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Rampart Range Day – Serket

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Serket’s new Extreme Cold Weather Hinge Balaclava has been tested in Alaska by the U.S. Army where it offered protection down to -40 deg F. While it isn’t a membrane fabric it does offer excellent wind resistance (4.5 cfm) on par with membrane fabrics.  

The material has a fleece on the inside for comfort and is water resistance. The real innovation is the stiffenes in the external shroud that not only directs the exhale down and away from goggles but also keeps exhaled air from flowing upward and fogging eye wear. The balaclava is not FR but Serket is investigating appropriate materials pending a requirement from the field.

MDM – SERKET – Filmbulvetr Snow Shoes

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

SERKET is introducing snow shoes from Norwegian company Filmbulvetr which is Old Norse for The Great Winter. How rad is that?


All stress testing is done at -40 Deg (oddly enough both Celsius and Fahrenheit intersect at minus 40). Manufactured from DuPont thermoplastic, there aren’t a lot of moving pieces yet there is both fore and aft as well as lateral movement in the binding, it will float 330 lbs vice the 250 lbs for most snow shoes.

US production is slated for Spring 2015.

SERKET Offering EOY Specials on Socks

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

SERKET USA offers some great socks and now they have a special for End of Fiscal Year.


DENVER – August 26, 2014 – Serket USA, engineers of intelligent uniform, clothing, personal and protective systems for the military and tactical markets, is offering two limited-time offers on their popular line of Merino wool socks.


Serket socks use the highest quality US Merino wool fibers combined with state-of-the-art spinning and knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft Merino products. A special spinning process produces more Merino fibers per inch, creating remarkably soft wool that is never scratchy, itchy or bulky and more resistant to pilling and wear than traditional wool.

Available in Tropical, Light, Medium and Heavy Weights, and available in Desert Sand, Coyote Brown, Predator Tan and Black, Serket socks are meticulously engineered to effectively interface with a variety of boots in a broad array of climactic conditions. Made in the USA with hearty Rocky Mountain, Berry compliant Merino wool blends, Serket socks are specially engineered for the demands of the military and elite LE customer, and offer exceptional comfort, durability and breathability.

Serket is offering two end-of-fiscal-year specials available now, through September 30, 2014.
Baker’s Dozen: Order 12 mid-calf Serket socks (Tropical, Light, Mid or Heavy Weight) and receive the 13th pair free.
Crew Special: Mid-weight, crew-height socks in Sand and heavy-weight, crew-height socks in black are now 30% off.

Based on availability. Some restrictions apply. Contact for more details and ordering information.

MDM – Serket

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Serket showed us their new Integrated Knee Pad developed in conjunction with Unequal Technologies. Serket relies smart engineering and solid partnerships with others industry to offer a better mousetrap but you may not have heard of Unequal Technologies. Their mission is to develop products to protect the human body from pain and injury by offering unique impact attenuation technologies originally developed to offer high-impact protection for those in the military. Interestingly, they were quickly adapted for innumerable sports applications. Today, you’re just as likely to find Unequal Technologies on a Soldier in theater as you are on an NFL quarterback.

Serket and Unequal joined forces to offer a state-of-the-art 3-Layer composite technology. The Serket-Unequal Integrated Knee Pad (IKP) system offers up improved comfort and performance over existing knee/extremity systems – including ballistic protection – an important feature that is missing from commercially available systems currently on the market. Additionally, that same Kevlar insert also resists punctures. Despite these advantages, the Serket-Unequal IKP is about the price as existing systems.

You can see the Kevlar layers embedded in this cross section of the IKP.

Serket-Unequal IKP spec details:
• Integrated ballistics available in two systems:
o 2 grain – 1,000 feet per second frag protection
o 17 grain – 1,150 feet per second frag protection
• Puncture resistance at least four-times higher than existing commercially available systems – including hard shell systems
• State-of-the-art plastomer material is comfortable, soft and pliable in a variety of temperatures, so it easily bends with the wearer’s knee
• Impact protection minimization of energy severity index and G force vs exiting commercially available systems
• Flame resistant
• Anti-microbial and anti-fungal
• One piece closed cell construction won’t absorb water/perspiration – avoiding weight gain and induction of bacterial/fungi
• Cost: comparable to other existing commercially available systems

The Serket-Unequal IKP will work in conjunction with traditional IKP-ready combat pants, and this fall, Serket will introduce its own combat pant that not only works with the IKP, but can be used with existing pants.

The Serket-Unequal IKP is available now as a COTS solution.

SOFIC – Serket Displays Prototype FR Kryptek Combat Uniform in Tencate Booth

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013


The Tencate booth features a prototype combat uniform design by Serket in Defender-M fabric printed in the Kryptek Highlander pattern.

SERKET Teams With Sock Manufacturer Point6

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Serket has unveiled their line of Berry compliant US Merino wool socks, designed specifically for the specialized demands of the armed forces and elite law enforcement in collaboration with Point6.

Serket-Point6 ad

“Serket set out to find the best wool sock in the outdoor industry and all roads led straight to Point6,”said Serket President, Trey Harris. “Point6 founder Peter Duke is one of the originators of the high-performance, high-quality Merino wool sock. This partnership allows Serket to bring the best the outdoor industry has to offer to the men and women of the armed forces.”

The Serket line of socks use the highest quality Merino wool fibers combined with state-of-the-art spinning and knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft Merino products. A high-tech spinning process allows for implementation of more Merino fibers per inch, creating remarkably soft wool that is never scratchy, itchy or bulky and more resistant to pilling and wear than traditional wool. I’ve been wearing the two models shown in the photos for the past few weeks and they are great. Granted, I’m quite familiar with the Point6 brand, and won’t hesitate to recommend them. My experience with Point6 is that they are heardwearing yet very comfortable.

Serket Tan

Available in Light, Mid and Heavy Weights, the socks are offered in a variety of heights to effectively interface with a variety of boots and climates. Serket socks are made in the USA with both TAA compliant and Berry compliant Merino wool blends.

-Light, medium and heavy weights
-Mid-calf and lower calf or crew heights
-100% domestically sourced Merino wool
-Engineered with a precise anatomical fit
-Unique looped toe closure which eliminates sewn seam and irritation over toes
-Extra cushioning under foot and around leg to protect against pressure points and boot chaffing
-Ankle brace
-Ventilation panels
-Reinforcement in wear areas
-Arch support
-Deep heel pocket
-Exceptional cross stretch
-Naturally anti-microbial and odor resistant with superior moisture management capabilities
-Available colors include Coyote Brown, Desert Sand, Predator Tan and Black.
Serket Black 2

Early evaluation among users in the military and LE communities has yielded very positive reviews. A forward deployed operator with NSW Team Four remarked, “I am highly impressed with the Serket-Point6 sock. It holds up well, remains comfortable and seems to be the best balance I have seen between comfort and durability. “
For more information or to hear what other customers have to say about the Serket sock, contact them at .

SERKET Racing Announces Crye Precision Sponsorship

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

SERKET Racing has just announced a sponsorship deal with Crye Precision that will see the team’s 2012 Porsche GT3 cup car wrapped in MultiCam.


“We are very excited to enter into this relationship with Crye Precision,” said driver and Marine veteran, Mark Llano. “With their commitment to creating high quality tactical gear that keeps our soldiers safe in the field and their dedication to the veterans’ community, Crye Precision
embodies the very ideals that SERKET Racing was founded on: excellence and dedication. I look forward to working with their team and having a good run in the November 18th Formula One support race in Austin, Texas.”

Started by former Marine Mark Llano, and Randy Webb, the SERKET racing team competes with the goal of raising awareness and assistance for those who have honorably served and sacrificed for our country: military veterans and their families. Veteran owned and operated, SERKET Racing is aware of the obstacles that veterans face upon their return home and teams with numerous local, state and national charities to develop and implement innovative programs to assist these veterans and their families in their time of need.

Gregg Thompson, Crye Precision Director said, “We are incredibly proud to join SERKET Racing and the NGT Motorsport race team in this effort. We’ve worked closely with Mark Llano for years to develop and deliver innovation for the warfighter and couldn’t be more excited to continue this tradition of excellence and integrity. Mark and his team are the ideal ambassadors to spread this message of gratitude to these heroes and we are simply glad to be a part of it.”



Monday, June 18th, 2012

Relative industry newcomer SERKET specializes in Berry compliant tactical clothing, particularly FR solutions. Already, they have a wide variety of base layer products available.

Additionally, you may recall that SERKET partnered with the World War II Foundation to support the Richard Winters Leadership Monument in Normandy, France.