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TYR Tactical – 2015 Labor Day Sale

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

TYR Labor Day WIDE A2

TYR Tactical is holding a Labor Day Sale. Take advantage of 15% off closeout products. Use coupon code USAMADE to apply the discount. Sale runs from September 3rd-8th.

More SPS-TEP Shenanigans

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

In case you missed last week’s post on the US Army’s Soldier Protection System – Torso and Extremity Protection program’s issues regarding contracting and requirements changes, you need the go back and read it because there were a lot of revelations by a guy who works for the company that originally developed the winning system for the USMC, before it was adopted by the Army.  A commentor who adopted the monicker “Nice Try” made some interesting assertions about the government design as well as the program overall, and even went so far as to admitting to purchasing at least one commercial armor vest while working on the Scalable Modular Vest program. I’ll call that his “Edward Snowden” moment. It’s an accepted fact in the international community that governments spy on one another. Nobody makes any noise about it unless obvious evidence is presented and that’s exactly what Snowden did when he disclosed classified document after document detailing US intelligence operations. Naturally, some of those governments complained.  The same goes in the tactical industry. Companies know that their competitors are buying or otherwise getting ahold of their products but no one says anything, until someone admits to doing it. “Nice Try” is that guy. His employer should expect some fallout over his actions. He also made statements that led us to believe that his company continued to work on the SMV after it was not adopted by the Marines, and picked by the Army as their SPS-TEP candidate.

One of “Nice Try’s” claims is that no commercial technologies were transferred into the SMV design but this assertion was later disputed in a comment by TYR Tactical CEO Jason Beck. In particular Beck is concerned about his patent pending ballistic vein which looks surprisingly similar to the “card” found in the MSV during industry day.  

This “card” was not a component of the original MSV tested by the Marine Corps so it had to have been introduced to the vest sometime later, after it was chosen by the Army to be their SPS-TEP candidate. TYR Tactical’s patent pending ballistic vein on the other hand was a component in their vest design submitted to the program via their prime, Point Blank. I asked Jason Beck to amplify information regarding the ballistic vein in his comment on the original post and he provided this statement.  

I originally designed the ballistic vein in the summer of 2010 as part of our Modular Scalable Tailorable (MST) system, which was down selected by PEO for that solicitation. There were two original intents for the advent of the vein. (Editor’s note: MST was one of the Soldier Protection Demonstrations which were designed to investigate various commercial armor technologies.  For example, SPD 7 resulted in the adoption of the Soldier Plate Carrier System.)

The first intent was to increase load carriage performance specifically for a tactical nylon carrier. Historically, tactical carriers have lacked stability and rigidity. For example, if you try to set one up vertically on a table or on the floor, it will likely just fall over. Once the carrier is being worn, the same lack of structure affects the wearer’s overall load carriage when placing pouches, tools or any additional weight to the nylon. The result is pulling or sagging of the carrier, ultimately causing fatigue due to improper load carriage.

The second intent was to incorporate the vein as part of an overall system to enhance ballistic performance of both soft armor and plates. When we tested the vein in our system (and in conjunction with other manufacturers armor), it actually enhanced the overall ballistic performance of both fragmentation and stability throughout first, second and third round hits of 9mm. Back face deformation was reduced, and V50 performance was enhanced. The vein helps prevent bunching of the soft armor and supports the plates and soft armor to improve edge hit protection.

The vein has been presented multiple times to the Army in several solicitations and white papers since 2010, including the most recent SPS solicitation for which we were down selected with our former partner for SPS. Our tactical carrier and ballistic vein were submitted along with PPEs soft armor solution. The vein was an integral part of every iteration of the system that we submitted for SPS. Obviously, the TYR Tactical/PPE system was not chosen, although a ballistic vein is present in the Army’s final selection.

We have placed the vein in all of our tactical systems, and many of our other ballistic and load carriage products since it was developed in 2010. It’s original intent was solely for tactical carriers and vests, but based on the performance we have seen, it is also incorporated into multiple ballistic products ranging from low vis carriers, collars, throats, biceps, belts, etc.

What is disheartening about the vein showing up in the system that was chosen for SPS, is that we followed the process as it was presented to us, and we were assured that process would be fair and open. We went down the path to protect our IP by filing a patent, which was well documented at the beginning and throughout every step of the SPS submission process. Industry was given left and right limits to follow, but in the end those same standards were not applicable to the Army’s selection.

Ultimately, along with many other factors, led me for the first time in 17 years of business, to come to the decision to file an official protest

Based on statements by Jason Beck and “Nice Try” we know that the Army saw the technology several times and in particular during the SPS-TEP source selection process. As far as we know, it was not present in any of the other candidate’s vests during the solictation and it is not a common item found in commercial or government design armor vests, so we can say that it was thought to be unique to TYR Tactical. Yet, both have similar designs and seem to function in a similar manner. We are not sure when the Army introduced it to the government design except that it happened after the USMC accepted the original MSVs but prior to the end of the down select. Nor do we understand why and how the Army developed the card. Although TYR Tactical was a subcontractor on the SPS-TEP solicitation, they still submitted a protest due in part, to the presence of the card in the Army design, as well as other irregularities with soliciation. In responding to the protest, the Army failed to address their concerns.

Tyr Tuesday – Jungle COMA System

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

When I saw TYR’s new Jungle COMA System at Warrior East slung across the back of a chair, the first thing that flashed through my mind was ‘Soldier 95′. The COMA was completely kitted out for use. The basis of this modular design has been around for ages but lately, such rigs have only been offered as stand alone items. What I like about TYR’s entry into the Jungle Patrol Rig arena is that they’ve developed a full set up including the ability to add hard armor plates.

TYR Jungle Load Carriage Harness

The heart is the TYR Tactical Jungle Load Carriage Harness, a lightweight, adaptable platform which can scaled up or down depending on mission requirements. The Jungle Mesh Yoke accepts their complete line of Assaulters Zip-On Platforms and also holds a 50 oz. hydration bladder when needed. The Jungle Load Carriage MOLLE Belt provides ample space for the new line of Jungle Pouches and Accessories. Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used internally for comfort.

There are three common system components common to all applications:
• Jungle Load Carriage Yoke – Mesh
• Jungle Load Carriage Belt – MOLLE
• Tactical Base Belt – D

Colors: MultiCam, Coyote Brown & Ranger Green

The components of the Jungle COMA System include:

TYR Jungle Load Carriage Armor Accessories

Jungle COMA PICO Front Plate Pocket

• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
• Hydration/Communication Tabs for routing
• Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh on the body facing side for comfort
• Designed to quickly attach/detach to the TYR Tactical Jungle Load Carriage System

Available in five different styles depending on the profile (thickness) of your plate.

Available colors: Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, MultiCam

TYR Tactical Ballistic Insert – TYR offers a PICO Shape, T52/SP, Certified Level II NIJ0101.06 Armor Package Specifications [SOCOM, FBI, DEA] with an extremely high performance and lightweight ballistic solution. (.82 AD)

TYR Jungle Load Carriage Pouches

Rifle Mag Pouch Jungle

• Padded, hinged lid with 1” Velcro closure
• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
• Side cord retention to secure stowed item

General Purpose Pouch Jungle

• Padded, hinged lid with 1” buckle closure
• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
• Side cord retention to secure stowed item

Communications Pouch Jungle

• Padded, hinged lid with 1” buckle closure
• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
• Side cord retention to secure stowed item

Jungle Butt Pack

• Roll-Top with 1” Buckle Closure
• One Internal Zippered Pocket
• Two Mesh Pockets with Velcro Closure
• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment

Jungle Lower Back Roll Pouch

• Center Zipper Closure
• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
• Side cord retention to secure stowed item

This Berry Compliant system incorprates TYR Tactical’s proprietary PV material which has been tested to have 7-10 times higher abrasion resistance than standard mil-spec nylon. PV also enhances the ballistic attributes of armor within the vest.

Visit for info on the entire system.

Warrior East – TYR Tactical Unveils Jungle Ruck

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

TYR Tactical unveiled their award winning Jungle Ruck. The bag is made from 500D Cordura and the pack and frame together weigh in at 5.1 lbs.


Offering 2500 cu in of load carrying capacity, it incorprates PALS webbing along the back to attach additional pouches. The sides are slick to make it easier to get through brush and wait-a-minute vines. The pack also comes with accessory pouches including a mesh beavertail. You may notice a horizontal zipper about halfway down the side of the pack. In addition to being a flat pocket, it contains a hanger that can suspend optional, external pockets when needed.


The frame comes in 20 & 22 inch lengths and is made from aluminum and carbon fiber. TYR built 14 iterations of the frame, balancing weight and strength, in order to get to this version.

Make sure you check out the entire Huron pack line by downloading the 2015 catalog.

TYR Tactical Unleashes 2015 Catalog

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

I’ve got to say unleashes because this catalog is a whopping 174 pages cover to cover, and it’s chock full of new stuff I haven’t seen before. To download your copy, click on the cover of the catalog including the new EPIC vest we previewed last week.


Meet EPIC from TYR Tactical – The Army Might Not Be Getting It, But You Can

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

This is EPIC, a new armor vest from TYR Tactical. Under development for over two years and a finalist as part of the US Army’s Soldier Protection System – Torso and Extremity Protection program, the Enhanced PICO Improved Carrier is actually available in two versions; Male and Female variants.

epic male front angle

It’s a five piece design called the Integrated Ballistic System that increases ballistic protection, decreases side spall and reduces back face deformation. The five piece design includes a panel suspension and energy disbursement frame. Known as the Ballistic Vein, it increases the overall load carriage performance of a carrier and provides a more rigid platform for adding weight to the system. It also reduces fatigue by improving the complete structure of the carrier by retaining the soft armor panels in the proper configuration, preventing bunching and supporting the plates to improve edge hit protection. It reduces blunt trauma and back face deformation values and ultimately increases V50 performances by up to 125 feet per second by absorbing energy from projectile engagement.

Ballistic Ridge (8) SAPI 2015A

While developed in-house, prior to the SPS-TEP solicitation, the EPIC design was tweaked in order to meet all of the requirements. A couple of innovations came out of the design such as the Ballistic Vein we’ve already mentioned as well as the Ballistic Ridge. The Ballistic Vein can be seen above, along with the armor package and the Ballistic Ridge around the Armor Plate. One of the specifications for the Improved Outer Tactical Vest is that there is a 1″ overlap of soft armor behind ballistic plates in order to deal with spall from edge shots. TYR’s Ballistic Ridge moved the 1″ of soft armor unto the edge of the front armor plate and .5” of additional ballistic coverage beyond the side plates. Thanks to the Ballistic Ridge (and a couple of other things like their PV material), TYR was able to offer a 30% weight reduction over the current issue IOTV. Considering the Army’s goals were a 15% reduction within 18 months and 30% in the course of five years, this is impressive.

EPIC front

One of the requirements of SPS-TEP was that the armor had to utilize the current 4-cable cutaway found on the IOTV. TYR has incorporated it into the EPIC design and it’s common to both Female and Male models with the pull tab located in the front center, below the Vecro flap. Cutaway buckles are located on both shoulders and on the EPIC Base Cummerbund.

EPIC 360

EPIC can also be integrated with the Brokos belt and XFrame for enhanced load management.

EPIC female

Something that sets EPIC apart from other vests currently on the market is the patent pending female cut, which you can see above.


While the baseline PICO armor carrier is well known for its ergonomic cut, you can really see the Female cut in the (above) photo and its advantages are obvious (below).


Additional Features:
– PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
– Hydration/Communication Tabs for routing
– EPIC Low Profile Shoulders
– Removable Assaulters Zip-On Back Panel
– Lace Adjustable Cummerbund

Here are the Soft Armor inserts, which offer 360 degree coverage, in Male (left) and Female (right) versions. These can be removed from the EPIC vest and used as concealable armor with these carriers. Once again, you can see that the Female variant is designed to accommodate the differences in anatomy from their Male counterparts.

Regardless of Male or Female version, EPIC is available in three different styles depending on the profile (thickness) of your plate:
-EPIC 1 accommodates standard SAPI/ESAPI plates (approximately .75” thick)
-EPIC 2 will hold Cercom & Ceradyne plate styles (approximately .5” thick)
-EPIC 6 will hold TYR-HA3/7 plate styles (approximately .5” thick)


Although the US Army ultimately chose the government design for SPS-TEP, individuals and agencies can now purchase EPIC directly from TYR Tactical. It not only meets, but exceeds SPS specifications and unlike SPS, comes in both Male and Female versions. Available beginning 4 July, 2015.

TYR Tactical – Independence Day Savings

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015


Sale valid until 07/06/2015 online at TYRTACTICAL.COM. While supplies last. Some Exclusions May Apply. All sales are final. Not valid on prior purchases.

Additionally, the new Catalog will be available for download on the 4th of July!

Ranger Green Anorak Sighting!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I really like the Huron Approach Anorak from TYR Tactical and this sample in Ranger Green looks great!

Morgan Advanced Materials And Tyr Tactical Announce Armor System Passes NIJ Level III Certification Testing Requirements

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Morgan Advanced Materials has recently announced that their hard armor system, in conjunction with Tyr Tactical’s soft armor system, has passed the NIJ 0101.06 Level III certification standards. The full release can be read below:


Morgan Advanced Materials hard armor, in-conjunction with Tyr Tactical’s soft armor system, has successfully passed the ballistic, durability, and environmental requirements of the NIJ 0101.06 Level III certification process. Full NIJ certification is pending, with completion expected this summer. With a 10-inch x 12-inch plate weighing 2 pounds and just over ¾-inch thick, the modular and scalable system provides substantial weight and thickness advantages over stand-alone plates.

The system consists of a Lightweight Buoyant LWBIII+ rifle plate developed by Morgan’s Composites and Defence Systems business with Tyr Tactical’s T52/SP or T54/C soft armor. In addition to the NIJ Level III threat, the Level III+ system is capable of stopping a variety of rifle threats, including 7.62 millimeter (mm) ball rounds, 7.62mm mild steel core (AK47) rounds and 5.56mm ball rounds (M193 and LE223T3).

The ultra-lightweight, high performance hard plate insert which is manufactured from the latest generation durable composite technology is extremely hard wearing and designed specifically for the rugged environments faced by military and security personnel. The products are available to law enforcement, security, and military/defense customers.

The rifle plates, soft armor, and full system are available in the US through Tyr Tactical’s facility in Peoria, Arizona. It is available in Canada through Millbrook Tactical, located in Stittsville, Ontario.

Sneak Peek – Huron Tactical 120L Assaulter Sustainment Pack

Friday, May 29th, 2015

This sneak peek photo of the new 120 Liter Assaulter Sustainment Pack from Huron Tactical, was captured this week during CANSEC in Ottawa, Canada. It offers the same features as the mid-sized 68 liter pack. Coming 15 June, 2015 from