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  1. Patrick, E7 USN Ret. says:

    I’m ready for a good cause. For 30+ years I lived by “We The Willing, Doing The Impossible…” I think those of you who have been to the fair & seen the bear know the rest. Joined in 1968 retired in 1999. Never saw a day in the fleet. Brown Water Navy (RivDiv594) then the painful and political evolution to SWCC. D.C. and the Southern gentalman president of the mid 70’s didn’t have a clue either but at least he had a real birth certificate! Same S**t different date.

    The way I see it from here the beautiful woman modeling the tee and her freedom is the cause. The good Swag comes from serving with the best. If your tee says all that please tell me where to buy this unique and very cool shirt. This year America needs to wake up! A lot of our friends gave all so we could be free or throw that away. With all due respect I would love an autographed pictire of that lovely lady wearing one of your very cool Tee Shirts. I’m 61 not dead… “Hoo-yah!”

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