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Rampart Range Day 18 – Schuberth Helmets

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Schuberth manufactures motorcycle, police and military helmets. Consequently, they often share technologies across the three different types of helmets. With how riots are dealt with becoming more prominent in society, Schuberth has introduced the HMK 150 which combines their P100N Riot Helmet with an Avon C50 respirator. It is manufactured to meet the strict standards of the 2011 General Technical Guidelines for Police Engineering.

Schuberth developed an exoskeleton for the respirator so that the soft rubber would move with the helmet and not break a seal when the wearer moved his head. The shell and mask are offered in three different sizes.

You’ll notice quite a few technologies from the motorcycle business like the energy absorbing EPS foam liner, which is offered in 11 different sizes for a proper fit. Additionally, all of the components are FR, including the shell, padding, no-fog visor and rigid neck shield which incorporates aramid to protect from thrown objects. In fact, the helmet is designed for liquids (especially burning liquids) to flow to the rear and off the helmet. Additionally, the helmet can be maintained by the wearer.

Although not shown, Schuberth also offers an FR comms headset for use with their helmets.

Schuberth Helmets are available in Canada from Rampart Corp.