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Brownells Edition Victory Barrels by Victory First

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Victory First is proud to announce the expanded partnership with Brownells with the manufacturing of the Brownells Edition Victory barrels by Victory First.

The debut offerings are match grade, drop in handgun barrels that have been vigorously tested and developed by Matt Jacques of Victory First. The Victory barrels have been under production for the Victory First brand for Glock handguns for several months. With the latest expansion of the Victory line that now includes match barrels for Gen 5 G19 and G17 Glocks, Smith and Wesson 9MM M&P and Shield, Sig Sauer P320 and 226, and Heckler and Koch VP9.

The current barrels that are being provided to Brownells are match grade and have been tested to provide the shooter a barrel that will provide superior accuracy and reliability to enhance your handgun.

“While we have been producing barrels for our own customers of Victory First for some time now, we were very excited to have Brownells ask us to produce the Brownells Edition Victory Barrel for them.” said Matt ‘Jake’ Jacques, owner of Victory First. “We did our homework on these barrels, testing and tweaking for nearly a year, and we are confident in their performance and reliability. We are taking steps in quality control to include 100% Quality control and bore inspection to ensure the money you spend it well invested. We have done our part for accuracy; the rest is up to you.”

“Brownells is excited to be carrying the barrels from Victory First because of the quality they bring at a very attractive price point,” said Brownells Lead Product Manager Paul Levy. “These barrels are machined from 416R stainless, have standard 1-10 rifling and a nice black nitride finish. In addition, they’re 100% Made in the USA, from material to manufacture.”

Victory First Debuts Victory Wear

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Victory First officially announced today the creation of its lifestyle brand, Victory Wear. Victory Wear, a Division of Victory First will produce lifestyle and apparel items that resonate with the “everyday carry” community.

The debut offerings feature attractive graphics on a variety of American-made T-shirts, decals, and PVC patches. The theme of all Victory Wear products focuses on mindset and preparedness to protect family, hearth, and home. If you carry a concealed pistol daily, or keep a carbine handy in your vehicle or around the house, Victory Wear is a brand designed for your the way you live your life.

Although some of the themes will be staples within the brand, most will be limited runs. While the initial run is fairly focused, there are over a dozen different themes slated for release before Independence Day.

“There are some great lifestyle brands in this industry, but most have a very pronounced military-feel to their products. As a former Marine, I love those brands, but not everyone who carries a gun is a veteran. We created Victory Wear to reflect the values and mindset of the everyday American who carries a gun to protect himself and the people he cares most about,” said Matt ‘Jake’ Jacques, owner of Victory First and Victory Wear. “If you take on the responsibility of carrying a gun every day, you’ll ‘get’ our products. They are a reflection of that mental and emotional commitment.”

Victory Wear products are available for purchase at victory-wear.com, and you can check them out on Instagram @VictoryWearables and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/VictoryWearables.

Vertx Announces Victory First as a Preferred Training Provider

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Cincinnati, Ohio, May 18, 2016 – Vertx®, a premier tactical and outdoor brand of apparel and gear, announced today its expanded partnership with Victory First, a leader in law enforcement, firearms training and consulting. The partnership will focus on utilization of Victory First’s expertise in tactics and training, while incorporating the Vertx line of concealed carry bags and packs for real world use. Additionally, Victory First will conduct training classes for Vertx, which will include relevant tactical applications.

“We’re excited to expand our business relationship with Matt Jacques and Victory First as a preferred training provider for Vertx’s EDC line of bags and packs,” says Darrell Morrow, Vice President of Vertx. “Matt brings a wealth of professional and industry knowledge that is essential for today’s prepared professional. His leadership through Victory First will help us ensure that all of our customers have access to the most relevant, useful training that complements the Vertx line of products.”

The Vertx line of EDC bags and packs is feature-rich and specifically designed to accommodate concealed carry in everyday life application. As a design consultant on all of the bags, Matt has intimate knowledge of their use in the field, and in everyday life when proper training and tactics are coupled with the right products.

“I believe in the products that Vertx brings to market, and I have been proud to have been involved as a consultant, so partnering with them from a training standpoint was a natural fit,” says Matt Jacques, Victory First Owner. “I am extremely picky about the products I use; and professional end users will tell you that having training with the right products can be the difference in a win or lose situation. The training we offer through Victory First will help our customers become more efficient and confidently reliant on the products they trust.”

Victory First will also manage a Train-The-Trainer program for Vertx that will help educate its sales force, dealer network and key customer groups on the design potential and benefits of training with Vertx products.

There’s A Carbine In That Bag

Thursday, January 14th, 2016


This is a prototype of the new Carbine Bag from Vertx. Over the past couple of years, they’ve been working with Matt Jacques of Victory First to develop this line of EDC bags. Looks like they’ve got a hot with this one.


Look for it at SHOT show in booth #126.

Sneak Peek – Mean Gene Leather Adopts Ares Gear’s Aegis Buckle

Thursday, January 15th, 2015


In a deal that was just inked today, Mean Gene Leather will start using the Aegis belt buckle for leather belt applications, developed by Ares Gear. We owe this great linkup to Matt Jacques of Victory First (hence the logo on the buckle).

Sneak Peek – Vertx Bags

Friday, January 3rd, 2014


Vertx will be debuting their new bag line, developed in conjunction with Matt Jacques of Victory First at SHOT Show.

Vertx Signs Strategic Alliance With Victory First

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

A lot is going on with Matt Jaques, what with his new series, Make Ready TV and other projects for Panteo Productions as well as his full time training gig, Victory First. He’s been working for some time with Vertx, but now it looks like they’ve formalized the arrangement. Congrats Matt, it looks like that hard work is paying off.


Cincinnati, OH – 04 DEC 13 – Vertx Apparel is proud to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Matt Jacques and the cadre of Victory First Consulting. Victory First’s Founder and Instructor Matt Jacques will be assisting Vertx with the development of both covert and overt operational equipment. He will also be involved in the ongoing evolution of “low profile” apparel designed for unremarked wear in the urban sprawl or non-permissive environment.

“Matt brings a unique set of skills and specific mindset to the design table,” says Vertx Business Development Manager Darrell Morrow. “His particular background and experience will help us completely change the way you go to the range and do the job–armed and unnoticed.”

Jacques is an SME with over twenty years of military, law enforcement, tactical and undercover experience. He has spent over the last two decades working in or providing training to specialized units and personnel of certain assignments that operated by necessity in low profile here and abroad. These have involved counter-narcotics, investigations, high risk fugitive apprehension, and dignitary protection/PSD and force protection. He has also overseen the development of several weapons systems and their training programs. He has previously worked with both Vertx and Industrial Alchemy on specific programs and is looking forward to working with Vertx on a developmental level.

“I am very excited about the working with Vertx,” says Jacques. “They’re a company that is making great strides forward in practical application discreet apparel and gear–you’re going to see their catalog grow with some phenomenal clothing and kit. I’m humbled by the invitation they extended to Victory First and honored to be a part of this development. I’m looking forward to growing with them.

Jacques is the host of the new Panteao Productions Make Ready TV, is an instructor on several of the Panteao Productions’ “MAKE READY” series of training DVDs, has been involved in the last 3 seasons of Trigger Time TV, is a contributing writer on RECOILWEB.COM and provides SME consulting to other publications. He and his staff continue to work with firearms and equipment manufacturers here in the US while providing specialized instruction to responsible civilians, law enforcement personnel and members of the military.


There Is A Lot Going On At Panteao Productions

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

First out of the gate, Panteao Productions has a TV show coming down the pike called Make Ready TV.

Panteao Productions is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Make Ready TV, a new television show that will be airing on the Pursuit Channel and Wild TV. The thirty minute show is based on the Make Ready with the Experts training series from Panteao Productions.

Hosted by Matt Jacques and Ceilidh Jeans, Make Ready TV will be presenting viewers each week with different instructors and different topics based on Panteao’s hundreds of hours of training content from over two dozen instructors.

Matt Jacques, founder of Victory First, is one of Panteao’s more recent additions to the instructor line-up.

“I am excited about the opportunity to expand my opportunities with Panteao Productions. I am humbled to be associated with the Instructors within the cadre of Panteao, and now honored to be asked to help highlight them on Make Ready TV,” said Matt Jacques.

Ceilidh Jeans is the daughter of Bill Jeans, another of Panteao’s instructors.

“What a great opportunity for viewers who might not have otherwise had a chance to take a class and learn from some of these top instructors. I’m excited to join this great team that will facilitate this helpful information to a whole new audience!” said Ceilidh Jeans.

“Growing up in a household with her mother and I, Ceilidh was exposed to the importance of training and the rights of self-defense and firearms ownership for most of her life. We are delighted to have her come aboard as part of the Panteao Team and hope for a long and successful run for Make Ready TV,” said Bill Jeans.

“The show’s primary focus is on the one-on-one training between our instructors and the viewers. If a viewer likes what he or she sees on the television show, we have hours of additional content from the instructors available right on our website or via mobile device. No other show on television has that depth of training content available,” said Fernando Coelho, president and CEO of Panteao Productions.

Fernando continued with, “There are other great firearms related shows out there that cover new products from manufacturers and other content. That’s not what we’re offering. Our plan is to stay in our lane and focus on what we do best: present the top instructors to viewers that want the training.”

As with the instructional videos from Panteao, Make Ready TV is being filmed in HD format using multiple cameras and a crew with an extensive background in motions pictures, television, action sports, and law enforcement.

The show will start airing in January 2014.


Next up, Panteao is presenting an in-depth look at the FN SCAR with Matt Jacques of Victory First who was involved with the development of the weapon.


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