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Polish Use of ACR in Afghanistan

Our friends at the magazine “Special Ops” got the scoop on use of the Bushmaster ACR by Polish forces in Afghanistan. Apparently they were purchased in 2010/2011in two barrel variants, with additional DBAL-A2 pointers and XPS3 sights.

Get the whole story here – www.special-ops.pl

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7 Responses to “Polish Use of ACR in Afghanistan”

  1. Tactidork says:

    Interesting… all the bad press aside, Travis Haley’s abandonment in favor of the SCAR platform and the ACR is still ticking. Maybe the .mil version via Remington has been working out better

    • PB&J says:

      What has Haley got to do with this story?

      • Joe Shmoe says:

        Travis tested and gave input to improve the rifle as it was jamming during his tests. Remington ignored his input.

  2. Kenny says:

    I wonder where this leaves the RADON MSBS, that prototype polish ACR clone that was revealed a while back.

  3. MKor says:

    MSBS weapon system is not the clone of ACR. MSBS use the same chamber in both bull-pup and classic version. MSBS looks like ACR ’cause it’s the most comfortable shape for user.

  4. Catch22 says:

    No problems with the ACR’s were reported by the end-users firearms training officers, so we could say it was ACR’s theeting problems that weighted on its reputation.

    Currently in Poland thera are some SCAR’s L & H in operational service (Government Protection Bureau), as well as ACR’s and X95 (MicroTavors) – in some detachment of the Armed Forces.

    As for the MSBS programme – it is going well, and this or any other purchase has no impact on it. Remember that MSBS (rather “lookalike” than “clone” because you can’t turn ACR into a bullpup) is meant to be a new service rifle for Poland. And all the rifles I’ve mentioned above are just limited operational requirement purchases, that can be numbered in tens or dozens not even hundreds. Having operational experience with ACR, SCAR or any other modern platform actually only helps in MSBS development.

  5. nickname says:

    As of rifles in Poland please do not forget that HK416 and HK417 along with G36 is the primary weapon of military and LE special forces. When it comes to numbers, estimates would be well beyond fiveteen hundreds, if not around 2K, hard to say…