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Wilson Combat – EDC X9

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017


The EDC X9 is the latest pistol from Wilson Combat, a double stack 1911-pattern 9mm pistol designed principally as a carry pistol. Sized similar to a G19, the EDC X9 features an aluminum X-Frame, an X-TAC frontstrap/mainspring housing treatment, and various Wilson Combat Bullet Proof components: the hammer, mag release, and thumb safety. The 4″ barrel and the chamber are both fluted, and the EDC X9 is designed as match grade; it comes with an accuracy guarantee of 1.5″ at 25 yards. Also like a G19, the EDC X9 features a 15+1 capacity.

Additional features include:

  • Black G10 grips
  • Elevation adjustable Tactical Battlesight
  • Fiber Optic front sight
  • 3.5 – 4.5 lbs trigger w/ medium length pad

    Check out the video below to see Gunfighter Moment-contributor Larry Vickers’ impressions of the EDC X9.

  • Sneak Peek – 1911 Vickers Duty Mag from Wilson Combat

    Thursday, July 16th, 2015


    The Vickers Duty Magazine for the 1911, coming soon from Wilson Combat.

    Wilson Combat – Ultimate Action Tune Kit, Beretta 90 Series

    Monday, July 6th, 2015

    The Wilson Combat Beretta Ultimate Action Tune Kit will enhance the trigger pull of any Beretta 90/92/96 series handguns. Featuring their re-engineered enhanced design trigger bar which increases hammer arc at the point of sear let off for increased ignition reliability in double and single action mode and also reduces trigger overtravel. This machined, fully hardened part requires minor fitting.


    The reduced power chrome silicon hammer springs and standard power trigger return spring will hold their tension much longer than conventional factory-spec springs and the array of supplied hammer spring weights can be tailored to the ammunition and trigger pull that you prefer.

    12#, 13#, 14# Chrome Silicon hammer springs, standard weight chrome silicon trigger return spring and Wilson Combat enhanced trigger bar are included.


    Tuesday, May 12th, 2015


    Click to view .pdf

    The BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is the product of a collaboration between Wilson Combat and the experiences of the BCMGUNFIGHTER Instructors. A limited production offering, the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is designed to handle like a race gun with the dependability of a BCM rifle.


    Each BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is the result of over 30 hours of custom hand work and precision machining, built and inspected by the team at Wilson Combat to insure the highest standards of quality.

    The BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 features:

    – 5″ stainless match grade barrel & bushing, hand fit
    – 3 1/2 lb – 3 3/4 lb trigger pull
    – Wilson Combat Battlesight with tritium front night sight
    – 5″ carbon steel slide
    – High-Ride Bullet Proof beavertail grip safety
    – Bullet Proof thumb safety
    – Bullet proof one piece X-Tac magwell
    – Tactical accessory rail


    Additionally, the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 has X-Tac pattern front strap and slide serrations, exclusive G10 X-Tac grips, and comes with an accuracy guarantee of 1″ at 25 yards, with an included target.

    Collaboration – Wilson Combat/BCM Starburst Gunfighter Grip

    Sunday, March 15th, 2015

    Wilson Combat is now offering a custom version of the BCM Gunfighter Grip emblazoned with their starburst logo.

    Available in Boack and FDE.

    This Is Just Cool

    Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

    Cerakoated 6.8 Wilson Combat rifle with Spuhr mount.


    Photo by Instgram’s @tacticaljess via Hakan Spuhr.

    Wilson Combat/Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911

    Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


    The enhanced grip pattern of Wilson Combat’s X-TAC 1911 has become the standard with hard users who run the 1911 platform in extreme service environments. You can now get this unmatched grip security and styling in a special X-TAC model exclusive to Bravo Company MFG-The BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911.


    This outstanding tactical package retains the core features of the X-TAC and adds a tactical light rail and other select performance options that BCM’s experts demanded like the Bullet Proof One Piece Magwell, solid medium trigger and tritium front sight. Wilson’s renowned Armor-Tuff finish was chosen to offer a non-reflective and corrosion resistant finish that can stand up to the most severe global environments. In tandem with the BCMGUNFIGHTER/VZ G-10 grips, the frame’s X-tread pattern locks securely into the firing hand and reduces muzzle flip without snagging on clothes or cover garments.


    “Wilson Combat has a legendary history in manufacturing fighting 1911s, and serious hard-use guns are what BCM is all about. We are very excited to collaborate with Wilson on a special gun, built to our specifications with carefully chosen and battle ready options. BCM builds weapon systems that are manufactured to meet the unforgiving needs of law enforcement, military, security and peace keeping professionals in some of the most high stress environments and situations in the world. Forged from a gunfighter’s no-nonsense mindset, we believe the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 carries on this tradition in a fighting handgun.”
    – Paul Buffoni, President, Bravo Company MFG


    The newly announced Wilson Combat/Bravo Company BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is available exclusively through Bravo Company.

    Wilson Combat – Vickers Elite Glock Sights

    Friday, May 2nd, 2014


    The long awaited Wilson Combat Vickers Elite sights for Glock pistols have arrived. The rear Elite Battlesight has a .145″ wide, deep U-Notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions. Snag-free, the sight’s shelf shape enables one-hand slide cycling or malfunction clearance. The rear sight comes with a non-reflective matte black parkerized finish.

    The Elite Snag Free Front Sight are .245″ tall, with a black parkerized finish. They come in Green Fiber, Red Fiber, and Tritium dot optics. Designed for use with all 9mm, .40, 357 and .45 GAP caliber Glocks.

    Prototype GLOCK Sights from Vickers Tactical

    Monday, December 9th, 2013

    As many of you know, Larry Vickers has a set of sights for the GLOCK coming through a collaboration with Wilson Combat. This is a prototype but the final production ones will be very simila; the hole at the bottom is for a tritium dot allowing for a dot on top of dot tritium sight picture. The rear sight is a “U”-shaped affair with scalloped sides. So far, LAV has made no mention of the front sight.

    Vickers Tactical GLOCK Sight by Wilson Combat

    According to LAV, GLOCK plastic sights go they have 4 issues:

    1) they are plastic so are easily marred

    2) the rear sight notch is too narrow for the front sight so there is very little to no light on either side of the front site

    3) the white u notch rear site draws your attention to the rear sight vs the front site

    4) with a proper sight picture the bottom 25% of the white dot on the front site is cut off so many shooters subconsciously elevate the front site in order to see a complete dot- thus shooting high

    Vickers feels that the fact that they are plastic is really the least of their problems. He commented, “They are simply poorly designed pistol sights – period.”


    Paul Howe Tactical Carbine from Wilson Combat

    Thursday, June 13th, 2013

    Wilson Combat builds some great guns, so I was very pleased to hear that they would be building a new signature carbine for Paul Howe. More specifically, MSG Paul Howe (USA, Ret), is a special operations veteran and served in the Battle of the Black Sea in Mogadishu, Somalia. Now, he runs CSAT, a well respected training company.


    The Howe carbine is offered only in 5.56mm as a stand alone or a more complete package that includes Paul’s preferred optic, the LeupoldVX-6 1-6×24 Firedot along with a VCAS and Streamlight.

    Right off the bat, you’ll notice the paint job. Wilson applies a Camouflage Armor-Tuff finish. They claim that this hand applied finish reduces the carbine’s IR signature and helps keep the rifle cooler.

    It incorporates a two-stage Wilson Combat TTU with heavier springs for a 4.5 pound trigger release. The Howe Tactical Carbine includes a Daniel Defense fixed front sight tower paired with his CSAT rear aperture flip up. Additionally, it relies on a Wilson peerless, match grade, 5.56 chambered stainless steel 14.7” barrel with deep lightening flutes and a permanently attached Accu-Tac flash hider for a 16″ overall length.


    “Were I to have the choice of only one gun, this is the gun it would be. I could do short, intermediate and long range work with this one rifle. It is like having one golf club to play the entire course”
    – Paul Howe


    Paul Howe Tactical Carbine Specifications:
    -Wilson Combat Recon SR 14.7” 1-8 twist fluted lightweight barrel
    -Two stage TTU with heavy mil-spec springs
    -Flip up rear BUS with CSAT aperture
    -Daniel Defense Fixed front sight, detachable
    -Camo Armor-Tuff finish
    -10/2 sling mount, rail mount version

    Add On Options for “Kit” Version:
    -Wilson Combat AccuRiser scope mount, 30mm
    -LeupoldVX-6 1-6×24 Firedot
    -Streamlight TLR1 HL
    -Vickers sling with push button swivels