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TRACT Optics Announces Free Custom Turret Promotion with Riflescope Purchase

Friday, April 13th, 2018

HUMMELSTOWN, Penn. – April 12, 2018 – TRACT Optics has announced a custom turret promotion from now until Thursday, April 19, 2018. Customers will receive a free custom engraved turret (a $100 value) with the purchase of any T-Plex riflescope, including TORIC, TURION and 22 FIREriflescope models.


“Every TRACT riflescope features the ability to add a custom engraved turret to match your specific cartridge or load,” said TRACT Co-Founder Jon LaCorte. “We teamed up with Kenton Industries, the premier leader in custom turret technology, to provide highly accurate turret solutions for TRACT riflescopes. And now, during this limited-time offer, all our customers who purchase a riflescope with a T-Plex reticle can take advantage of this custom upgrade at no extra cost.”

Custom engraved turrets allow the shooter to dial in the distance for long-range high-precision shooting. Once set-up, the turrets are ready to use and easy to operate. To operate, shooters simply range-find the target and dial the turret to that distance. With all TRACT T-Plex riflescopes, which feature a second focal plane reticle, a ballistic turret will work regardless of the magnification level since the user is already using the center crosshair.

TORIC riflescope models can utilize either a Medium-Profile Turret or High-Profile Turret since each scope includes the High-Profile Turret Kit with lock and zero stop. TEKOA and TURION models can utilize the Medium-Profile Turret, or customers can purchase the accessory High-Profile Turret Kit and then use a High-Profile Turret. 22 FIRE models are available with a Low-Profile Turret.

Customers wishing to take advantage of this limited-time promotion can visit, add a T-Plex reticle riflescope to the cart and then select a custom turret. Before checkout, customers will be prompted to complete the Impact Ballistics by inputting the appropriate scope, ammo, sight settings and shooting conditions, plus the preferred turret profile and custom label inscription. More detailed instructions for redeeming the offer are available online.

To learn more about the complete TRACT product lineup, visit The website offers a comprehensive educational resource with blogs, videos and social media connections. Specific questions or inquiries can also be answered by calling 844-747-4928.

TRACT Optics Announces New TORIC 30mm Long Range Riflescopes

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

HUMMELSTOWN, Penn. – February 21, 2018 – TRACT Optics has released two new 30mm First Focal Plane (FFP) long range riflescopes in its flagship TORIC line. These offerings feature precision components and give consumers a world-class 30mm scope suitable for competitive or hunting-specific extreme long range shooting. The TORIC 30mm scopes are initially available in 4-20×50 with a Minute of Angle (MOA) or a Milliradian (MRAD) reticle at unbeatable no retail mark-up prices of $1,154.00.

TRACT’s TORIC line quickly established itself as an industry-leader with its Ultra High Definition optical system, SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass, ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens and a Fully Multi-Coated lens system. These combined features and technologies deliver incredibly sharp and bright images and offer superior light transmission values. The new 30mm also include a 5x zoom, one-piece 30mm main body tube, high-precision turrets, four inches of constant eye relief and a Glass Etched Reticle designed for superior performance with even the heaviest magnum calibers.

“We’re very excited for our new FFP 30mm long range scopes to hit the market,” said TRACT Co-Founder Jon LaCorte. “The emergence of extreme long-range shooting and hunting make this a natural expansion to our line. We combined over 40 years of optics industry experience to load these scopes up on features not available at these price points. Our 30mm TORIC options give shooters and hunters premium glass with the best features and high-end capabilities. Whether they’re competing in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) or practicing for long-range big game hunting, our scopes are the perfect option.”

TRACT TORIC 30mm riflescopes stand out with superior light transmission values, especially in the blue and violet spectrum. The ED lens minimizes color fringing and provides ultra-sharp images in low light at higher magnifications. A locking turret with Multi Rotation Zero Stop features 20 MOA/10 MRAD per rotation. The scopes are waterproof, fogproof and purged with Argon gas. Each option features a First Focal Plane illuminated reticle with 11 intensity settings with on/off positions between each level.

The new scopes are compatible with TRACT’s custom turret system and allow the user to have turrets engraved to match specific cartridges or handloads. Matching loads to the new reticles is also easy as they are included in TRACT’s Impact Ballistic Resource Web Program.

Each scope is a matte graphite color with Type III anodizing, recoil tested to 1,000g, offers side focus parallax adjustment focuses from 25 yards to infinity and includes a 3” sunshade.

More information about the new 30mm TORIC options or the complete TRACT lineup is available at The website offers users and optics enthusiasts a comprehensive educational resource with blogs, videos and social media connections. Specific questions or inquiries can also be answered by calling 844-747-4928.