard MOLLE mounting platforms. In addition, the harness has an X-Harness configuration constructed with a 500D MOLLE back panel and mil-spec tubular webbing adjustment. If need be, their chest rigs can be snapped into another armor system with quick connect side release buckles.

SOFIC 2015 – Tribalco / Raine Inc – Marauder Adaptive Warfare System Plate Carrier

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Designed as a maritime plate carrier for the combat diver, the Marauder is made from hydrophobic materials. The Quick Release system should be familiar for divers as it features beads for tactile verification on all release handles.  

It incorporates tactical flotation aids on the cummerbunds as well as removable radio pouches.  
Internally, the Marauder has a removable passive cooling panel.   

Additionally, the plate pocket is example via bungee cord to accept different size plates.


Tribalco is the prime on this project which should be available commercially soon from

Raine Black Promos

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Raine Inc. is currently holding a couple of promos. First, if you register on the Raine Black website, you can receive a free embroidered Raine Black patch and a 20% off coupon code.

Additionally, they have revised their gun slings, and in honor of this they are running a 10% off sale for the slings. Use coupon code sling10 to apply the discount.

Raine Inc To Open New Manufacturing Center

Friday, March 21st, 2014

20MAR14 – What has been in the works for nearly a year is taking shape for Raine Inc. The addition of Scott Mello one year ago began the ball rolling for Raine Inc to look at a new state of the art manufacturing operation. With much deliberation, forethought, and careful consideration, Raine has decided Mayaguez, Puerto Rico will be the new home for these operations. Having previously ran Eagle Industries manufacturing operations in Mayaguez and collaborating with other companies on multiple manufacturing projects, Scott’s decision on the location came pretty easily.

Simply put, Raine has been growing considerably, and with that growth, relationships and programs are expanding simultaneously. With that advancement began a need for space and personnel capable of handling the expansion quickly, while increasing quality and production volume at the same time. The answer was simple in that the available personnel were a large factor in the decision making process. The skills of the people are what make Mayaguez a great tactical gear manufacturing area; they’ve been doing it for years. Their speed, accuracy, attention to detail, and quality put them at the top of the list in Raine Inc’s opinion. Something that we have found that is really exciting is that even though Scott hasn’t been operating there in a couple of years, the fondness and mutual respect has led many of Scott’s former staff and operators back to him. Scott is very excited to once again be part of these wonderful folk’s lives, and Raine Inc is excited to build its new relationship with them as well.

Our new facility, which is approximately 24,000 square feet, is located in the same industrial park that has housed multiple heavyweights in the tactical gear manufacturing industry before. Raine Inc has undertaken a very lengthy renovation of the facility and it is shaping up to be an outstanding place to work and make great kit. Construction is estimated to be completed in early April, and the new Raine PR will ramp up operations to start laying stitches end of April.

Raine Inc. BOK Preview

Saturday, December 14th, 2013


The BOK is a upcoming medical kit developed by Raine Inc in collaboration with members of AFSOC. It is a two-part system composed predominately of 500D Cordura nylon and 4-way stretch fabric from Duro. It mounts to a belt using standard MOLLE with tuck tabs, and large, tight elastic loops with hook tape tabs.

The aid kit portion features an “ambi-pull” which allows the user to reach down with either hand to extract the aid kit from the sleeve. The 4-way compression of the sleeve keeps the aid kit in place, along with a small amount of hook and loop internally.

The BOK will be available soon on

MDM – Raine Inc

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


Raine Inc has introduced a combination Single Mag Pouch and Dump Pouch which places the dump pouch right below your initial reload magazine. They didn’t skimp on the construction either. The mag pouch is manufactured from printed webbing with elastic sides for retention and the Dump Pouch portion is 500D Cordura. Naturally, it’s Berry compliant.


Look for Raine Inc at the Maneuver Conference

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Those of you lucky enough to be attending this year’s Maneuver Conference at Ft Benning, GA be sure to check out Raine Inc’s new line of tactical gear in booth #420. They continue to surprise me through innovation.