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Revolution House Media Selected as PR Agency to Launch Social-Driven Solar Brand in the US

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

[SAN FRANCISCO, CA, FEB 27, 2018]– WakaWaka, a social-driven B-Corp from The Netherlands, distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, has selected Revolution House Media as its public relations partner for the US. Founded in 2012, WakaWaka has distributed its award-winning solar powered chargers, lights, power banks and panels to over 250 humanitarian projects in more than 60 countries, providing safe and sustainable light and energy sources to over 1 million people. From Africa to Syrian refugee camps, to Haiti and Puerto Rico, the contributions of WakaWaka have helped boost family and community health while providing longer productive hours.

Translating to “shine bright” in Swahili, WakaWaka was founded by Maurits Groen, climate and sustainability expert and Netherland’s Most Sustainable Person 2015 according to Dutch newspaper Trouw, and Camille van Gestel, product development specialist, to fight climate disruption. Kerosene lamps and stoves are pollutive and impose health risks. One-third of the world’s population does not have access to electricity or reliable electricity. As part of WakaWaka’s mission to increase access to sustainable energy worldwide, the brand uses a percentage of sales to donate at least 10,000 products (lights or power) each year to people living in humanitarian crisis. Consumers have the ability to choose the project where their purchase will have the greatest impact, including areas hit by natural disasters. Most recently, WakaWaka teamed up with the Sierra Club to send over $2000 worth of light and power to Puerto Rico. Learn more by visiting www.waka-waka.com/sharethesun.

Included in the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 list of the most innovative and promising ideas in clean technology, WakaWaka’s product line includes solar panels, power banks, lights and chargers for outdoor adventurers, travelers and those looking for sustainable personal power options. The brand’s patented Intivation Sunboost Chip, combined with 22% solar panel efficiency, provides the industry’s most efficient solar chargers.

“WakaWaka’s commitment to empowering those living without reliable electricity, along with its dedication to sustainability, is really what attracted us to the brand,” said Revolution House Media founder, Kate Ketschek. “Their patented technology and industry-leading performance are sure to gain the attention of outdoorists and travelers alike in the US. Personally, the Power+ saved me from sure media relations ruin as my phone would threaten to die at the end of each day at Outdoor Retailer!”

“Having heard nothing but positive feedback and great stories about Revolution House Media from current partners and industry affiliates, we didn’t hesitate to start working with Kate,” said WakaWaka Global Sales Manager Retail, Alexander de Gaay Fortman. “Her track record speaks for itself, and for a small but strong upcoming brand like WakaWaka, we needed to work with someone who knows the outdoor space in North America through and through. Kate showed us at Outdoor Retailer that she has a creative approach to her work, immediately inviting us to her impactful and fun Roller Derby Media event.”

Combat Flip Flops Announces Production Update, New Partnerships

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

In this business my arch nemesis is a well written press release because there isn’t much you can do with it except post it. The guys at Combat Flip Flops have brought Revolution House Media to work their PR issues. Some of you may know Revolution House Media’s Kate Ketschek from NEMO Equipment. She recently left to start her own agency and kept NEMO as a client which speaks volumes. While she may not be a media mogul yet, she’s aces in my book and already doing a bang up job for CFF.

So here it is, in all its glory, everything you wanted to know about Combat Flip Flops but were afraid to ask.


{Issaquah, WA} Combat Flip Flops, a company built on the premise of Business, Not Bullets, has announced an update on production and new partnerships with Magner Sanborn for brand development and Revolution House Media for public relations.

Combat Flip Flops Background

Started by two Army Rangers and a Bass player from Montana, Combat Flip Flops was born on a trip to Afghanistan in 2010. While working with Remote Medical International, Matthew Griffin, ‘Griff’, toured an Afghan-owned boot manufacturing plant where he saw a factory worker wearing a makeshift pair of flip flops using the sole of a combat boot – the idea was born.

Production Update

Combat Flip Flops’ goal is to manufacture in Afghanistan with the belief that a strong economy will sustain the gains made over the last decade. As international forces withdraw in 2014, the mature Afghan National Army and Police are taking the lead. Footwear manufacturers in Kabul depend heavily on military contracts, so any decrease in volume has a huge impact on operations. Unfortunately, the decline came faster than expected and the plant where Combat Flip Flops were about to begin production, could not sustain operations on supplemental flip flop volume alone. In response, the Combat Flip Flop team went to work in December designing and building a micro-manufacturing facility in Issaquah, WA to fulfill the backlogged orders.

While current production is in WA, the team intends to expand production to Afghanistan, Libya and Syria in the next few years, based on demand. With the new micro-manufacturing model in place, the company has a template that can be easily and affordably applied to new locations.

The first round of production is wrapping up at the Issaquah, WA facility. Direct to consumer orders started shipping mid-February and all are expected to be fulfilled by March 1. Consumers can now order directly through Combat Flip Flops’ website and spring wholesale orders will be to US retailers by the end of March. Combat Flip Flops’ distribution channel includes small specialty outdoor and fashion boutiques. You will not find their product through discount channels or at big box/online retailers. The first production run will top out at 3000 pairs, which they expect will sell out by June. Current US retail partners include US Elite and Mission Ready.
New Partnerships

Magner Sanborn. Named 2012 Best Small Advertising Agency in the West by Ad Age, Magner Sanborn is a full service advertising and brand design agency made up of writers, designers, technologists, anthropologists, thinkers and doers. Priding itself on not being everything to everyone, Magner Sanborn works with clients to better identify and connect with their customer. For Combat Flip Flops, they helped re-create its brand identity, voice and graphic standards.

“It took us all of two seconds during our first meeting with the Combat Flip Flops team to see that they were committed to creating a brand unlike any other. At every level it reflects the story of their lives as Army Rangers and humanitarians. And while their whole business model stemmed from a desire to a greater good, they were also committed to a sound business model expressed as a disruptive brand. The logo identity needed to reflect that. So, we drew inspiration from military icons – in this case the chevron – that conveyed confidence, modernism and energy. And, of course, it needed to be unique from other brandmarks,” said Ward Duft, creative director, Magner Sanborn.

Revolution House Media. Started by Kate Ketschek, Revolution House Media focuses on building recognition and increasing market share for innovative brands in the outdoor, tactical and lifestyle markets. Delivering quantifiable results through media relations, editorial coverage, social media management and strategic partnerships, RHM works with partner brands to put the best communications plan in place to reach its goals.

“We are psyched to work with Kate to position the brand in the outdoor and fashion channels. From the first meeting, we knew she was part of the team. A general love of what she does and the ability to connect the right people at the right time, we’re confident she’ll help us establish our presence in a very competitive space,” said Matthew Griffin, CEO, Combat Flip Flops.

The Flip Flops

The handcrafted flip flops have cowhide leather decks, an EVA medium density midsole, and combat boot grade rubber treads to be long lasting and rugged. Adorned with embellishments like chrome poppies and hand grenades, the flops range from subtle to capable of being seen from space on a cloudy day. Each model ties in to the Afghan culture, creating a connection with the wearer.

Using non-traditional assembly methods, including old aircraft ovens and hand labor, the full line of men’s and women’s models are assembled by hand and offer a level of craftsmanship that is hard to come by these days. For sales inquiries, please contact Griff at 206-522-5500 or visit www.combatflipflops.com to pick out your favorite pair. They’re bad for running and worse for fighting.