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Battlecloth – Custom holsters, pouches and battle paraphernalia

From our friend Sal Palma of Sniperworx E-magazine, comes this report on Battlecloth a relatively new provider of custom nylon gear.

The search for the Holy Grail holds nothing over the search for the right holster; both are equally futile. The minute you decide that you want to stop taking your weapon mounted light on and off, every time you use it, your choice of available holsters diminishes exponentially. If you decide that you want to carry your sidearm suppressed, you can forget a holster all together, or so I thought.

Battlecloth Holster

A few years ago, I had the good fortune to run across a small company out of Newton, Pennsylvania. Steve, the owner, was an entrepreneur who recognized the exact same thing and had the vision and courage to launch a new enterprise, which he named Battlecloth.

The fledgling Battlecloth began with suppressor pouches, then added pack holsters and today makes a range of products aimed directly at the NFA community. However, you will not find a catalog or web site that displays ready-made goods. You see, Battlecloth is a customhouse. Each pouch or pack holster fabricated is made to your specifications using mil-spec materials and construction.

Recently, I asked Steve to build a holster that would allow me to carry a suppressed P22 with a laser sight. Steve asked me for the dimensions and promptly went to work on the project. Within a few short weeks, my holster arrived.

The finished product has a number of outstanding features. First, the construction was 100% mil-spec, using 1000 denier Cordura® fabric, with all bound edges and double stitched. The holster is carried one of two ways: slung over the shoulder like a man purse and a leg strap, which allows the operator complete freedom of movement and does not impair agility; it can also be worn on the belt, as shown in the pictures to the left and below. I asked for an extra set of belt loops, which Steve provided, mounted to the bottom of the holster so I could add a leg strap.

Another excellent feature is the belt loops. They are constructed so that one can easily sit down with the suppressed pistol at your side. Additional features, which lift this holster above others, are the use of a military style flap, which secures the weapon and provides room for the use of a pistol lanyard. Steve thoughtfully includes an integral pouch for a spare magazine, a folding knife or a small handheld light. Battlecloth also adds D rings on the backside of the holster that serve as attachment points for the shoulder strap or you can attach the holster to a pack using snap shackles or carabineers as the case may be.

Battle cloth can be contacted via e-mail.

Copyright 2009 Sal Palma

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