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BLKMKT.org – Buy & Sell Used Tactical Gear

An old friend of mine just launched a new website aimed at the tactical community. It’s one-part Craig’s List, one-part Etsy and a splash of ingenuity. The best part? It’s meant for us, so there’s no one coming in and flagging your listing because they don’t like your politics.

Used Tactical Gear

BLKMKT.org – the fastest way to turn your piles of tactical gear into stacks of cash.

Got a garage full of pouches, spare magazines and parts you don’t need anymore? Sell your used tactical gear on BLKMKT and watch that cash start stacking up.

BLKMKT is a marketplace tailored to the tactical community. Welcome to a world where words such as “AR15” and “GUN” don’t flag your listings for removal. Instead, they add value.


Sign up is free and only takes 30 seconds. Listing products? Super easy. Basically it works like this;

  1. Snap a photo of your old gear
  2. “Post new listing” on BLKMKT.org
  3. Type a title, select condition, add photo and set a price.
  4. Sit back, drink a beer and watch that $$$ start rolling in.

So, head to the garage, snap some pics and start selling. That spare pouch? Check. Extra nods mount? Good to go. Discover a can of Rip it in the deployment bag? Now you are crushing it!

Make that money – BLKMKT.org.


44 Responses to “BLKMKT.org – Buy & Sell Used Tactical Gear”

  1. Chuck says:

    Awesome. There was an Android app a couple years ago for second hand firearms parts. Revolvr I believe it was called. Couldn’t ever seem to find what I was looking for on it. I hope this takes off.

    • bob says:

      Revolvr is pretty good as an app, the problem is people trying to sell their junk for more than you can buy it online. I did manage to sell some stuff there, and am excited to give BLMKT a try.

  2. Philip says:

    Damn, now wish I’d saved that case of RipIts… this site looks pretty neat.

  3. Fernando says:

    Great idea, but you need a PayPal business account to use the site…

    • Hey Fernando,

      Thanks for taking a look. Yes you are correct, however there are two things to keep in mind;

      1) Paypal Business accounts are free / no extra charge.
      2) Setup instructions are outlined very clearly for sellers to connect.

      The reason we are utilizing PayPal at this stage is to help protect both the buyer and sellers. The purchase protection is a major feature.

      In the future we plan to add in other payment processing options (for sellers/buyers). If you have any suggestions please let us know.

      Give me a shout if you have any other questions.

      • NCO says:

        US only? Or do you guys help with shipping to and from us poor Europeans?

        • Hi NCO,

          Great question! Initially we are focused on the US market. We have plans to expand but need to flesh out the shipping estimation process.

          Right now its completely up to the seller. I’ve heard of one order going over to England – basically the buyer contacted the seller and helped estimate the cost of shipping for the package. The seller took that number and updated the shipping field. Transaction went smoothly. That might be an option for you.

          • mike says:

            How are you addressing ITAR concerns with OCONUS sales?

            • Blake Slamson says:

              At that point it’s the responsibility of the seller, as export is on its end. Local laws are buyer responsibility. Baking that into the website would be a lot of trouble and easy to circumvent, with exceptions hard to manage: APOs and others.

  4. 11B says:

    Sooooo… Ebay? I don’t want to hate, but Ebay does all this for me already. The only way to clear CIF.

    • Hey 11b, thanks for checking out BLKMKT.

      Yes, this is a marketplace and there are others out there. In this case there are two major differences.

      Ebay charges 15% + depending on your category. They also prevent anyone selling or buying parts (followers and magazine springs, really?) for any firearms that at any point were listed in an ‘assault weapons ban’. There are numerous other rules that they choose to enforce at different periods of time. Keep in mind that just because your listings skated through today doesn’t mean they will tomorrow. Historically speaking eBay has taken a very active political stance against our community. These were all sources of inspiration in creating BLKMKT.

      BLKMKT is at 5% and caters specifically to our space. In phase 2 we are launching additional features to help support startup tactical/mission businesses come to market.

      If there are certain features you appreciate about eBay or that help you clear CIF, I’d like to hear more about it. Please drop me a note so we can work on integrating those. justin @ blkmkt dot org

      • PPGMD says:

        Paypal also has pretty much the same rules as Ebay, so that logic doesn’t really seem to fly.

        • NP says:

          Ebay bought PayPal after PayPal went IPO. However, they are still two separate companies with separate functionalities. The restrictions for selling items on Ebay don’t transpose to what you are allowed to purchase using PayPal.

          However, I’m curious to see how the BLKMKT does with the various differing state laws and restrictions.

          • Jon, OPT says:

            Are you sure? Last I checked PayPal has very strict rules on weapons based or related transactions, if they don’t now, they definitely used to.

            • NP says:

              PayPal’s policies and agreements (specifically their ‘Acceptable Use’ policy and ‘Firearm Regulations’) are purposefully vague. Technically, followers and mag springs (as noted by Justin) can be purchased with PayPal along with other items including magazines (within legal jurisdictions) – but its no shock that PayPal has the power, which they exercise frequently, to block whatever they want.

              • Justin says:


                I’ve heard way too many stories about Paypal’s shady dealings with people in the firearms and related industries.

                • Jian Hong says:

                  This new service looks great, going to try it after work. I’m sick of leftist tards like ebay and pp. I stopped using ebay because they charge a final value fee that seemingly goes up every year and they really don’t have good deals anymore. Now I only use them to buy hard to find items.

                  Unfortunately since I can’t find a better alternative to PP (remember gpal anyone?) Im stuck using them. I still make plenty of firearms related purchases using the friends and family option as my way of saying fuck you to PP.

              • Jon, OPT says:

                True, and if the transaction is not attached to an invoice or order number you can easily say it’s for a double headed jelly dong when it’s really for an AR15.

                However, in my case, which is running a business where the transaction is directly attached to an order that clearly shows contents, the restriction gets VERY literal. I’m sure it may end up working for those using this site who settle off the page, as so many people do these days, but for retailers who use the service it still sucks. That said, as much as I disapprove of PP policies, I use them because if I didn’t I would lose business.

                The outside the box solution for those who want to do this is much like the one for shipping weapons stuff overseas (OPT neither endorses nor practices this, don’t inquire), use the nomenclature of “sporting goods” and the items go through just fine.

                OPT’s solution is anything restricted by ITAR, is restricted from PP use as well, with very few exceptions.

                • NP says:

                  Agreed, the transaction must be linked to an invoice/order number.

                  However, in my case, which has been setting up ecommerce platforms for multiple businesses, there are ways to push PP transactions through using only serial numbers and prices. No person or business should ever do this to intentionally break PayPal’s terms of service and especially not to circumvent the law, but its an honest workaround for legitimate businesses that vet transactions of either ITAR or restricted items being sold.

                  Another solution for businesses dealing with ITAR and other restricted items is to limit users’ ability to complete the transaction based on both billing and shipping addresses. This takes a bit more time, but definitely helps weed out any illegal or sketchy purchases. As per usual, each business should do their due diligence, but there ARE ways to set up ecommerce automation with restricted items AND PayPal.

                  In OPT’s case, this would mean abandoning the Y! sales platform and moving to an open source or custom CMS like Magento, Drupal, or WordPress. Again, a lot more work and maintenance, but a viable option if you’re interested.

                  • Jon, OPT says:

                    Our system works, I have no issues with it, we have a very solid way of reinforcing restrictions; after my retirement from Active Duty we will undergo expansions that I won’t go into here since they are in the idea stage right now but the existing system works and downloads fast on computers in austere environments. Yahoo! Biz is now owned by Aabaco, they just recently transitioned. Just an FYI.

        • Hi PPGMD,

          That is a valid point. As I mentioned before, at our core we are a listing service. We are not tied to any one method of payment transfer and are currently evaluating several different payment processing options. Everything from ACH to Bitcoin is on the table as we work to find the ‘perfect’ solution. When we are all said and done it may be a combination of them.

          The reason we went with PayPal at launch was to take advantage of their userbase and purchase protection. Fact is, there are well over 350 million active PayPal accounts. We figured it might be a death knell if we launched this thing utilizing ACH (bank-to-bank). That would have required each user to access their checkbook for routing/banking information then verify transfers. Yikes! I don’t remember the last time I used a checkbook.

          This is a work in progress and will continue to improve each day. Appreciate you checking out BLKMKT. Feel free to ping me if you want to continue the conversation or have other feedback. All ears!


          • NP says:

            Justin –
            Although BitCoin is a viable option, it is an extremely volatile currency, as I’m sure you’re aware. Additionally, it has been known to illegitimize certain businesses.

            You might want to look into Stripe, Venmo, Google Wallet, or even Square Cash as other options to add to/replace PayPal.

          • Jon, OPT says:

            If you plan on some day getting CC processing to expedite orders be advised, banks such as Wells Fargo will not accept you, they turned us down because we sell knives (really, all 9 or so models out of 1300 products I sell).

            I wish you guys the best in your venture!

            • Airborne_fister says:

              You can get get a credit card system from my wife. She is pro 2A. And would love the ability to help some companies get a lower credit card rate charge and she even does online companies too!

  5. TCBA_Joe says:

    Link doesn’t work…

  6. Ex Coelis says:

    I’m in. Long live BLKMKT!!!!! Doom on eBay….

  7. war13usaf says:

    Link isn’t working…maybe GOV comp issue IDK. Someone buy all my Condor stuff quick lol

  8. Eric says:

    Setup an account a little while ago. Easy to get started and using it from the iPhone is easy, which makes adding the items quick and painless.

    I like it and will be purging my Gear Closet soon.

  9. Da Hui says:

    Great site and great service! thanks for the new platform to address our needs

  10. Evan says:

    Way easier than Ebay! I sold a piece of kit on it pretty fast. Did everything on my iPhone.

  11. Thomas says:

    Gun gear for gun guys posted by gun guys managed by gun guys! Can’t wait to get some gear off your site!

  12. Yanne says:

    Pretty damn slick and easy. Nice job. Finally a “gun people friendly” marketplace. Ebay hates us.

  13. darrel says:

    Looks really cool. I like that you can pick up bulk materials and small essentials. Will definitely keep my eye on this!

  14. Lasse says:

    What’s this Kickstarter-ish thing about then? At least that’s how I read into the “Innovate or Die” section..
    Or is it simple as an area for smaller companies to sell their stuff?

  15. Tom says:

    Hell yes.

  16. AJ says:

    Thank you BLKMKT …as a startup company making apparel in the US please tell me your plans for the small guys like me !

  17. joe_momma says:

    Was hoping to see realistic stuff, but $350 Surefire m900, $500 cvc helmet with arc rails, it’s just like arfcom ee and eBay pricing….

    • There have been crazy deals posted. Cobra belts for $30, OpsCore Maritime for $270, Armor sets for under $200 with brand new plates.

      If you don’t find an insane deal the first time you look – its much like anything. Check back regularly and remember – early bird gets the worm.

      Thanks for checking it out Joe_Momma!