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M24E1 is Now the XM2010

Recently Remington was awarded a contract to upgrade up to 3,600 M24 Sniper Weapon Systems to .300 Win Mag in addition to a few other upgrades such as an improved chassis. Originally, this new variant was referred to as the M24E1, but the Army’s PEO-Soldier is now referring to it as the XM2010. An “X” designation before an M model number denotes experimental. 250 of the Enhanced Sniper Rifles will be fielded to deployed Snipers beginning in December.

PEO-Soldier also released some photos of the new XM2010 complete with Leopold optics and AAC supressor. Unfortunately, the weapon is completely Black. Hopefully the fielded systems will be in Flat Dark Earth or another color more appropriate for use in combat.

For more information visit PEO-Soldier.


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