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SIG SAUER Introduces the “New Face of Freedom”: The TREAD Rifle

Monday, October 1st, 2018

SIG SAUER Introduces the “New Face of Freedom”: The M400 TREAD Rifle Featuring a Full Line of Accessories

Newington, N.H. (October 1, 2018) –

Today, SIG SAUER, Inc. introduced the M400 TREAD, a premium entry-level rifle, accompanied by a full-line of TREAD branded accessories that gives the consumer the freedom to grow.

“SIG SAUER has created a premium rifle, at a moderate price point, that is packed with innovation and flexibility, and does not sacrifice the quality that our consumers demand from SIG,” began Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President SIG SAUER, Inc. “The base model of the TREAD is loaded with features that would be considered costly upgrades from our competitors base model. At this price point, most rifles are equipped with a barrel mounted sight post that blocks your field of view when using optics. Right out of the box, the TREAD features a factory-installed, aluminum, free floating M-LOK™ handguard for improved accuracy, and can be easily removed with two hex screws to change out to the TREAD accessory option.”

The M400 TREAD is an optics ready, aluminum frame rifle. TREAD features a 16” stainless steel barrel with a free-floating M-LOK handguard, a single-stage polished/hard-coat trigger, ambidextrous controls, a Magpul™ SL-K 6 position telescoping stock, a mid-length gas system, and is available in 5.56 NATO.

“It was important to us that TREAD owners had the freedom to easily, and affordably, tailor their rifle for their preferences. With this launch, we have created a full line of TREAD branded accessories that gives our consumers the freedom to grow, and customize their TREAD rifle. The TREAD accessories are premium interchangeable parts that require no specialty tools or armorer training, and are available for purchase with the TREAD rifle in stores today,” continued Taylor. “This rifle, combined with the accessories, both premium SIG SAUER products offered at a budget-friendly price, will set a new standard for the industry, and our entire TREAD brand can best be defined as the new face of freedom.”

The TREAD branded accessories include: an M-LOK handguard with lightening cuts to reduce weight, available in 13” and 15” lengths; a 3 chamber compensator; an ambidextrous charging handle made of aircraft grade aluminum and a dual roll pin design; a ROMEO5 optic featuring a 2MOA dot with ten illumination settings, MOTAC, and 50k battery life; flip-up front and rear iron sights that are easy to install, adjustable, and deploy quickly; an M-LOK front sight adapter with co-witness height made of lightweight aluminum; multiple configurations of M-LOK grip kits made of high strength polymer; and a factory upgraded flat blade, single stage trigger.

M400 TREAD Rifle Specs:
• Total Length: 30.8”
• Barrel Length: 16”
• Weight (incl. magazine): 7lbs
• Height: 7.5”
• Width: 2.5”
• Barrel Twist: 1:8”
MSRP: $951.00

M400 TREAD Branded Accessories Specs (all prices MSRP):
• M-LOK Handguard 15”: $149.00
• M-LOK Handguard 13”: $149.00
• ROMEO 5 Optic: $149.00
• Adjustable Flip-Up Sights: $149.00
• Single-Stage Trigger: $119.99
• Ambidextrous Charging Handle: $49.00
• 3 Chamber Compensator: $49.00
• M-LOK Front Sight Adapter: $29.00
• M-LOK Hand-Stop Kit: $29.00
• M-LOK Vertical Grip Kit: $29.00

The M400 TREAD and TREAD accessories is available in retail stores. The full-line of TREAD rifle accessories and TREAD branded apparel can also be purchased at sigsauer.com.

Live Fire – USSOCOM Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG)

Thursday, September 20th, 2018


I recently had the opportunity to fire the newly selected USSOCOM Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG), built by SIG SAUER. It’s based on an MCX upper receiver group and is designed specifically to work with the suppressor attached. The suppressor is considered integral to the design. However, the direct thread suppressor is removable by the operator, for cleaning and maintenance. The weapon is also capable of firing without the suppressor, however there is no muzzle device. In that case, there is a gas selector, which will most often be used to deal with ammunition issues.


For the units receiving SURG, they’ll mate it to their issue M4A1 carbine lowers, giving them access to the MCX piston driven upper.


Here’s a video of me firing SURG in fully automatic mode. The upper is paired with a SIG full-auto M400 lower receiver due to availability at SIG Academy. You’ll also notice the adapter knuckle which allows the MCX upper to fit on an AR lower. Don’t take anything away from my smiling demeanor, I always look like that. And yes, it is front heavy; every firearm equipped with a suppressor shares this trait.

Although it’s not the intent, even after several magazines, the suppressor shroud could still be touched with the barehand. All the same, I don’t recommend you do this at home. Lots of variables are going to influence how hot the barrel, suppressor and shroud become and how quickly.


Instead, what this does demonstrate is that the shroud will mitigate injury and damage to equipment caused by a hot suppressor. It’s success is a combination of design and materials. There’s plenty of room for the heat to dissipate, and the Aramid cord wrap resists melting or sticking to other surfaces.


Due to SOCOM concerns, SIG is still being tight lipped about performance data, but it had to meet some very stringent selection criteria, which I went over when the upper was selected in August.


Once the SOCOM contract is fulfilled, SIG plans to offer SURG for commercial sale. However, don’t expect it to come cheap.

US Army Selects 6 Companies For Sub Compact Weapon Prototype Opportunity

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Late last week, the Army notified six companies that they were selected to participate in the Sub Compact Weapon Prototype Opportunity.

Those companies are:
Angstadt Arms
Global Ordnance, LLC
Shield Arms
Trident Rifles, LLC

It is important to note that the companies have been notified they were selected and it is still up to them to accept the Army’s offer to participate. So far, we don’t have verification that all of the contractual agreements have been executed.

The Weapons
Interestingly, Trident Rifles will also offer a weapon from Swiss manufacturer Brugger & Thomet along with B&T USA.


We fully expect the B&T offerings to be APC9 models (SD and K) and the SIG weapon to be an MPX derivative.


Two of the companies build AR-style 9mm Sub Guns; Angstadt manufactures the UDP-9, and Shield Arms makes the SA9K.

Angstadt UDP-9

Global Ordnance is the unknown, but word is that they may have an MP-5 variant.

The Requirement
While the requirement for a Sub Compact Weapon has been in the books for years, it finally got off to a somewhat rocky start earlier this year. Initially, the Army offered limited contracts to multiple companies (here and here) for evaluation samples. Then, the Army rescinded the offers and issued a Prototype Opportunity Notice.

According to the requirement, the Sub Compact Weapon is a highly concealable 9mm system capable of engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal force while accurately firing at close range with minimal collateral damage.

If you’re curious what the weapon will be used for, it’s because United States military operations take place worldwide and in all types of terrains as well as under every environmental condition. The Secretary of the Army and/or the Chief of Staff approves senior commanders and key personnel as High Risk Personnel (HRP). HRPs are authorized a Personal Security Detail (PSD), which are assigned to guard against outlined threats. To address this operational need, PSD military personnel require weapons with greater lethality than pistols that are more concealable than rifles.

The PON calls for delivery of 15 weapons within 30 days, with the purchase of 350 weapons at a time (if a solution is selected) up to 1,000 total weapons. Beyond the delivery of the initial prototypes there is no hard schedule.

SIG SAUER Releases M17 Video Series, “The Chosen One”

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Newington, N.H. (September 12, 2018) – SIG SAUER is excited to announce the release of the M17 video series, “The Chosen One.” The four-part series is a documentary, created in conjunction with the civilian release of the P320-M17, which chronicles the U.S. Army’s exhaustive search for a new sidearm.


“The selection of the P320-M17 as the handgun for America’s soldiers was a historic moment for the U.S. Army, and also for SIG as a company. This video series tells the story of the P320-M17 and archives the comprehensive selection process that was undertaken by the U.S. Army,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “It’s a tremendous honor to support the mission of the U.S. Army and provide the handgun that protects those who serve our country in harm’s way.”

The M17 “The Chosen One” episode guide is as follows:

Episode One – The Search Begins: A historical review of the U.S. Army’s sidearm leading up to the search for a new modular handgun system to meet the demands of the modern battlefield.

Episode Two – The Chosen One: The search for the U.S. Army’s new sidearm begins and SIG SAUER develops the modular handgun system that would become – The Chosen One.

Episode Three – The M17 Enters Service: The M17 is officially placed into service with the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Episode Four – Own a Piece of History: The M17 is bringing a new level of capability and adaptability to the battlefield helping to keep America’s soldiers safe, and now civilians can own a piece of history with the P320-M17.

The complete M17 video series, “The Chosen One” can be viewed at sigsauer.com, and on all of the official SIG SAUER social media channels.

Lena Miculek Earns a High Lady Title for Team SIG at the 2018 SIG SAUER Pro AM with SIG SAUER Match Elite Pistol Competition Ammunition

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Newington, N.H. (August 27, 2018) – SIG SAUER Inc. congratulates Team SIG member, Lena Miculek, for her first place finish in the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Division at the 2018 SIG SAUER Pro Am Shooting National Championship held August 17th – 19th, at the South River Gun Club in Covington, Georgia. The 2018 SIG SAUER Pro Am marks the first competition Miculek used the newly released SIG SAUER Match Elite Pistol Competition Ammunition.

“This was my first time competing at the Pro Am Shooting National Championship and I really enjoyed the intensity of the competition. The fast pace really complemented my style of shooting which helped me earn the High Lady title for the PCC division,” said Miculek. “This was also my first competition using the new SIG SAUER Match Elite Pistol Competition Ammunition, and through 9 stages and almost 300 pieces of falling steel, this proved to be the ultimate competition load.”


To claim first place in the PCC Ladies Division, Miculek competed using a SIG SAUER MPX Carbine, ROMEO1 Optic, and the SIG SAUER Match Elite Pistol Competition Ammunition. The 2018 SIG SAUER Pro Am Shooting National Championship is a high-speed competition, with a challenging course of fire, devised of all steel targets, where the competitor has to continually move and reload.

“It’s great to watch Lena develop as a professional shooter, enter new competitions, and earn more wins for Team SIG,” added Tom Taylor Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “Just like Max Michel, Lena worked with our product management team to develop the Match Elite Pistol Competition Ammunition. It’s great to see the ammunition perform at such a high level and put another first place finish behind this winning formula.”

The SIG SAUER Match Elite Pistol Competition ammunition, used by Lena Miculek at the 2018 SIG SAUER Pro Am National Shooting Championship, is only available at sigsauer.com for $29.99 per box of 50 rounds. Cases of 10 boxes will be available for purchase.

The SIG P320-M17 – The Chosen One Video Series – The Search Begins

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

In this first episode of a four part series on the Modular Handgun System, SIG discusses the history of pistols in the US Army and what led to the selection of the M17.


SIG SAUER and Aquaterro Announce Landmark Small Arms Agreement for Australia

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

SIG SAUER, Inc. of Newington, NH, USA, and Aquaterro of Melbourne, VIC, Australia; have announced an agreement to manufacture, assemble, upgrade, and support of small arms platforms and capability systems for the duration of the Capability Life Cycle. This landmark agreement is a demonstration of commitment by both SIG SAUER and Aquaterro to the Australian Defence Force. For the first time, the Australian Defence Force will be able to access the best, modular, integrated firearms solutions quickly, delivering small arms overmatch to Australia’s future soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, and law enforcement.

In 2017 SIG SAUER was chosen for the highly coveted U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System with the P320-based M17. This contract, worth $580 million U.S. Dollars (AUD $800m) was awarded to the P320-M17 for its unrivaled modularity, unmatched capability, and indisputable quality, and cemented the P320-M17 into the historical record of the world’s most innovative firearms. In 2018 the P320 X-Carry was selected by the Danish Ministry of Defence as their standard service pistol covering the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Operations Command as it outperformed the competition throughout their rigorous and stringent testing process.

The SIG MCX and MPX rifle platforms are the most sought after, modular, close quarters/PDW and urban tactical rifles in the world today. In July 2018 the SIG MCX Virtus Rifle System was awarded the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG) award by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for the existing M4A1 Carbine. The MCX SURG System will upgrade, and optimize military weapons for continuous, suppressed use on the battlefield. SIG SAUER is currently competing for the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle program that is intended to replace the M249 Minimi.

Aquaterro is the leading provider of operational, tactical, and safety equipment to government, military, and commercial end users in Australia and the Australasian Region. Aquaterro is a current contract holder and provider to Land 125 and Land 53 and the exclusive provider of systems and lifecycle support for SIG SAUER small arms integrated weapons to all Australian agencies.

The strategic partnership between SIG SAUER and Aquaterro will be further enhanced by Aquaterro’s new purpose-built facility (due to open in Q1 2019), and expanded highly-skilled workforce in South Eastern Melbourne. This expansion enables Aquaterro to offer turn-key, vertically integrated capability solutions for the Capability Streams sought by Land 159, Land 4108, and Land 1508, ensuring a qualitative edge to Australia’s warfighters.

First Look – USSOCOM’s New Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG) from SIG SAUER

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Late last week, the United States Special Operations Command announced they had awarded SIG SAUER a $49 million contract for Suppressed Upper Receiver Groups for the M4A1 weapon.

Here is the first photograph of the SURG in the wild. The SURG components are mounted to a generic AR-style lower receiver.


Based on the SOCOM requirement, SURG includes a 5.56mm NATO upper receiver group (URG) composed of upper receiver, barrel, operating system assembly and bolt/carrier assembly along with a sound suppressor (may be integral with barrel), operators manual and maintenance manual. In addition to the URG itself, candidate systems could include a folding stock if the operating system didn’t require use of the lower receiver extension, buffer and action spring.

As we can see here, SIG went a different direction than most and used an MCX piston driven upper with detachable suppressor and an MCX folding stock. As part of SURG, SOCOM will receive the folding stock and knuckle adapter for use with existing M4A1 lowers. The suppressor is covered with some sort of aramid-based mesh to protect the hand of the operator. When you get to the performance specs below, you’ll understand why this is so significant.

I’m now going to go over some of the requirements for SURG so you can see how SIG (and the other candidates) had to perform to win this solicitation.

SOCOM stipulated that SURG could be no more than 25.5 inches in length but that they preferred a system that was no more than 21.0 inches. The barrel has to be at least 11.5 inches in length and the weapon can’t weigh more than 7.0 pounds, but the preferred weight is just 4.5 pounds. It also needed to be Coyote 498 in color.

The real meat of the requirement is in the suppressor performance. First off, a SURG equipped M4A1 has to be optimized to fire the M855A1 and the MK318 MOD0 / MOD1 cartridges and be able to do so reliably for at least 1200 rounds without lubrication. Obviously, they also didn’t want anything that could vibrate loose. While the suppressor must be rebuildable, only one component of the suppressor has to be serialized but that part had to last the lifetime of an M4A1 lower receiver (125,000 rounds). The rebuildable components need to last at least 15,000 rounds but SOCOM further challenged industry to make them last for 20,000 rounds.

Additionally, a SURG equipped M4A1 shall not exceed 140 dB ten shot average sound pressure level at shooter’s ear during barrel life minimum (15,000 rounds).

In the past I’ve mentioned the so-called SOCOM suppressor torture or stress test. The SURG equipped M4A1 has to withstand at least 6 complete cycles of the firing schedule seen below below using MK318 MOD0 / MOD1 ammunition with SURG allowed cooling to 120°F after each cycle. However, SOCOM was hoping to complete 20 cycles.


The weapon firing MK318 MOD1 for 5 groups of 10 rounds each suppressed, has to average over the 5 groups no more than 1.50 MOA Extreme Spread (ES) beyond the ammunition Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) average ES at 300 yards. Also, it has to maintain a maximum ES Average of 1.50 MOA over LAT using MK318 MOD0 / MOD1 ammunition from 0 to 10,000 rounds fired.

In addition to that stress test, SURG has to prevent operator contact or sustained contact burns from the suppressor (or equivalent) through 1 layer of standard military duty uniform material after firing 210 rounds in 7 minutes at a rate of 1 round every 2 seconds ± 0.2 seconds. A contact burn will be defined as a peak temperature over 160°F in 1 second of contact. A sustained contact burn will be defined as a peak temperature over 160°F in 5 seconds of contact.

These stringent requirements, combining suppression, reliability, accuracy service life, and operator protection were very challenging for industry. It took three tries at bat for the SURG program to finally select a system. In the two earlier attempts, none of the systems could meet all of the program’s objectives. Kudos to SIG for putting together a winning system.