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TNVC – Mohawk Counterweight

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

The TNVC Mohawk Mk1 is a full spectrum counterweight / storage system for the modern combat helmet. Incorporating operator feedback as well as their staff’s own battlefield experience, TNVC designed the Mohawk Mk1 to be a highly functional, modular accessory for all modern warriors. It provides useful storage and retention of mission-essential gear and will attach to any currently-fielded ballistic or bump helmet with Velcro.

The Mohawk Mk1 is packed full of useful features for Armed Professionals and Civilian Hunters alike. No other helmet accessory system offers this level of versatility. Designed by TNVC staff, they tapped their good friends at Explosive Ops Gear (EOG) to produce it for them right here in the U.S.A.


Signal Strobe Attachment & Retention A vertically-oriented Mohawk strip is the centerpiece of the design. It features a Velcro pile surface that accepts attachment of all currently issued / fielded signal strobe devices. The continuous pile strip allows for precise placement of the device on the rear or top of the helmet. It also provides enough room for attaching a blast sensor device. An adjustable shock cord net provides secondary retention for the devices while not limiting access to their controls. This is important when performing high stress activities such as airborne operations and high angle work. Don’t wear a strobe light? No problem. The shock cord net provides excellent storage for a tourniquet – Easily accessible and always handy.

Versatile Storage Compartment (Mk1) An ambidextrous access, low profile storage compartment helps solve the classic counterweight argument. Some argue that any added weight should be comprised of useful mission essential gear. Others argue that once operators begin using said mission essential gear, they end up losing the counterweight and defeating the purpose. Counterweights have historically been designed for one side or the other. But, why can’t the operator have both? Now they can. The main storage compartment features two elastic pockets that hold removable, flexible lead weight strips (4 strips are included) for 1 pound of counterweight. The rest of the compartment is occupied by a removable battery organizer tray that holds up to 6 cells. Operators can choose to run just the weights, just the batteries, or both. But that’s not all! when the weights and battery tray are removed, the Mohawk storage compartment will perfectly fit the low profile “summer” battery box for the GPNVG-18.

Battery Box Storage Compartment (Mk2) This is the main difference between the Mohawk Mk1 and Mk2. The Mk2 features a purpose-built pouch for holding remote battery boxes for NVG’s. The pouch is perfectly sized to hold the standard issue ANVIS Box, Adams Industries Ground Warrior Battery Pack, or the AN/PVS-31 BNVD “winter” Battery Box (also used for the GPNVG-18 and AN/PSQ-36). Dual top straps secure over the battery box lids, providing added security and protection, while leaving the center open for easy access to the power switch. What if you don’t use a remote battery pack? Well, the compartment can be used to hold all sorts of things such as an extra MBITR Battery or a can of dip.

Ready Access Batteries Two elastic loops sit atop the main compartment, providing immediate access battery storage. These loops allow operators to grab two batteries without ripping Velcro. They also provide secondary functionality by holding a chemlight for nighttime airborne operations or field ID while hunting.

Headset Cable Management The Mohawk Mk1 has two bottom-located Velcro strips for bundling and storing communication headset cable. This extremely useful feature solves one of the most annoying issues facing operators. The headset cable that plugs into your body-mounted PTT is often left dangling to snag on everything during training or storage of the helmet. Or if you have dual comms (one for team radio and one to plug into the vehicle radio), one of the cables will be left to dangle when you dismount the vehicle. The Mohawk Mk1 cable storage straps will stow those pesky cables, protecting them and giving you freedom of head movement.

Secondary Retention The Mohawk Mk1 features two loops for routing 550 or shock cord on either side. This is for secondary retention of the entire system during high intensity activities. Velcro does not provide 100% retention on a helmet. The Mohawk Mk1 provides the opportunity for the operator to run cord from the system to the rear helmet bolts or rail. Doing so will keep your Mohawk Mk1 securely in place regardless of battlefield conditions.

The TNVC Mohawk Mk1 is the most feature-rich helmet accessory system available. But, if you run an NVG with a traditional remote battery box, we got you covered. Check out the Mohawk Mk2.

Offered in a variety of colors and patterns. Visit www.TNVC.com for availability.

TNVC and Mitch Rossell honor all Veteran’s at Garth Brooks 2016 Word Tour in Richmond, Virginia

Monday, November 14th, 2016

This past Friday night TNVC and Mitch Rossell honored all Vets at a Garth Brooks concert where Mitch is currently touring with Garth on his 2016 world tour in Richmond Virginia. Two special Vets, Chris Corbin (and his service dog Axe) along Tyler Grey accompanied Mitch on stage during his special Veteran Tribute Song, “A Soldiers Memoir”. Here is a special video segment of Mitch’s performance Friday night where there was not many dry eyes in the audience.

The concert was incredibly special honoring our Vets, meeting and talking with Garth and his lovely wife Trisha. Garth who is a true gentlemen in the business who made all of us feel like we were family along with his wife. They both also performed some very touching tribute songs, and the “USA” chants from thousands in attendance during the show was deafening! A night to remember for a long time. It’s was the least all of us can do to honor such incredible sacrifices each and everyone of our Veterans have given back to all of us. Rest assured we will never, ever forget.

For those wanting to purchase Mitch’s song “A Soldiers Memoir” on iTunes www.mitchrossell.com , 10% of net sales go to these select organizations. greenberetfoundation.org & warriordogfoundation.org

I want to personally thank Mitch Rossell, his Manager Josh Logan along with Garth and Trisha for making us all feel like family and honoring our heroes! Thank you from all of us, it was a night I will never forget.

Victor Di Cosola
President – CEO

TNVC and Mitch Rossell to Honor Veterans At Veteran’s Day Concert In Richmond, Virginia

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Next Friday November 11th, TNVC and Mitch Rossell will be honoring all Vets at a very special evening at the Richmond Coliseum, Richmond Virginia in front of thousands in attendance. Two very special Vets will also be in attendance for this extraordinary event as guests of TNVC and Mitch Rossell. Mitch is currently touring with legendary Garth Brooks will be the opening performer where he will be performing his tribute song live, “A Soldiers Memoir”

Many folks remember this special tribute video Mitch did for our Vets a few years ago in honor of SFC (P) Christopher Corbin and all our Vets out there. you We were absolutely honored to be asked to be the NV Technical Consultants for this tribute video.

During the concert November 11th, TNVC and Mitch Rossell will be honoring these two very special Vets and every Vet that have served our great country. There will be some special video and pics during the concert which TNVC will share next week along with sharing the names of these two special guests.

We look forward to this amazing evening honoring all our heroes who humble us each and every day with their sacrifices that have allowed us the freedoms we cherish each and everyday.

Buy It Now on iTunes
10% of net sales go to these select organizations. greenberetfoundation.org & warriordogfoundation.org
Written by Mitch Rossell & Joe Bachman
Directed by ALEXANDHER
SFC (P) Christopher Corbin
Direct Action Resource Center (Lead Project Consultant)
Tactical Night Vision Company (Night Vision Technical Consultant)
N-Vision Optics
Spike’s Tactical
United Nations Ammo Company

TNVC Reintroduces The PVS-14 SLR Camera Adapter

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

After a very long absence in the industry TNVC tells us they are happy to bring these back. The PVS-14 SLR Camera Adapter allows you to place any NVG with a PVS-14 Eye Piece Assembly and Retaining Ring on a DSLR or SLR Camera. It provides a 46mm ring for a step ring that will fit your camera lens. Step rings are available at camera supply stores and websites.



Friday, October 14th, 2016

Save $500 on Green Phosphor TNV/Sentinel NVG’s through Monday October 17.


Now That’s My Kind Of Night Out

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


Trijicon / IR Defense – IR Patrol XR

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

This is video of the IR Patrol XR from IR Defense, a Long-Range Thermal Spotter. Vic DiCosola, head of TNVC related to me that next to a cooled array system, this new XR is the best thermal spotter they’ve used to date. Vic said, “With its front focus lens and the BAE 12um core, the contrast and resolution is stunning!”

TNVC and their sister company NightGoggles (NGI) made this Hi Def hunt video showing just how well the system performs.

TNVC Introduces Some New Swag

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016