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TangoDown / Vickers Tactical Glock – 43 Slide Racker

Friday, October 14th, 2016

TangoDown is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Vickers Tactical lineup! Announcing the GSR-02 Slide Racker for the popular single stack 9mm Glock™ 43.

Just like its predecessors, the GSR-02 has small serrated wings at the slide’s end. This feature allows for positive cycling against your belt, holster, or heel quickly when you’re restricted to a single hand. The GSR-02 is also an outstanding upgrade for those who struggle with arthritis, have smaller hands, or reduced hand strength. The GSR-02 is large enough to provide advantage, but still small enough to be unnoticed in concealed carry holsters.

-Tough, stainless steel & injection molded glass reinforced nylon construction
-Subtle, extended ‘Wing’ shape with serrations makes for easy slide cycling, even under stress
-Installs in minutes, without any weapon modifications

MSRP: $18.95

Visit www.TangoDown.com for more information on the GSR-02.

TangoDown – GSR-03 Slide Racker

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

TangoDown has developed a Slide Racker to accommodate larger frame 9mm and .40 double stack Glock models.

The GSR-03 provides small serrated wings at the slide’s end, to guarantee a positive cycling of ammunition into the weapon. Even if you’re down to one hand, cycling the slide against your belt, holster or heel is quick and positive. Those with small hands or struggling with arthritis, will benefit from this upgrade. The GSR-03 is big enough to offer advantage, yet small enough to be unnoticeable in concealed carry holsters.

Visit TangoDown.com for more information on the GSR-03.

FirstSpear Range Day – TangoDown +2 Extension for G43 Mag

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Developed in conjunction with Vickers Tactical, this new floor plate from TangoDown for the GLOCK  43 offers two additional rounds.  It comes with a new retainer plate, floor plate and spring.  

Vickers Tactical Slide Racker for G42 Available Now from TangoDown

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

After trying out the Glock 42, Larry Vickers realized that the cocking serrations were difficult to use due to the pistol’s small size. Specifically, the small slide, shallow finger purchase cuts and stout recoil spring assembly make for tough initial chambering, especially for women or anyone with less than optimal finger/hand strength.


LAV went to his “go-to” guys to help engineer a fix, and that’s how TangoDown got involved. The resulting GSR-01 is a top quality drop-in part that solves the issue cold. Injection molded of glass-reinforced nylon with stainless steel reinforcement just like the OEM part, it replaces the striker retention plate in minutes with no other modification to the sidearm. Once in place, the GSR-01 offers easy, effortless and positive slide cycling under any condition.


Vickers Tactical Mag Baseplates Now Available for XD from TangoDown

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015


Vickers Tactical Magazine Baseplates are now available for the Springfield Armory XD. Made by TangoDown, VT Magazine Floor Plates are flared with grooved non-slip scallops for positive finger purchase in order to help extract stubborn magazines. Molded dimples allow for easy marking and numbering of magazines. Fits Springfield Armory XD series pistol magazines in calibers 9×19, .40, .357 SIG. NOT compatible with XDM model magazines.


SHOT Show – Ops-Core

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

This is the new Lux Liner for the FAST Base Jump and Carbon. It’s a drop in replacement for the legacy liner and replicates what has already been transitioned into the Maritime andBallistic FAST helmets.


Meets ACH spec for impact, offering greater comfort and stability. Additionally, the removable pads don’t get hard in the cold!

The biggest question I get about Ops-Core is when the RAC headset is coming. How’s this for you? 2nd Quarter, 2015. It works and ready to go.


First off, it’s now just called RAC and no longer RACS. It’s still your best bet for true 3D hearing relying on binaural audio. Additionally, you can change the noise-canceling boom mic from side to side. Finally, the gimbal attachments allow for custom ear seal on almost every head shape. Below, you can show it in stored mode.


Finally, Ops-Core showed me a new low profile mount by TangoDown for the SureFire helmet light. It holds the light much closer to the rail than other versions.



Sneak Peak – New Glock 42 Parts From TangoDown

Friday, June 27th, 2014

TangoDown is currently working on parts for the Glock 42. Additional information will be available soon, but for now check out these sneak peak pics.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (4)


iO Optic Covers Now In Stock At TangoDown

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


The iO Optics Cover is a polyurethane boot designed to fit the Aimpoint T1. The cover integrates lens caps that can be secured out of the way when not in use. Originally funded through Kickstarter, the iO Optics Cover is now manufactured and distributed by TangoDown. What’s more, they are now in stock and ready for order. Currently available in Black, look for additional colors soon.