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Remote Medical International Releases a Catalog You Can Use

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

RMI just released a new catalog for those operating downrange. Since medics are the second largest MOS in the military, RMI thought it would be a good idea let our readers in on it. First off, it’s handbook (not phone book) sized so that medics and clinic folks won’t have a hard time fitting it in their travel gear or medical kits as they deploy. There are also a few handy reference charts for prescription names, drugs, and international conversions. As the catalog grows, they’ll continue to add useful content so that it can double as a remote site rescue reference manual.

If that wasn’t cool enough, RMI is generously offering a 10% discount for all SSD readers through the end of January 2012. Use discount code SOLDIERSYS12.

To order your catalog visit

Whiskey 5 – Remote Medical International

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Remote Medical International

RMI is a medical and rescue company focused on individuals and organizations working or playing where a hospital is not an option. RMI provides training, equipment, staffing, telemedicine, and a pharmacy for those operating in these difficult areas.

Training: RMI is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard, Wilderness Medical Society, and Veteran’s Administration. Depending on the course, our training topics include remote area medicine and rescue, rope access and rescue, armored vehicle extrication, and offshore medicine. RMI holds a variety of public courses ranging from our introductory Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) course for aspiring medical professionals and offshore medics, to our Remote Medicine for the Advanced Provider (RMAP) course for advanced medical providers such as nurses and physicians. Private courses are also available upon request and instructor availability. Training provided to Federal agencies is offered under our GSA Schedule GS-02F-0091T.

Equipment & Supply: RMI is an authorized distributor for over 150 manufacturers, an FDA licensed pharmacy, is capable of shipping worldwide, and provides e-commerce access with contract pricing. RMI’s equipment and supply division works with land-based, maritime, and aviation clients to determine the most appropriate equipment for their diverse operating environments. RMI kits everything from Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK), complete clinics operating on 240V, to ruggedized diesel ambulances built for the extremes of Antarctica. If it involves medicine and rescue, RMI can source it for your unique operating environment. For Federal agencies, RMI holds two GSA schedules for equipment: V797P-4982a and GS-07F-0280U.

Staffing: RMI employs a full onsite medical support staff for deployment to austere areas. Available for short or long term projects, RMI provides Wilderness EMTs, EMT-Intermediates, EMT-Paramedics, physician assistants, and physicians. Current and past projects and clients include Arctic research, offshore seismic research, the U.S. Department of Defense, natural disasters, and anthropological expeditions

Telemedicine: RMI ACCESSâ„¢ is a 24/7/365 telephone and data service that immediately connects clients to case managers and emergency physicians experienced in remote care. In addition to emergency case management, ACCESSâ„¢ provides clients with worldwide physician, clinic, and hospital referrals.

Whether you want the whole package or to shop a-la-carte, RMI staff will work with you to determine the most appropriate medical package for your project or mission.

RMI is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and currently provides services on six continents and five major oceans. Training courses are held in the Cascade Mountains between Seattle and the Canadian border. RMI’s distribution center is in Seattle with satellite sites in the continental United States, Great Britain, and Dubai.

RMI was founded in 2003 by paramedic Andrew Cull. After serving throughout the Northwest as a paramedic, he believed there could be drastic improvements in the area of wilderness medical education. Andrew began a training company and it slowly grew into a turnkey asset for individuals and companies working in difficult areas. Over the years, Andrew made it a company policy to hire experts in the industries RMI serves. From expedition climbers to special operations medics to health and safety experts, RMI employs individuals that understand your mission.

RMI understands that medicine is all that we do and not all that you do. When a mission goes well, it’s “high-fives” and beers. When a mission goes bad, it goes really bad. Whether it’s equipment, training, or staffing, RMI is committed to preparing you for the worst