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Warrior West – FLEX9 Armor with New Fabric Technology from Protect The Force

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

You may be familiar with FLEX9 Armor from Protect The Force as it’s a commercially available variant of the US Army’s new Ballistic Combat Shirt. Designed in conjunction with PTF, it offers ancillary ballistic protection in areas not normally covered by an Armor Vest. This patented design relies in 10 individual ballistic components which are ergonomically shaped and inserted into compartments sewn into the shirt. The Deltoid protection is particularly interesting. Either side is comprised of three each, lobster tail articulating panels. They move and articulate with the user making it preferable to the traditional deltoid armor appliqué.

They’ve just introduced a new fabric option which offers stab and slash protection. Originally developed to protect divers from shark bites, the Soteria material is also no melt, no drip. This combination makes it a great choice for riot control as well as corrections officers.


Warrior West – Kelty Waterproof Breathable Compression Stuff Sack

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

I know it sounds like the simplest thing, but in the wrong environment, wet gear can kill you. Kelty offers a waterproof breathable compression stuff sack, made from the same material as their VariCom bivy bag, so it’s the same green color. It comes in two sizes, Small which handles up to 11 liters and Large which will accommodate 27 liters.

In addition to the four compression straps on each bag, there is a roll top closure as well.

These are fully Berry compliant.


Warrior West – LBT-2670 EOD Pack

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

This particular pack/setup was developed for state, local, and federal EOD training.

Modular both internally and externally allowing for a number of missions specific load-outs.

Compatible with the Armatus II carrier MAP system front and back panels.


Warrior West Sneak Peek – Liberator IV & V Communications Headsets from Tactical Command Industries

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

The new Liberator IV & V Communications Headsets from Tactical Command Industries have never been shown in public before. These are 100% designed from the ground up by TCI as a next generation to replace their popular Liberator II & III headsets which were Modified-Commercial Off The Shelf systems. TCI started with the basic functionality of the two legacy headsets and set about to make them even better through improved materials, design and production. For example, although the two are virtually identical, the Liberator IV is designed for a single comm application, while the Liberator IV offers dual comms functionality.

This is the first tactical communications headset totally designed, built, and sourced in the USA. All of the design work was conducted by TCI using a blank slate. They did not adapt or copy any existing system. The headwear design is unique and all of the components are Made in USA. In fact, the injection molding is done at the same Safariland Group business where Safariland holsters are injection molded, and using the same materials and color palette. Currently the headsets will be offered in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Black but other colors are available with minimum order quantities. In fact, I fully expect o see production models in the new Medium Coyote Tan (MCT) recently specified by the US Army for weapon accessories. Aside from the molding, much of the production of the other components for these headsets is handled within Safariland.

Additionally, this is the first 3 mode headset on the market. What TCI means by this is that it operates using sound localization and compression, like many traditional headsets on the market today. However, one of the limiting factors for these headsets is constant high decibel/high frequency sound (back of a helicopter, on a patrol boat, in an MRAP). Compression electronics are useless and the passive sound attenuation of the muff is poor because it is small; designed to fit under tactical helmets. The Liberator IV/V add a second mode of active noise cancelation (ANC). This operates very much like the Bose or similar headsets you wear in aircraft, creating a counter wave that neutralizes the high level constant noise. Their third mode combines sound compression and ANC to provide complete hearing protection from impulse noise that happens to take place while in a constant high noise level environment (door gun on helicopter, mini-gun on patrol boat, or M2 on MRAP). This is accomplished by using two high speed modern digital signal processors, working independently or in tandem.

Like modern radios, the Liberator IV/V’s firmware is updateable. Any updates can be pushed via wireless firmware update, so there’s no need to replace the entire PCB and processor in order to modernize the headset. TCI has also incorporated higher quality speakers which leads to improved sound quality. The speakers are no longer flush mounted. Instead, there is a sound “port” or hollow space behind the speakers to provide better high, low, and mid-range acoustic response. This eliminates that “tinny” sound associated with some headsets.


TCI’s “Dual Fuel” system is pretty cool. The Liberator IV/V is equipped with a battery box that accepts either 2 AAA or 1 CR123 battery. Although performance is dependent upon what you have the headset doing, battery life is comparable to existing headsets while operating in the same mode.

There are two headset suspension options. There’s the traditional over the head comfort mount and unique modular universal mount which includes a helmet rail mount that attaches to the rear part of the rail. Adaptors for Team Wendy helmets are also available.

A lot of innovation went into the development of this headset. TCI has applied for patents covering certain specifications on the ANC hardware, wireless firmware update, dual fuel battery compartment, speaker configuration, and aspects of the universal headset suspension.

Because TCI controls 100% of the production, they tell me the Liberator IV and V will not cost any more than their legacy headsets, which keeps them on par with other manufactures in terms of price and features. TCI’s position is that they are offering a Ferrari at the same cost as everyone else’s Chevy.


The Liberator IV is a single comm headset and will come in the same configurations as the Liberator II was available in. The Liberator V is dual comm and will come in the same configurations as the Liberator III did. If you used a specialty variant of either of those headsets, they’ll be available with the new headsets as well. There will also be a Liberator HP which is a standalone (no comms) headset similar to the DEHP and like the DEHP could be converted to a Liberator IV or V.

The Liberator IV/V should be available by Summer. Final field trials with selected military and Federal LE end users will start in a couple of weeks. Based on feedback, TCI will make any last minute changes. I look forward to seeing how these run in the field.


Welcome to Warrior West 2017

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

I know it sounds like a cliche since I say it every year, but this show keeps getting bigger and better.


I spent yesterday afternoon checking out some of the latest and greatest kit and there is going to be several items none of us have seen before. Additionally, ADS has some great training in store for the attendees. It looks like it’s shaping up to be a great week.

Nightforce Optics To Exhibit At 2017 ADS Warrior West

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Nightforce® Optics, Inc., is proud to announce their participation at the 2017 ADS Warrior West show in San Diego, CA.

Staff from the MIL-GOV-LE department of Nightforce will be on hand to exhibit Nightforce products and answer questions from attendees. Visit booth 1114 to learn more about Nightforce riflescopes, spotting scopes and accessories available for today’s warfighters and law enforcement personnel.

Nightforce® is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium sport optics and related products, including riflescopes, spotting scopes and accessories. We are known for our rugged, high-precision engineered designs that are capable of holding up to punishing conditions. Based in Orofino, Idaho, Nightforce® has established a benchmark for high-quality, high- performance products that have accompanied soldiers into battle, world champion shooters to the winner’s podium, and helped hunters take the trophy of a lifetime.


Blue Force Gear Attends ADS Warrior Expo West

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

POOLER, Ga., April 17, 2017 – Blue Force Gear®, the designer and manufacturer of the world’s finest weapon slings and tactical equipment, showcases its newest products at the ADS Warrior Expo West in San Diego, California from April 19 to April 20.

Several new products will be on display during the expo, including its popular Micro Trauma Kit NOW!™ (Micro TKN), which is the smallest version of the Trauma Kit NOW! The Micro TKN is designed to hold essential lifesaving medical supplies including a needle decompression, combat gauze, and nasopharyngeal airway, on a belt or MOLLE platform. It is available in several variations with or without medical supplies.

Two main components make up the Micro TKN – the outer MOLLE or belt mounted pouch utilizing the Ten-Speed technology and a removable insert that keeps the medical supplies organized. The Micro TKN is horizontally mounted on the belt or MOLLE platform to not obstruct torso movement. The front outer pouch features a laser cut cross with several signal indicators – black, red, or highly reflective glow-in-the-dark insert.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the ADS Warrior Expo West this year and to showcase one of our hottest new items,” said Ashley Burnsed, CEO of Blue Force Gear. “We believe that anyone will love our new Micro Trauma Kit NOW! as it has everything they need to save a life in one small pouch that can be easily deployed downrange.”

Find Blue Force Gear’s new products and current lineup in booth 1220 at the ADS Warrior Expo West. James Byer, Blue Force Gear’s Government Business Development Manager and retired Infantry Marine, will be in attendance at the expo.


Visit Gentex at Warrior West

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017


Warrior East – LBT Vest Prototype

Friday, July 15th, 2016

At this point, this isn’t a production item. It offers four individual points of one-handed release.


Warrior West 2016

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

This year’s Warrior West Expo by ADS Inc at the San Diego Convention Center showcases over 250 booths of some of the latest defense products.

Over the next three days we’ll share some of them with you. Let’s go have a look.