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All Skill No Luck x Gripstop Collaboration – California Combat Hoodie » 31EEC33A-12E9-4850-97A6-DC57571584B5

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  1. Richard Steven Hack says:

    So it’s got mag pockets… Is that it? My concept of a “combat hoodie” would be one with slashproof material all around, lots of pockets like the Scotty Vest including hidden ones for handcuff keys and other escape gear, maybe a flexible knife penetration proof “plate” in the back and chest, slashproof neck protection, water resistant/proof, warm but breathable, fire resistant like Nomex, proof against taser shock, etc. All in a variety of neutral colors (including black) with a design that blends against the background.

    Not quite Iron Man armor, but better than just a few mag pockets.

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