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Noveske Announces Collaboration With Strider Knives

Monday, June 15th, 2015

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Grants Pass Oregon – Premium rifle manufacturer, Noveske Rifleworks, is excited to announce the limited edition release of a collaboration with Strider Knives. Designed by Johnny Noveske to be his perfect knife, Strider Knives was able to capture this design and bring it to reality. “This knife represents a design that Johnny worked on, taking into account all the features he wanted without compromise” said Lorina Noveske. “Strider Knives did an amazing job bringing the thoughts and drawings from Johnny into a high-quality knife that Johnny would have loved” she added.


Each knife is individually numbered, with only 50 available.

The knife will go on sale on Monday, June 15th, at 9:00am PST. The link to purchase will be posted via Noveske’s Facebook and Instagram pages at that time.



  • 5.5” CPM S30V steel
  • Full length tang
  • Clip point blade with saw tooth and thumb rest
  • G-10 Textured flat dark earth scales
  • Handles can be removed for cleaning
  • Custom Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok belt attachment
  • www.facebook.com/pages/Noveske-Rifleworks/181862575167497

    5.11 Tactical Unveils Limited-Edition, Custom-Designed Strider Knife

    Friday, February 14th, 2014

    Companies Collaborate to Release 511 U.S. Manufactured Strider/5.11 Strider Military Folder Knife


    MODESTO, Calif. (Feb. 13, 2014) — 5.11 Tactical®, the global innovator of tactical gear, today announced that the company has partnered with leading knife manufacturer, Strider™ Knives, to release the Strider/5.11 Strider Military Folder (SMF), a custom-designed tactical knife. Made in the U.S., the knife, which is manufactured with CTS-B75P steel for ultimate corrosion and wear resistance, brings together two companies with a common ethos—to make high-quality, functional products based on feedback from those who work in the field. As a limited-edition product, there will only be 511 knives made. Each piece, available at www.511tactical.com later this month, will include a custom nylon case, a “Raider” patch inspired by the WWII Marine Raiders’ patch and a certificate of authenticity signed by Tom Davin, 5.11 Tactical Chief Executive Officer, and Strider Knives Co-owner, Duane Dwyer.

    “From the product’s design, to its durability and U.S. manufacturing, the Strider/5.11 SMF knife reflects the core values, mission and ethos of both 5.11 Tactical and Strider Knives,” said Davin. “We’ve long admired the work of Duane Dwyer and the whole Strider Knives team. Collaborating with the Strider experts to create a knife that fits the needs of our combined customer base has been a unique, yet organic, partnership resulting in a beautiful, limited-edition product.”


    With a sleek design, rooted in simplicity, the Strider/5.11 SMF knife is engineered with minimum components while staying true to the key components Strider Knives have become known for, including a titanium slab frame lock, a glass epoxy laminate handle and a rough peel surface for positive grip. The blade design is a drop point, hand flat ground with a simple break on the spine and no false edge.

    “The Strider/5.11 SMF knife is truly a work of craftsmanship,” said Dwyer. “By engineering with utilitarian requirements in mind, we’ve created a knife that is both a workhorse and a battlefield companion—regardless of where your battle takes place. The subtle yet impactful features are demonstrative of the commitment to quality both companies were founded on and remain committed to.”

    The Strider/5.11 SMF knife boasts one-of-a-kind features including a custom-made pivot pin, custom fasteners and a Titanium handle with G10 scales. For durability and long-lasting performance, this is the first Strider knife to incorporate CTS-B75P steel—an alloy from Carpenter Technologies that that is highly resistant to corrosion and wear—allowing users to more easily maintain a sharp edge for an extended period of time.


    The Strider/5.11 SMF knife can be purchased on 511tactical.com later this month and will retail for $599.99.


    Blade Show – Strider Knives Announces Adoption of Bawidamann PUP

    Friday, May 31st, 2013

    Strider Knives has just announced that they are adopting the Bawidamann PALS Universal Platform as a mounting option for their sheath knives.


    Bawidamann recently introduced a new injection molded version of the PUP that is no longer riveted but rather allows the user more flexibility in configuring their equipment including MOLLE and belt mounts.

    According to Strider’s Josh Lee, while it will still be offered as an option, they are transitioning from the Blade-tech Tech-lok to the PUP for two reasons. First, versatility. The PUP offers a lot of options. Second, Made in USA! America, Fuck Yeah! Nuff Said.

    Strider Discount from Tactical Distributors

    Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

    If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a Strider but were concerned with the price, now is the time to go ahead and just do it. Tactical Distributors currently carries the SNF, SNF-T, and SNG folders as well as the DB-L fixed blade knives and they have extended a limited time 20% discount exclusively for SSD readers on all in stock models. To claim your discount visit www.tacticaldistributors.com and select the Strider knife of your choice. At checkout enter discount code TDSTRIDER. This offer is good until 1 March or while supplies last. Feel free to pass the word.

    Breaching Tool

    Monday, February 7th, 2011

    This isn’t a hatchet. It’s not an axe. It’s a very specialized breaching tool and it’s one of the hidden gems from SHOT Show. With prototypes spanning back over two years, the Breaching Tool is a collaboration between Strider Knives and a group of SMEs.

    In the photo above you can see the first variant (CH) along with the as yet unnamed current version. With numerous prototypes in between, it gives you a good idea of how the design evolved over time through hands on user and feedback.

    Starting at the bottom of the tool, the hooked toe helps keep it in the hand during chopping and raking. It also serves as an index during low light conditions so the Breacher can easily determine which in direction he has the tool oriented. The toe also has a lanyard hole. Next, the G10 handle is designed to maintain a firm grip even when wet. The lower portion of the front cutting surface is also sharpened. This feature was added at the request of Breachers who have to quickly access stucco wall spaces. These are often built using chicken wire as a base and more often than not contain various types of wires spanning between the studs. It allows the Breacher to chop into the wall and rake back toward himself to rapidly reduce the wall. Finally, there are two cutting edges. Once again referring to the photo, you can see both are much longer than the initial version. The front cutting surface is similar to an axe and the rear is more of a chisel blade. Finally, the top of the tool incorporates a prybar.

    Additionally, don’t let the lack of finish on the final prototype fool you. The production model will come with a protective finish.

    Some have asked about a means of carrying the Breaching Tool. Consultant Bill Stojack developed a simple means that can be adapted to many carrying styles. He came up with a kydex bikini that covers both blades. It can be tethered to equipment so that pulling on the Breaching Tool with the strong hand simultaneously removes the bikini and brings it to bear.

    An interesting tidbit is that generally, Strider designs are named after someone or something involved in the development process. In this case, the name William Stojack has been thrown around. However, he is generally known to friends as Bill. While the Breaching Tool hasn’t been named yet, you can imagine what digraph has been thrown around.

    Available soon from Strider Knives.

    Strider Update

    Thursday, July 15th, 2010

    During Blade Show several knife manufacturers provided us knives for hands-on reviews and evaluations – one of those knife manufacturers was Strider Knives and here is our hands-on evaluation.

    We had the pleasure of speaking with Duane Dwyer personally during Blade Show and as usual Duane was extremely helpful. His knowledge and understanding of Blade grinds and metals is incredible and he has been known to spend an enormous amount of time picking the brains of those who know while using the new found knowledge to improve the quality of Strider Knives.

    We also listened to Duane as he addresses a group of well known manufacturers and suppliers where he discussed future plans and introduced Dick Marcinko. Dick has been working closely with Duane lately and attends Blade Show, and SHOT Show with Strider Knives.

    We feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to spend time putting these knives through real world tests and with that in mind, put them through the same paces that a normal person in the field might encounter.

    As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, knives are a personal choice and will often be misused and abused – we’ll let you decide when and where to do that. While some choose not to carry a knife, others choose to do so and a few choose to carry several knives.

    The SNG and RW-1 folders as well as the GW/AR fixed blades are fantastic tools/knives. They are robust and easy to use while having a form and fit that makes them extremely comfortable when put to the test in a variety of daily tasks.

    Over the course of the past few weeks, these knives have been used to cut hoses, scrape obstructions from doors, cut or strip wires, dig holes, cut branches for fires, to hack through green-foliage in our way as we trekked through swampland, used to cut vegetables and meat for meals as well as clothing and seat harness/straps, weapon slings, and a plethora of other items which might conceivably be found in the daily activity of most anybody in the field that needed to be cut or removed.

    Training and real world ops should never be separated, how does it go? You will Fight like you Train. Thus, we actively promote dressing and equipping yourself during training exactly as you would when going into battle or on an Operation/Mission. This allowed us to conduct our various evaluations although in a training environment, as closely simulating real world events as possible.

    As expected all of the knives we exercised were every bit the hard use knife Strider is known for and more if you want this writer’s opinion – there was nothing we put them through that they were not capable of delivering, if not exceeding each and every time.

    Whether it was hacking, chopping, slicing, cutting, hammering, prying or dicing these knives came through with flying colors because let’s face it, hammering with the butt end of a fixed blade or the side of a folder is a common occurrence and the (ab)use of knives when in the field, includes being used to pry things open; from wooden ammo crates to opening MRE cases and mail as well as prying open doors and other obstacles faced by Soldiers everyday in the field.

    It has been my experience that if you give a Soldier a shovel and tell him to dig he will, and if you give him a knife and tell him to dig, he will. So it goes that if you give him a knife and just let him go about his business, eventually he will dig with it, even if it’s only a shallow hole to identify the solid object under his foot. So it’s important that whenever you run a knife through its paces, you dig with it or use it in the shaping of a hole in some fashion or another.

    The Strider Knives we carried and evaluated demonstrated time and again why Duane has spent the time and effort he has and has gone to such lengths to learn as much about metals and grinds as well as how water and other atmospheric conditions effect metals and what metal characteristics and combinations deliver the best results for the knives’ intended purpose. It’s apparent in every facet of every Strider Knife this writer ever seen or used that these knives are built to deliver.

    An additional topic Duane discussed with us was the several NSN items available direct through Strider Knives – for more info or a listing of NSN products, contact Strider Knives. www.striderknives.com

    We can’t thank Strider Knives enough for the unique opportunity to push their knives to the edge, and for allowing us this opportunity to review/evaluate these knives and share our results with you. We heard a rumor that Strider might be unveiling a new knife at the Warrior Expo this week in Va Beach so visit them at Booth #121 to see if it’s true.

    – Stay Tuned & Stay Sharp