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Smith & Wesson Has Their “That’s Not What I Meant To Say” Moment

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Earlier this week, Smith & Wesson’s lawyers sent out a slew of Cease & Desist letters to companies that made modification to their M&P line of pistols as part of the Brownell’s M&P Dream Gun project. Specifically, S&W was concerned over use of their trademark.

It has recently come to Smith & Wesson’s attention that you have developed and are promoting for sale an “M&P Dream Gun,” (the “Infringing Product”). To create this product, you have modified an authentic Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistol by, inter alia, changing the grip texture and shape, machining the slide, and adding numerous accessories and replacement parts, while retaining the S&W Logo on the product. The December 18, 2015 Apex press release announcing this product and explaining Apex’s intent to exhibit the Infringing Product at the January 2016 SHOT Show exhibition is attached to this correspondence as Exhibit B. The numerous alterations made to the original design of Smith & Wesson’s firearms constitute not only unauthorized modifications to Smith & Wesson’s proprietary designs and misuse of Smith & Wesson’s trademarks, but present significant safety and quality concerns. Indeed, these modifications void the Smith & Wesson factory warranty on these products. Your advertisement and display of the Infringing Product to promote your gunsmithing services, and other products and services, constitutes misuse of Smith & Wesson’s trademarks and must cease.

But that wasn’t all. They went on to make some rather serious demands.

These intellectual property and safety and quality concerns are extremely serious and demand your immediate attention. Accordingly, we demand that you:

1. Confirm in writing that neither you nor any third party will display the Infringing Product, or any similar product, at the 2016 SHOT Show or make any other commercial display or promotion of such Infringing Product;

2. Cease the sale of any firearm modified by you or any other third party that bears any Smith & Wesson trademark, including, but not limited to the S&W® Marks or the M&P® Marks;

3. Turn over to Smith & Wesson your inventory of the Infringing Product, or any Smith & Wesson product modified by you in the first instance that bears any mark owned by Smith & Wesson.

If we do not hear from you by January 5, 2015, Smith & Wesson will pursue its rights and remedies to the fullest extent permitted by law without further notice to you.

Naturally, these letters hit the internet and the backlash was swift. Fortunately for S&W they jumped on the grenade and have released a joint statement with Brownell’s.

Smith & Wesson, Brownells Clarify Brownells/Apex Dream Gun Issue

James Debney, President and CEO of Smith & Wesson, said, “I would like to clarify that we fully support the Brownells Dream Guns Project and we appreciate that it showcases the many ways in which our customers – loyal fans of our M&P brand – can choose to customize their M&P firearms. Our decision to contact the companies that worked on the project was intended to protect the trademarks that support the M&P brand. When a product bears the Smith & Wesson and M&P trademarks and is purchased new with our lifetime service policy, we want to be sure that the consumer knows it has passed our demanding quality standards. In our efforts to protect that promise and to preserve the brand that we and our customers cherish, we did not fully understand the intent of the Dream Guns® Project and we overlooked the opportunity to convey our enthusiasm for the creativity and innovation that Brownells and all of the companies involved have demonstrated. We look forward to seeing the firearm on display at the upcoming SHOT Show in January and at the NRA in May.”

“Yesterday I spoke with James Debney, President of Smith & Wesson, who called me regarding the M&P Brownells/Apex Dream Gun®,” said Matt Buckingham, Brownells President. “It was a simple misunderstanding about the intention of the project. He made it clear that Smith & Wesson is excited to have their product featured in this fun and unique way. For our part, we are honored to include it in our Dream Gun lineup. Smith & Wesson is a legendary brand in this industry and we continue to be proud partners with them.”

Brownells Dream Guns are inspirational firearm builds to provide customization options and ideas for customers who may wish to personalize their own firearms. The guns are not sold as is, and are used on Brownells’ website and at tradeshows to display Brownells’ wide selection of items available to customize firearms.

To view Brownells’ full listing of Brownells Dream Guns, visit the Dream Gun Page at

What’s so ridiculous about this entire “misunderstanding” is that it could have been prevented with a simple phone call. S&W needs to seriously reconsider its relationship with its current legal counsel. These boneheaded C&D letters have cost them immeasurably in customer goodwill and made them look like buffoons. Other brands take note. Don’t pull a Smith & Wesson; especially right before SHOT Show.

SHM Ray for M&P Pistols Now Available

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Recently, Snake Hound Machine unveiled the Ray inside the waistband holster, designed for use with the Inforce APL light but they only released models for use with GLOCK pistols. You asked and they answered. Now, the SHM Ray IWB Light Bearing Holster is now available for the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols.


Specially designed to be slim and compact yet still hold a full size pistol and Inforce APL light, the Kydex SHM Ray features a sweat guard so it doesn’t sit directly against the skin. Offered in Storm Grey with Black fittings, it is available for 9/40 full size and compact models as well as the .45.

M&P SHIELD Safety Alert and Inspection Prodedure

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

In the interest of safety, we present this M&P SHIELD Safety Alert just in case you didn’t see this plastered all over the internet.

Smith & Wesson has identified a condition where the trigger bar pin could damage the lower trigger in certain M&P Shields in a way that may affect the functionality of the drop safety feature of the firearm, potentially allowing the pistol to discharge if it is dropped.


If you own an M&P Shield manufactured before August 19th (meaning all of the ones on the street) then you need to refrain from using it until it is inspected.


Your firearm must be inspected to determine whether it exhibits the condition identified in this notice. To determine whether your firearm is affected by this condition, please inspect your firearm as show in this video.

Read the safety alert here:

Introducing Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

If you are an SSD reader you have probably heard of Smith & Wesson. And assuredly, you’re familiar with the concept of pepper spray. Now, they’ve come together to offer a less-than-lethal personal protection device. Manufactured by CampCo under license from S&W, they bring over 20 years of experience manufacturing and distributing pepper spray.


Their formula recipe packs 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, with the potential to immobilize assailants for up to 30 minutes. Made in the USA, Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray is available in ½-oz. to 4-oz. sizes, with a variety of storage and holder options as you can see above.

SHOT Show – Smith & Wesson Apparel

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Smith & Wesson Apparel had a couple of cool garments that are great for LE and gun enthusiasts.

The first is from the M&P line. The softshell Nevada jacket features dual center opening chest pockets along with slash handwarmer pockets. Available in OD Green and Black.


The second is the Range jacket. It’s a barn coat inspired jacket with internal holster compartments on either side. Add to that zippered chest pockets and patch hand warmer pockets,


Distributors and dealers contact Grady Burrell ph 828 421 4349 to view the full line at SHOT Show. Booth #8202.

Ordering the Costa M&P9

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

ATEi shared some info about ordering the upcoming Costa M&P9. No details on specs or price yet.


Ordering of the Chris Costa M&P9 Pistols will be done initially by EMAIL. We think this will be the easiest and most fair way to go about this. How it will work is like this:
Our New website will go live with Pictures, Price and Full Description of both the Full Size and Pro Series Pistols.

THE DAY AFTER IT GOES LIVE At 12NOON EASTERN TIME (THE NEXT DAY)-If you would like to purchase a pistol you will need to Email us with your Full Name, Address and Telephone Number.

Our Web Site should be live September 20th 2012

No emails for orders will be accepted before September 21th 2012 12:00 noon Eastern time.

Any emailed orders received before this date and time will be deleted without notice.
Any emailed orders received without name, address and telephone number will be deleted without notice.
Time stamp for emails will be when I receive them on my end, not when you send it from your end.

When we have all the guns accounted for we will begin calling customers for payment and FFL information.

Limited to ONE per customer.
Please do not send more than one email.
Please do not call to see if “you got one”.
Please do not Facebook me asking if “you got one”.
Please do not be a clownshoed soupsandwich.

SHOT 2012 Followup: S&W Teams with Magpul on new rifle

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Smith & Wesson has a new M&P15 MOE rifle  This one is the M&P15 MOE Mid-Length MAGPUL SPEC Series with Magpul furniture and S&W/Magpul co-branded lower receiver (a forged lower based on the original Magpul billet lower). The MOE Mid- comes with the DVD set Art of the Tactical Carbine I and II along with the appropriate Magpul goodies.



Smith & Wesson To Release Clothing Line at SHOT Show 2012

Monday, January 9th, 2012

During SHOT Show 2011 we reported that Smith & Wesson had selected Wild Things to design a new exclusive clothing line.

At this year’s SHOT Show (booth #13731), they will unveil the new designs. S&W describes the line in a recent press release:

The apparel combines casual every day street wear with functional details for the handgun owner, as well as for those who are not gun owners. It is divided into four categories, Shooting, Tracking, Range, and Hybrid. The jackets have conceal carry internal pockets that function for carrying a gun as well as for carrying an iPhone. The pants have wider belt loops specifically positioned for a holster. The apparel style, quality, and innovation echos the Smith & Wesson brand essence. Wild Things expertise infuses technical fabrications and functional design ergonomics through the line. Product designs exhibit time honored Smith & Wesson All-American heritage, while leveraging the Wild Things technical innovation.