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RMJ Tactical – Angry Steve Thumpers

Sometimes things need thumped and sometimes they need to be small and compact. RMJ Tactical has that covered for you with the 12″ Angry Steve Hickory Thumper! The 12″ is small enough to fit in your EDC bag, glove compartment, computer case, etc.  These are small enough to never be left behind.

Hand made from Tennessee Hickory and built for bashin’! Why hickory, you ask? Well aside from using local Tennessee materials, hickory excels far beyond many other types of wood for impact resistance and is very dense so it absorbs and withstands impacts very well. 

Other sizes also available at

12 Responses to “RMJ Tactical – Angry Steve Thumpers”

  1. Zach says:

    Isn’t that what my smaller 15” kukri is for?

    • Gerard says:

      Can someone explain how this is superior to an all steel ASP baton?

      • Aye says:

        Lighten up dude.

      • chooch says:

        not you again. what the hell kinda question is that? everyone knows when you’re out thwappin’ keyboard jockeys, prius drivers and manpri-wearin’ soyboys hooked up to the net six ways to sunday, a non-conductive bat is preferred.

      • defensor fortismo says:

        Durability for starters, ASPs have a terrible reputation for bending after impact, particularly their lower end friction locks. Ease of deployment, is another, you don’t have to worry about botching a deployment, once it’s in your hand, that’s it. I have also seen reports from older cops about how they felt that fixed batons, (and for that matter saps and blackjacks,) did a much better job transmitting force. About all collapsible batons have going for them is ease of carry.

  2. Ed says:

    “Nothing like a good piece of Hickory!”

    – Preacher

  3. Stefan S. says:

    Fish bat works better.

  4. SShink says:

    “small enough to never be left behind” but long enough to get you arrested, in pretty much any city you’d need it.

  5. Great for the Muskie fishing boat!

  6. Stan says:

    as long as you know this is not considered ‘less than lethal’, it’s fine. i have a 9″ heavy spring leather sap in keep around. considering also getting a kids size aluminum bat to throw in the back seat along with a glove and ball for the same reason but possibly less lethal ‘intent’.

  7. James F. says:

    Prominent branding, “build for bashing”, yup.. the prosecutor is resting his case now, enjoy your time in prison.